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Weekend Estimates: San Andreas Makes Solid Start

May 31st, 2015

San Andreas

In a Summer already littered with franchise films, it’s good to see something original top the charts, even if it is something as rote as a disaster movie based on an earthquake in California. The $53.2 million projected opening for San Andreas is something of a triumph for Dwayne Johnson, who carries the film as its sole lead, unlike his contributions to the Furious 7 ensemble. With only the domestic opening numbers in, Johnson has already moved up to third on our top current stars list, and will most likely pass Vin Diesel for second place before San Andreas’ run is over.

Things look entirely less rosy for the weekend’s other new wide release, Aloha, which will debut in sixth place with around $10 million (most likely a little less than that, in fact, although Sony is still hoping it will reach that number on the back of a decent Sunday performance). That’s a major disappointment for a film starring recent box office darling Bradley Cooper (not to mention having Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin in supporting roles). It’s actually in line with Cameron Crowe last directorial outing, We Bought a Zoo, which posted $9.8 million on its first weekend, but that film had the whole of Christmas and the New Year to make up for a sluggish start, and eventually ended with $76 million. Aloha will fall far short of that number: $30 million is more likely.

San Andreas is the only film topping $10,000 per theater this weekend, but a couple of limited releases will post good numbers. Results will start with around $19,000 for Magnolia from three locations. More impressively, Bleeker Street is expecting $516,000 from 85 venues for I’ll See You in My Dreams

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