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Thursday Night Previews: New Releases are Showing Very Little Promise

April 21st, 2017

The Promise

There are five films opening wide or semi-wide this weekend and four of them have previews. (Phoenix Forgotten is the lone exception.) At the moment, we only have numbers for The Promise and they are not good. The film pulled in $200,000 in previews last night, putting it on par with The Space Between Us. That’s not good news, as that film missed the Mendoza Line by a large margin. The Promise is playing in fewer theaters and it is earning better reviews, so it might not open below the Mendoza Line, but its theater average won't be much above $2,000 in the best of circumstances.

Unforgettable, Free Fire, and Born in China have yet to report numbers, but we will update this story if / when they do.

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