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International Box Office: Fantastic Beasts have Double Milestone Weekend With $60.4 million

December 8th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them remained locked in first place with $60.4 million in 67 markets for totals of $424.4 million internationally and $607.5 million worldwide. It reached both $400 million internationally and $600 million worldwide, which is twice the reason to celebration. On the down side, the film has run out of major markets to open in, so it will quickly drop down the chart from now on. On the positive side, the film is already in the top ten on the 2016 Worldwide chart and will climb a little bit more before it is done.

The Japanese film Your Name opened in first place in China with $42.24 million. The film has already pulled in nearly $200 million in its native market and has had limited releases elsewhere, lifting its international total to $243.1 million.

Moana slipped to third place with $32.0 million in 30 markets for totals of $57.5 million internationally and $177.3 million worldwide. This past weekend, the film debuted in a number of major markets, led by France. The film earned first place there with $5.2 million over the weekend for a total opening of $6.4 million. This is on par with Frozen’s opening there and Frozen was boosted by a school holiday. It also earned first place in Russia with $5.14 million on 1,266 screens. It topped the charts in both Mexico ($2.7 million) and Spain ($2.0 million). On the other hand, it had to settle for second place in the U.K. with $2.79 million in 556 theaters. That’s like a $15 million opening here. By comparison, Zootopia opened with $7.50 million in that market.

Underworld: Blood Wars reached the top five for the first time in its run earning fourth place with a weekend haul of $16.60 million on 8,647 screens in 62 markets for a very early total of $19.23 million. Its biggest opening this weekend was in Brazil where it earned $1.59 million on 584 screens. Meanwhile, its biggest market overall is Russia, where it has $3.25 million in total, including $649,000 on 1,073 screens this past weekend.

Allied slipped to fifth place with $12.1 million in 36 markets for a two-week total of $24.8 million. The film debuted in fourth place in China with $3.65 million, while it did relatively better in Russia with $1.75 million on 788 screens, which was enough for second place. It is going to need to improve dramatically, if it wants to break even any time soon.

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