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Limited and VOD Releases: Rock City

July 28th, 2017


There are a lot of great movies on this week’s list, including Women Who Kill, Rumble: The Indians who Rocked the World, Menashe, Brigsby Bear, and Detroit. That last film is opening in limited release, but it deserves box office success, so hopefully this won’t hurt. An Inconvenient Sequel isn’t quite great, but it is good enough to be worth seeing.

Brigsby Bear - Reviews
Kyle Mooney plays a man who was kidnapped as a baby and raised in isolation. All he knows is a TV show made by his kidnappers / parents, Brigsby Bear. Now when he’s rescued as an adult, he wants to make a Brigsby Bear movie. It’s a really bizarre setup, but the reviews suggest it could find an audience in limited release.

Detroit - Reviews
This film has an amazingly talented cast with a lot star power on the other side of the camera as well. The reviews are fantastic, and I really hope it is a hit this weekend, but I fear it will bomb and won’t get a shot at a wide release next week.

A Family Man - Reviews
Video on Demand
Gerard Butler plays a corporate headhunter in a competition for a promotion, but when his son is diagnosed with cancer, he stops being a workaholic to spend more time with his family. The film has a lot of star power, but the reviews are awful, so bad that it is not even worth a rental on VOD.

From the Land of the Moon - Reviews
Marion Cotillard stars as a woman stuck in a loveless marriage who goes away for medical treatment only to fall in love with a fellow patient. The reviews are quite poor with more critics calling it melodramatic and not emotionally engaging.

An Inconvenient Sequel - Reviews
The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, which is one of the biggest box office hits out of all documentaries. This film isn’t earning as good reviews and it isn’t likely to make as much money at the box office, but it is timely and important nonetheless.

The Last Face - Reviews
Video on Demand
Wow. This movie has a great cast and it is about an important issue, but the reviews are simply awful. Most critics say the romance distracts from the important issues and the end result is nearly unwatchable.

Menashe - Reviews
This film takes place in the Orthodox Jewish community. A man tries to raise his son after his wife died, but the customs of his community says a man can not raise his children alone. The film’s reviews are amazing and A24 has had a lot of success with limited releases over the years. On the other hand, there are more than a few films earning better than 90% positive reviews this week, so the competition could be too much.

Person to Person - Reviews
Video on Demand
This film tells several interconnected stories of New Yorkers. This is not an uncommon plot in films and the movie’s reviews are mixed, so it likely won’t do much business in theaters. On the other hand, it only costs $6 for the rental.

Rumble: The Indians who Rocked the World - Reviews
A Canadian documentary about Native Americans and their impact on the world of Rock’n’Roll. It features interviews with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robbie Robertson, and many others. If you like rockumentaries or are interested the impact Native Americans have had on the wider culture, then this movie is worth checking out.

Strange Weather - Reviews
Video on Demand
Holly Hunter plays a woman trying to find out what happened to her son on the day he died. The reviews are mixed, so its box office chances are nearly zero. On the other hand, if you like the cast, then it is worth spending $7 for a VOD rental.

Women Who Kill - Reviews
Two women, Morgan and Joan, who used to be girlfriends now run a true crime podcast. However, the pair thinks that Morgan’s new girlfriend might be a murderer. Or they could be letting their podcast get the better of their imaginations. There are only eight reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which would normally not be enough to make this list; however, all eight reviews are positive.

Secondary VOD Releases:
Simple Creature - No Reviews - Video On Demand
There is only one secondary VOD release this week, and it has no reviews. It’s a Sci-fi movie about a woman “killed” in a bus accident and brought back to life by her father’s biotech invention.

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