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Friday Estimates: Don’t Breathe Inhales $10.02 million

August 27th, 2016

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe earned a stunning $10.02 million on Friday, which isn’t that much less than some people predicted it would earn over the entire weekend. Its reviews are among the best of any wide release to come out this year. Its CinemaScore was a B+, which is better than most horror films manage. (Like I’ve said in the past, there are two schools of horror fans: gorehounds and those who demand high tension. It is nearly impossible to appeal to both groups, so these movies have a hard time doing well in this metric.) Horror films tend to have a low internal multiplier, but the film is still on pace for $23 million, which is ahead of predictions.

Suicide Squad was pushed into second place with $3.26 million on Friday putting it on pace for nearly $12 million over the weekend.

Mechanic: Resurrection earned third place on Friday with $2.62 million, but it won’t stay in third place for long. Its reviews are only 26% positive and its CinemaScore was a B+, so its legs won’t be good. It needs to earn $7 million for fifth place, which is possible. However, it is not a sure thing.

Sausage Party earned $2.27 million on Friday, which is a little lower than expect. The key word there is “little.” It should still come within a rounded error of the $8 million predicted.

War Dogs was next with $2.01 million. It should add $7 million to its running tally over the weekend.

Kubo and the Two Strings will have the best week-to-week decline, but it still fell faster than expected and was down to just $1.96 million on Friday. It will bounce back to third place, probably, with just over $7 million over the weekend. I was really hoping the film would do better than this.

Hands of Stone earned $624,000 in 810 theaters. It will likely avoid the Mendoza Line over the weekend, but it will be really close.

We don’t have daily numbers for Southside With You, but it is reportedly on pace for $3 million over the full weekend.

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