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Thursday Night Previews: Magnificent Can’t Live Up to Name, but still Starts well with $1.75 million - Updated with Storks' Start

September 23rd, 2016

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven earned $1.75 million during Thursday’s previews. This is not terrible; it is better than the $1.5 million The Equalizer made in 2014 and the $1.35 million Sully made two weeks ago. However, it is not as strong as most were expecting. Perhaps it will still match predictions, if the audience reaction is significantly better than its reviews. I wouldn’t bet on it. It will still likely earn first place, but now just under $40 million looks more likely than $50 million.

Storks pulled in $435,000 during its previews. That is only a fraction of what The Magnificent Seven earned, but this is very good for a family film hitting theaters outside of the holiday. For example, it beat Rio 2 by $60,000, which opened in April of 2014. It is more than double what The Croods managed the year before. Additionally, the reviews have improved a few points since Thursday night, so that could help its box office this weekend.

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