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Thursday Night Previews: Gods off to a Mortal Start

February 26th, 2016

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt had the best showing among new releases from its Thursday previews; however, best is being used as a relative term, as it only managed $800,000. By comparison, 13 Hours pulled in $900,000 earlier this year. If the film’s reviews hurt its word of mouth, and I can’t imagine they won’t, then we are looking at a domestic total of about $40 million on a $140 million production budget. In fact, it will likely make less during its opening weekend than the $15.3 million reportedly spend on TV ads leading up to its release.

Triple 9 was significantly behind with $335,000 on Thursday. That’s about 10% less than The Transporter Refueled earned during its previews and that film only managed $7.36 million during its opening weekend. On the other hand, Triple 9 only cost $20 million to make and its reviews are close to the overall positive level, so it should have a better opening and longer legs. That’s not enough to be considered a financial success, but it is enough to break even, eventually.

Eddie the Eagle struggled with just $175,000, which is less than the $205,000 Race earned last week. It's the best-reviewed new wide release of the week, but it still might not reach the top five.

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