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Thursday Night Previews: New Releases earn Fifty Shades of Green

February 10th, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker dominated the Thursday previews earning $5.72 million. This is more than the other two new releases earned combined. On the other hand, it is significantly less than the $8.6 million the original made two years ago. Additionally, its reviews are significantly weaker than its predecessors’ reviews were. This will lead to shorter legs and an opening that is closer to $40 million than $50 million.

The Lego Batman Movie was tied for second with $2.2 million. While this is much lower than Fifty Shades Darker’s debut, this film has a lot of advantages going into the weekend. Firstly, it is a family film and these films almost never do as well in previews, as their target audience needs to be in bed by the time the movie will end. Secondly, the film’s reviews remain just over 90% positive. The film did top Zootopia, which earned $1.7 million last year. I don’t think The Lego Batman Movie will have as strong legs, because I think it will attract more adult fans of animation, after all, it is the best Batman movie in nearly a decade. I’m sticking with just over $75 million during its opening weekend.

John Wick: Chapter Two also earned $2.2 million on Thursday. This is a huge jump up from the $870,000 the first film earned. Its reviews are also somewhat better than its predecessor’s were at 90% positive to 85% positive. On the other hand, John Wick: Chapter Two opened with a lot more hype than the first film had, so it won’t have long legs. I still think I may have underestimated its box office potential. We will know more tomorrow.

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