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Thursday Night Previews: Deadpool Has Lively Debut - Updated

February 12th, 2016


Deadpool set two records for biggest February previews and biggest previews for an R-rated film with $12.7 million. ... I think it is safe to assume Deadpool 2 is on its way. The studio was expecting between $60 million and $65 million over the four-day weekend, but studios tend to downplay expectations so they can claim victory, even if the film is a little weaker than anticipated. With the record previews, I think it is safe to say it will top those expectations and even our $75 million prediction seems low.

Zoolander 2 was way, way back with $750,000 during its previews. This isn't a terrible start for this time of year; it is ahead of the $660,000 earned by Dirty Grandpa, for example. However, that movie only made $11.11 million during its opening weekend, so that's bad news for Zoolander 2. This film does have marginally better reviews than Dirty Grandpa’s and a better release date, but it will still likely fail to top $20 million over four days. $15 million might be asking too much.

How to be Single earned $700,000 during its previews, which is more than double what The Choice made just last week. If the film has the same run as The Choice did, it will end up with close to $15 million over three days. However, it has much better reviews and the double boost from Valentine's Day / Presidents' Day long weekend. Over $20 million over four days seems much more likely now.

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