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International Box Office: Billion Dollars Loom Large for Civil War with Weekend Haul of $84.2 million

May 18th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War remained in top spot as it races towards $1 billion worldwide. Over the weekend, it added $84.2 million in 55 markets lifting its international total to $645.0 million, while its worldwide total hit $941.0 million. The film had no new openings this past weekend, but it pulled in $31.87 million in China for a total of $155.95 million after 11 days in that market. The film will top $1 billion by Friday, at the latest.

The Angry Birds Movie opened in second place with $43.0 million. At first glance, that looks really good. However, it is playing in 74 markets. Its biggest market was Russia, where it made $5.66 million on 1,209 screens. That is a great opening for that market and suggests it will be a solid $100 million hit here. On the other hand, it was much worse in the U.K., where it only managed $3.07 million in 889 theaters. That suggests an opening of less than $20 million here.

The Jungle Book slipped to third place with $15.2 million in 50 markets for totals of $516.3 million internationally and $827.4 million worldwide. The film still hasn't opened in South Korea and Japan. It doesn't open in South Korea till the first weekend of June, while it doesn't open in Japan till August. It will drop out of the top five before then.

The Wailing opened in fourth place with $12.91 million on 1,481 screens in its native South Korea for a total opening of $16.05 million.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising slipped to fifth place with $8.8 million in 34 markets for an anemic two-week total of $19.7 million. There is one piece of good news for its opening this weekend. R-rated comedies with women in the lead tend to do poorly internationally compared to their domestic runs.

Zootopia fell out of the top five with $4.7 million in 17 markets for totals of $638.0 million internationally and $969.8 million worldwide. The film needs just over $30 million to hit $1 billion worldwide. It has a chance to get there, so we will be keeping our eyes on it for as long as we have weekend totals.

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