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Per Theater Chart: Carol Completes the Hat-trick

December 8th, 2015


For the third weekend in a row, Carol earned first place on the per theater chart, this time with an average of $36,281. It is still playing in only four theaters, which is a huge mistake in my mind. It really should have expanded by now. The Danish Girl remained in second place with an average of $26,089, also in four theaters. It too should expand. The best new release was Youth, which opened with an average of $19,521, again in four theaters. Macbeth was playing in five theaters and earned an average of $13,967. Hitchcock/Truffaut opened with an average of $9,393 in three theaters over the weekend, but it was a Wednesday release. Its five-day average was $11,927.

There were a large number of other new limited releases, but none of them did particularly well. River of Fundament was the best of the rest with an opening of $4,938 in one theater. Chi-raq was playing in just over 300 theaters, which explains its average of $3,929. Fall in Love Like a Star was right behind with an average of $3,335 in 36 theaters. Christmas Eve missed the Mendoza Line by nearly 50% with an average of $1,029 in 44 theaters. The Letters was even worse with an average of $791 in nearly 900 screens. Further down the list is A Royal Night Out with an average of just $646 in 156 theaters. Finally, we get to The World of Kanako, which only managed an average of $621 in 11 theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Chi-raq opened with more than $1 million, so obviously it reached the $1 million milestone at the box office.
  • Trumbo got past $3 million before the weekend and $4 million over the weekend. It will get to $5 million, probably by this time next week. However, $10 million seems out of reach.
  • Brooklyn has peaked at the box office, but it did reach $10 million over the weekend. It is earning some Awards Season buzz, so it should get a boost every time it picks up a major nomination.
  • Likewise, Spotlight has also peaked at the box office, but it topped $15 million over the weekend. It should have no trouble getting to $20 million, even if it didn't earn another major Awards Season nomination.
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