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Contest: Slight Delay

October 2nd, 2015

Slight delay isn't the name of the contest. There will be a slight delay in the contest, as there may or may not have been a shipping error with the prizes. I was supposed to get one copy of What We Did on Our Holiday and three for a contest. I only received one copy. I'm not sure if that means they ran out of copies before they could supply the ones I needed for the contest, or if they will be shipping the prizes directly to the winners. Worse still, I can't simply wait till next week to feature What We Did on Our Holiday, as the next too weeks have tentative prizes booked. So I fired off an e-mail and I'm waiting for an answer. If I don't get one by the end of business today, we will be going with the same prizes as last time, two Frankenprizes comprised of two horror movies and a third Frankenprize consisting of two really bad movies. There will be a contest regardless and the target film will be Pan, so you can enter by sending your opening weekend box office prediction for Pan to

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