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Thursday Estimates: Creed is a Knockout

November 27th, 2015


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 led the daily box office on Thursday with $10.4 million, which is 25% lower than Wednesday's number. This is nearly identical to Part 1's decline at the same point in its run, so Friday's numbers will decide if Part 2 is catching up, or if it is falling away.

The Good Dinosaur had a sharper decline at 33% to $6.56 million, but it is a family film and Thanksgiving Thursday is very much a family holiday, so this is expected. For example, Penguins of Madagascar fell 37% during its second day of release. Friday's box office will be double what it was on Thursday, perhaps even close to triple.

Creed, on the other hand, saw its daily box office grow 7% to $6.46 million. The reviews are close to Award-worthy and it is aimed at a more mature target audience, so Thanksgiving wouldn't hurt it as much. Even so, this is a fantastic result and now a $40 million five-date opening would be a little disappointing.

Meanwhile Victor Frankenstein is out of the top ten with just $470,000. The less said about this film, the better.

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