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International Box Office: Jurassic’s Worldwide Success

June 18th, 2015

Jurassic World

Jurassic World completed the trifecta over the weekend. Not only did the film have the largest domestic debut, it broke the same record internationally and worldwide. The film pulled in $315.61 million on 19,612 screens in 66 markets for a worldwide opening weekend of $524.42 million. It broke the previous international and worldwide records that were held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. It is also the first film to open with more than $500 million worldwide and it is just a matter of when, not if, it will top $1 billion globally. The only downside is the number of markets it has yet to open in, which is one. It debuts in Japan in August and it might be the biggest global hit of the year before it even gets there.

As for individual markets, the film's biggest debut came in China, which should be no surprise. The film made $100.1 million during its five-day opening there. By comparison, Furious 7 opened with $252.82 million during its 8-day opening. That film earned more than $60 million during its opening day. Even so, reaching the century mark in China isn't supper common and doing so during its opening weekend is certainly reason to celebrate.

The next biggest single market for Jurassic World was the U.K. where it opened with $30.07 million in 604 theaters. Like in China, this is a great start, but not a record-breaking one. In fact, three films in the Harry Potter franchise opened stronger. Likewise, it is behind the openings by Skyfall, Toy Story 3, and Shrek the Third.

Other $10 million openings included Mexico with $15.80 million on 687 screens. South Korea came in with $12.32 million on 1,290 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $14.49 million. France pulled in $13.69 million on 723 screens, while Australia ($12.44 million on 605) and Germany ($11.35 million on 941) were close behind. Meanwhile, the film just failed to reach the $10 million mark in Russia with $9.92 million on 1,204 screens.

San Andreas was in a distant second place with $42.5 million in 69 markets for totals of $254.0 million internationally and $373.1 million worldwide. The film had no major market openings this past weekend, but it did manage $29.56 million in China during the full week, giving it a total of $81.72 million after two. It should get to the century mark in that market relatively soon.

The only other film to earn more than $10 million was Spy! with $16 million in 65 markets for totals of $80 million internationally and $136.6 million worldwide. The film cost $65 million to make, so it will still need to reach further to break even. That said, it is well on its way to getting there.

Insidious Chapter 3 slipped to fourth place with $6.7 million in 27 markets over the weekend for a two-week international total of $26.3 million. The film had no major market openings, but it did earn $1.03 million on 892 screens over the weekend in Russia for a two-week total of $5.24 million in that market.

Mad Max: Fury Road returned to the top five with $5.4 million in 69 markets over the weekend for totals of $195.1 million internationally and $333.6 million worldwide. Its going to fade away, but it has already made enough to justify another installment in the franchise.


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