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International Box Office: Bridget Jones’s Baby Bounces its way to Top Spot with $29.00 million

September 22nd, 2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby struggled when it opened in theaters here, but it earned first place internationally with $29.00 million on 4,866 screens in 39 markets. It opened in its native U.K. with $10.53 million. This is a record opening in the U.K. for its production company, genre, and for the month of September. It is also more than it made here during its opening weekend, despite the U.K. market being five or six times smaller than the domestic market. The film also earned first place in Australia with $2.76 million on 483 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.68 million. This is also much better than its debut here, albeit not by as large a margin. The film cost $35 million to make and it has already made more than that worldwide. If it has legs, it will top $100 million internationally, which will be enough to cover its production budget, while it should ensure profitability, eventually.

A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three earned first place in China and second place internationally with $18.22 million over the weekend, while it earned $37.63 million during its five-day opening.

The Age of Shadows remained in third place with $15.62 million on 1,368 screens over the weekend for a two-week total of $45.22 million in its native South Korea. This is a decline of just 12% from its opening weekend, as it dominated its native market once again.

Ben-Hur entered the top five for the first time in its run with $11.3 million in 47 markets for a total of $54.9 million internationally. The film opened in second place in South Korea with $4.51 million on 717 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $6.86 million. The film is definitely doing better internationally than it did domestically, but not by enough to matter. It would take a minor miracle to break even at this point.

S Storm opened in fifth place with $9.81 million over the weekend in China for a total opening of $17.89 million.

Finding Dory rose from 16th place to 7th with $8.3 million in 14 markets for totals of $477.1 million internationally and $961.0 million worldwide. The film opened in its second last market this weekend, Italy. We’ve been comparing the film to Zootopia and Inside Out and given those two films, figured the film needed a minimum of $3.2 million to remain on pace for $1 billion worldwide. It earned $5.8 million. At this pace, the film will top $980 million worldwide, even if it had average legs in the markets it is currently playing in and no new markets left to open in. However, it has had better than average legs in most markets and it debuts in Germany on the 29th. Once we see how its legs are in Italy, we will have a better understanding regarding what the film will need in Germany to hit $1 billion worldwide, but at the moment, I suspect a $5 million opening would be enough.

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