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Featured TV on DVD Review: Power Rangers: Super Megaforce: Sky Strike

June 7th, 2015

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce: Sky Strike - Buy from Amazon: DVD

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce: Sky Strike

This is the second DVD from Super Megaforce, the 21st season of the long-running Power Rangers franchise I have reviewed. It is mostly the same as the previous couple of seasons with the same cast of live action characters. What episodes are here? How does this compare to the previous DVD?

The Show

  1. In the Driver's Seat
    The episode begins with an emergency signal coming from Corinth, the home dimension of the RPM Power Rangers. They head through to check out the problem, but it is a trap. Professor Cog set up the emergency signal to distract the Power Rangers and trap them in Corinth, so he can take over Earth. However, while the first part of his plan works, the second part runs into trouble... Prince Vekar. Yep, Prince Vekar wants to take over the Earth and he won't like any interloper do it first.
  2. All Hail Prince Vekar
    Vekar's father sends Vekar a new weapon that should allow him to destroy the Power Rangers and conquer Earth. Nearly the entire episode is Vekar vs. the Power Rangers. He starts out with a serious advantage and nearly kills Noah, but...
  3. Vrak is Back - Part 1 and 2
    With Vekar defeated (That's not really a spoiler.) his brother, Vrak, has come to destroy the Power Rangers and take over the Earth. The first step of his plan is to kidnap the Silver Power Ranger, Orion, and drain his alien lifeforce to power his drills. The second step is to reprogram the Robo Knight to be on his side.
  4. Emperor Mavro
    After the death of his sons, Emperor Mavro has come to Earth to deal with the Power Rangers themselves. Meanwhile, Jake is convinced that they won, after all, and they have only been fighting drones since the death of Vrak. This is enough to convince Gia, Emma, and Noah, but Troy and Orion are still cautious. This turns out to be very wise.

The Extras

As usual, there are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce: Sky Strike is better than most other releases from the franchise, as there are five episodes for the same price as four-episode DVDs. Also, the stakes in the episodes are ramping up, which is not a surprise, as the next DVD will be the end of the season and the series. Power Rangers: Dino Charge has already started on TV. Fans of this incarnation should certainly grab Sky Strike while they wait to complete their collection.

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