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International Box Office: Alice is Looking Up

June 2nd, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass opened in first place on the international chart with $65.0 million in 43 markets for a worldwide opening of $91.9 million, not including holiday Monday. The film's biggest opening was in China, where it made $26.88 million. It also did well in Mexico opening in first place with $4.85 million. On the other hand, it had mediocre openings in Russia (second place with $3.95 million on 1,199 screens), in the U.K. (second place with $3.33 million in 603 theaters) and in Australia (first place with $2.18 million on 503 screens). Those three openings were similar to a $20 million opening here, more or less. If the film can get to $300 million to $350 million worldwide, then it will have a shot at breaking even, eventually. It opens in France this week, Japan next month, and closes its international run in South Korea in September. It will be a while before we will know where it ends.

X-Men: Apocalypse was pushed into second place with $55.3 million in 79 markets for totals of $185.8 million internationally and $251.6 million worldwide. The film opened in first place in South Korea with $8.61 million on 1,258 screens for a total of $11.45 million. Apocalypse is on pace for $450 million worldwide, and that's without China and Japan. It opens in the former this weekend and the latter in August.

The Angry Birds Movie slipped a spot to third with $31.8 million in 87 markets for totals of $157.2 million internationally and $223.6 million worldwide. Its biggest new market of the weekend was India, where it earned $1.90 million on 735 screens, while it also did well in Poland with $1.28 million on 283. At this pace, the film will break even early in its home market run, but unless it is a serious hit on DVD and Blu-ray, it won't deserve a sequel. That said, if it causes an uptick in people playing the game or buying other merchandise, then it will get a sequel.

Warcraft opened in fourth place with $31.78 million in 20 markets. This includes a first place, $10.37 million on 1,249 screens in Russia, which is better than Captain America: Civil War earned during its opening in that market. It also opened in first place in Germany with $5.80 million on 608 screens and in France with $4.44 million on 490 screens, which is not as impressive an opening. It's going to need an impressive run, because it cost $160 million to make.

Captain America: Civil War rounded out the top five with $12.5 million over the weekend for totals of $730.7 million internationally and $1.104 billion worldwide. The film is coasting on holdovers, but there's no way Disney isn't overjoyed by this result.

Finally we get to Zootopia, which remained in the top ten, barely. It added $4.0 million in 21 markets for totals of $655.6 million internationally and $991.4 million worldwide. Its chances of getting to $1 billion improved over the weekend, but it will likely drop out of the top ten before then.

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