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19th Annual Predict the Academy Awards Competition

February 16th, 2016

Best Picture Nominees

Today we’re launching The Numbers 19th Annual Predict the Academy Awards Competition, our traditional chance for you to win some great prizes, and for all of our readers collectively to predict who will win the Oscars on February 28. The top selection for Best Picture in our contest has gone on to win the Best Picture Oscar 14 times in the previous 18 years we’ve run the contest, and we've correctly predicted the Best Animated Feature 11 times out of 14. That represents a batting average of close to 80%—an amazing performance when you consider that there are now nine or ten nominees for Best Picture each year.

Uniquely among Oscar contests, when you make your predictions, we show you how many people have voted for each movie so far, and allow you to go back and change your choices. In fact, you can come back at any time to update your predictions as news breaks and sentiment changes about different nominees. But beware our tie-breaking rule: if multiple people correctly predict the same number of winners, whoever made their picks first will win the prize.

So enter now for your best chance of winning our grand prize: every film nominated for Best Picture on DVD or Blu-ray. We will send you all eight films that are nominated as soon as they become available on the home market, and you get to choose either the DVD or Blu-ray version. Our runner-up will win the Best Picture and Best Animated Feature on DVD or Blu-ray. And, for our long-term players, the best performer from among our all-time top 200 players will win the Best Picture on DVD or Blu-ray.

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