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Technical Delay, Episode 6: Return of the Computer

November 14th, 2015

My computer is back and I believe everything is up and running perfectly. I went from having about 4% free room on my solid state hard drive to having more than 75% free room. Hopefully this will mean a better performance from my computer, and therefore less stress for me. This is great news and the stress was causing a recurring nightmare where I was trying to fix a script for a TV pilot and I knew if I couldn't get it right, my career was over. The main character's last name was Lawyer, but he was a doctor. ... and a lawyer. The show was called Dr. Lawyer, Esq., M.D. In my dream, as I was struggling to come up with anything that would be remotely watchable, I wondered what kind of diseased brain would come up with a show called Dr. Lawyer, Esq., M.D. Of course, when I woke up, I realized it was my diseased brain that came up with it. Now I have Dr. Lawyer, Esq., M.D. stuck in my head.