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Star Wars’ Daily Record Streak Ends with $38.1 million Wednesday

December 24th, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn't able to earn first place on the Biggest Wednesday Box Office chart earning $38.1 million yesterday. However, this is the record for best non-opening Wednesday, topping the previous record of $29.07 million, held by The Transformers. Additionally, the film crossed $350 million in just six days, easily breaking the previous record of nine days, held by Jurassic World.

Looking forward to tomorrow, there's no chance The Force Awakens will earn top spot on the Biggest Thursday Box Office Chart, or even the biggest non-opening Thursday, as it's Christmas Eve today and Christmas Eve is a dead zone at the box office. However, it should earn first place on the Christmas Eve box office chart.

Top Ten Christmas Eve Box Office

Avatar is the current record holder and it is the only film to earn more than $10 million on Christmas Eve.

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