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Theater Averages: Dolores Dunks on the Competition with $13,534

September 6th, 2017


Labor Day long weekend wasn’t nearly as bad we were expecting, but it still wasn’t what you could call good. There were two films to earn more than $10,000 on the theater average chart, which is better than we’ve seen some weeks this year; however, those were the only two new releases to come close to $10,000. Dolores opened in one theater earning $13,534 and this is amazing for a documentary. Viceroy’s House earned an average of $12,034 in four theaters.

No other new limited release came close to the $10,000 mark. Hazlo Como Hombre was the best of the rest earning an average of $3,075 in 382 theaters. The only other film to top the Mendoza Line was Dalida with $2,461 in its one theater. Tulip Fever was the widest limited release of the week playing in 765 theaters, but it only managed an average of $1,514. I Do... Until I Don’t was well back with an average of $1,077 in 165 theaters. That was record-breaking compared to the next three films. The Vault only managed an average of $392 in 11 theaters, but it was playing on Video on Demand, so that’s mitigating circumstances. Valley of Bones didn’t have the same excuse, as it earned an average just $340 in 300 theaters. Finally there’s A Boy Called Po, with an average of $260 in 10 theaters. It was another VOD release.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • It took nearly a month, but Step finally made it to $1 million. That’s as far as it will go.
  • Menashe took even longer to get to $1 million, but its legs are longer, so it has a real shot at $2 million.
  • Tulip Fever opened with more than $1 million during its opening weekend, but it won’t get much further than that.
  • Hazlo Como Hombre also opened with more than $1 million; however, its theater average is better, so it should have much better legs.
  • Ingrid Goes West made it to $2 million during the weekend and it could get to $3 million, but it will lose most of its theater count over the coming weeks.
  • Wind River got to $15 million over the weekend, $20 million if you include holiday Monday. It is now the third biggest limited release at the 2017 domestic chart. It will climb the chart quickly.
  • The Big Sick got a boost from Labor Day and that helped it get to $40 million over the weekend. It is the only limited release to come out in 2017 to get to that milestone, as least so far. We haven’t started Awards Season, so there are plenty of films that could beat this one in the end.
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