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Home Market Numbers: New Releases Chap My Hide

July 5th, 2015


Back on schedule, not that there's much to talk about. The biggest new release for the week ending June 21 was Chappie, which barely made more than $30 million domestically. This meant a holdover, American Sniper, rose to top spot on the home market chart with 378,000 units / $5.30 million for the week. This gives the film totals of 2.76 million units / $49.44 million after a month of release.

The Kingsman: Secret Service slipped to second place with 346,000 units / $4.60 million over the week for totals of 937,000 units / $14.89 million. Chappie opened in third place with 267,000 units / $4.92 million during its opening week. Its opening week Blu-ray share was almost exactly 50%. Run All Night had a tiny release last week, but entered the chart this week in fourth place with 178,000 units / $3.14 million for totals of 187,000 units / $3.32 million. Its Blu-ray share so far is 33%, which is weaker than expected. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water rounded out the top five with 135,000 units / $2.58 million for the week giving it totals of 882,000 units / $17.05 million after three weeks of release. It will crack a million total units soon, which would put it in the top 20 for the year.

The next best new release was The Lazarus Effect, which opened in ninth place with 79,000 units / $1.30 million for an opening week Blu-ray share of 31%. Horror films like this rarely have great Blu-ray shares, but this is lower than expected. Unfinished Business only managed 13th place with 58,000 units / $876,000 for an opening week Blu-ray share of 37%. That's a better than expected Blu-ray share for a comedy, but overall it is a huge flop. The final new release to chart was Spirited Away, which earned 19th place with 39,000 units / $860,000, all of which came from its Blu-ray release.

The overall Blu-ray market bounced back from last week, up 40% in terms of units and 20% in terms of revenue. Compared to last year, there were 4.7% more units sold, but revenue fell by 38%. I guess there were a lot more father's day sales, which explains the sharp reduction in revenue. The overall Blu-ray market grew faster than the overall DVD market, both compared to last week and last year, and as a result, the overall Blu-ray share rose to 43%. By comparison, it was 37% last week and 41% last year.

The overall DVD market was higher than last week, but not by huge numbers. 6.2% more units where sold, while total revenue was 4.0% higher. It was down compared to last year falling 4.4% in terms of units and 16% in terms of revenue.

Next week's new releases will be led by ... I don't know. There's literally no first-run release that came out that week. I guess American Sniper will remain on top. The best new release last year was 300: Rise of an Empire, which earned first place on Blu-ray, but The LEGO Movie remained in first place on DVD.


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