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Weekend Estimates: Jurassic World Storms to $500 Million

June 28th, 2015

Jurassic World

After losing for the second Friday running on the daily chart to Inside Out, Jurassic World is projected to cling on to top spot for the weekend as a whole, according to studio estimates released on Sunday morning. The official projections are $54.2 million for Jurassic World and $52.1 million for Inside Out, although the numbers we’re seeing suggest it will be even closer. Inside Out has a shot at top spot, although Jurassic World is running the favorite at this point. Either way, it’s a great weekend for both films, and a disappointing one for Ted 2, which will finish third with about $33 million.

As expected, Jurassic World became the fastest film to $450 million on Friday. Universal’s weekend projection has the film topping the $500 million mark today, which would be another easy record, with the film’s 17 days comparing to 23 days for The Avengers. Even if it doesn’t quite hit that mark, 18 days is still easily a record. From here on, though, records will be a little harder to achieve. Jurassic World’s 3rd weekend is the 3rd-best of all time, fractionally behind The Avengers, but quite a distance short of Avatar’s $68.5 million third weekend. At its current rate, Jurassic World will top $600 million, and has a shot at $650 million, but it won’t challenge Avatar’s all time record.

A drop of 42% on its second weekend for Inside Out is a very solid performance. By way of comparison, Toy Story 3 was down 46% on its second weekend on its way to a $415 million total. Inside Out probably won’t reach that mark, but could end up with close to $400 million. It stands on $185 million at the end of the weekend.

The weekend’s new wide releases didn’t have much of an answer for the giant numbers posted by the top two films. Ted 2 is particularly disappointing, with its $32.9 million no match for the $54.4 million debut of Ted. With worse reviews, the new film will struggle to hit $100 million. Family film, Max will earn around $12.2 million according to Warner Bros., which is less of a blow given its lower production budget and marketing costs, and the fact that it will have much better legs, will do well on the home market, and merrily fill up TV slots for years to come.

Limited releases are looking muted this weekend. Batkid Begins will start out with a slightly disappointing $23,000 from four theaters. Riato’s re-release of The Third Man will bring in about $24,000 from three venues. Both films will have worse theater averages than Jurassic World, Inside Out, and even Ted 2

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