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International Box Office: Never Say Die Comes Alive with $66.28 million

October 12th, 2017

Never Say Die

Never Say Die rose to first place with $67 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $223 internationally. The film added $66.28 million to its running tally in its native China, which now sits at $222.75 million after nine days of release. The film is on track to top Kung Fu Yoga as the biggest comedy hit in China. In fact, it is on pace to top Meet the Fockers as the biggest Comedy hit in any one single market.

Blade Runner 2049 opened in second place with $49.36 million on 16,077 screens in 77 markets during its opening weekend on the international chart. In most of the major markets, its debut was better than it was domestically. For example, it earned first place in the U.K. with $7.95 million in 634 theaters, while it made $4.93 million on 1,279 screens in Russia. It also earned first place in Australia with $3.53 million on 354 screens, while it had to settle for second place in France ($3.81 million on 658 screens) and in Germany ($3.36 million on 1,037). On the other hand, the film only has a trio of major markets left to open in, South Korea, China, and Japan, so it won’t have long legs. It should still match its production budget internationally, so it could break even eventually.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was pushed into third place with $25.5 million in 69 markets for totals of $173.6 million internationally and $254.1 million worldwide. The film had no major market openings this past weekend, but debuts in France this weekend, China next weekend, and Japan early next year.

It slid to fourth place with $19.8 million in 64 markets for totals of $298.8 million internationally and $604.1 million worldwide. The film has yet to open in Italy and Japan. The film has clearly broken even by now, in fact, it has made enough to cover the combined production / marketing budget of the inevitable sequel, assuming they don’t do something stupid and split the second part of the book into two movies.

Chasing the Dragon rounded out the top five, again, this time with $17.6 million in 7 markets for an international total of $61 million. Nearly all of this has come from China, where it has pulled in $60.47 million, including $17.29 million this past weekend.

This will be the last time we talk about Despicable Me 3, as it has fallen off the international chart. The film earned $1.3 million on 1,812 screens in 43 markets for totals of $762.69 million internationally and $1.025 billion worldwide.

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