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International Box Office: Civil War's Fights its Way to Profitability with $220.0 million

May 11th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Before Captain America: Civil War came out, it was estimated that the film would need to make more than $600 million worldwide to break even. It did so after just two weeks of release. This weekend, the film earned $220.0 million in 55 markets for totals of $496.6 million internationally and $675.7 million worldwide. The film's biggest market this past weekend was China, where it pulled in $96.07 million, including Thursday's previews. South Korea was the strongest holdover earning $11.75 million on 1,771 screens over the weekend for a two-week total of $52.63 million. At this pace, the film has likely already crossed $700 million worldwide, while $1 billion is an easy target for the weekend. Speaking of billions of dollars, Disney has cracked $3 billion worldwide in record time. The previous record was set last year by Universal.

The Jungle Book remained in second place with $24.1 million in 52 markets for totals of $491.2 million internationally and $778.8 million worldwide. The film will get to $800 million before the weekend and has a shot at $900 million worldwide. The film has yet to open in South Korea and Japan, so $1 billion worldwide isn't out of the question. It is a long shot, on the other hand.

Finding Mr. Right 2, which is the international title for Book of Love remained in third place with $13 million in seven markets. This includes $12.93 million in its native market of China, pushing its total to $97.99 million there.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising opened in fourth place with $9.0 million in 16 markets. Its best market was the U.K., where it earned $2.45 million in 490 theaters. However, the first film earned more than $14 million in that market during its opening. This suggests that Sorority Rising will be no more than a midlevel hit here. Fortunately, it didn't cost a lot to make, so being a midlevel hit will be enough to break even, eventually.

Zootopia rounded out the top five with $5.7 million in 36 markets for total of $628.8 million internationally and $957.0 million worldwide. The film has no major markets left to open in, so it will likely peter out before reaching $1 billion worldwide.

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