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Thursday Night Previews: Peregrine Gets a Head Start on Maze Runner with $1.2 million - Update with Masterminds previews

September 30th, 2016

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children earned $1.2 million during its Thursday previews, which is just ahead of the $1.1 million earned by The Maze Runner back in 2014. Unfortunately, there’s a question whether we should treat this as a young adult book adaptation, or whether we should treat it as a more gonzo Tim Burton offering. If we go that route, there are no really good comparisons. Dark Shadows earned $550,000, but that was just over four years ago when midnight screenings weren’t standard and far fewer people went overall. Regardless, this is a better start than expected and an opening weekend of $30 million is more likely than it was before.

Deepwater Horizon is in serious trouble. It only managed $860,000 during its previews, compared to the $1.35 million Sully earned. Worse still, Sully was aimed at an older target demographic, so its legs were longer as a result. Good reviews should still help the film, but we are looking at a $20 million opening, rather than the just under $25 million predicted.

The number for Masterminds finally arrived and it is $275,000. I was expecting about $300,000. “Close enough.” is the phrase that springs to mind. It might not reach $8 million as we predicted, but it should come within a rounding error of doing so.

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