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Friday Estimates: The Boss Opens in First with $8.08 million, but is a Demotion Coming?

April 9th, 2016

The Boss

As anticipated, The Boss earned first place on Friday earning $8.08 million to push Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice into second place, for now. That won’t last, probably. Bad reviews won't help its legs, but it is aiming at more mature women, which is a positive. Assuming those two things balance out, more or less, The Boss should earn $21 million to $22 million over the weekend.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice landed in second place with $6.05 million on Friday. By comparison, Deadpool earned $8.86 million during the same day during its run. BvS still has a $16 million lead, but even a first place, $22 million weekend won’t be enough to stay ahead of Deadpool for long.

The buzz for Hardcore Henry turned out to be merely “Internet Buzz,” as it opened in fourth place with $2.01 million. It will be surpassed by My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 tomorrow and will finish the weekend with just over $5 million. That will put its theater average below the Mendoza Line, which is fatal for a wide release. However, it does have cult film potential on the home market.

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