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Thursday Night Previews: Fifth Wave Fails to Find Audience

January 22nd, 2016

The Fifth Wave

The 5th Wave started off on a soft note with $475,000 in previews last night. To put this into perspective, The Giver, another Young Adult Novel Adaptation, earned $750,000 during its previews back in 2014. That film only managed an opening of $12.31 million and a domestic total of $45.09 million. At this point, it looks like The 5th Wave will open with less than $10 million.

Dirty Grandpa earned a reported $660,000 during its previews. This is almost exactly what The Intern managed last fall; however, that film's target demographic is less likely to go to previews than Dirty Grandpa's target demographic is. Additionally, its Tomatometer Score is in the single-digits.

The Boy skipped Thursday night previews entirely.

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