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2016 Awards Season: A Final Look at the Oscars

February 27th, 2017


Oscar night turned out to be... interesting at the end. “Interesting” as in “May you live in interesting times.” The big winner of the night was chaos, as there was a mistake with the Best Picture category. (On a side note, I really hope this ends the conspiracy theory that Marisa Tomei didn’t earn her Oscar. Some think her name was announced by accident and they didn’t bother to correct the mistake. They would have obviously corrected the mistake.) On a serious note, Moonlight’s win is amazing. It has likely the lowest budget of the nine Best Picture Nominees and at the moment the lowest box office. That could change with its three wins last night. Additionally, all three wins came from high prestige categories, compared to just two for La La Land. However, La La Land won six Oscars overall, two high prestige, both music categories, and two technical awards, so it too could be seen as the big winner of the night.

Notes and Reactions...

You can see the original Notes and Reactions here, but I do have a few more things to add.

Firstly, Viola Davis is one letter away from her EGOT. If she can’t sing, perhaps she can collaborate on an album with someone and grab an Grammy that way. There’s also the Spoken Word Album.

Kevin O’Connell won. This was his 21st Oscar nomination, but just his first win. This has to be a major relief for him. A fellow sound artist, Greg P. Russell, is the new record holder for most nominations without a win at 13.

Only two other films, Manchester by the Sea and Hacksaw Ridge, won two Oscars. Meanwhile, there were twelve films that won a least one Oscar. That’s a lot of diversity in the winners.


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