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2017 Awards Season: WGA Winners

February 11th, 2018

Get Out

The Writers Guild of America have announced their winners. There are many categories that WGA hand out awards in, but only three of them are theatrical releases. The list of winners include a couple of major Awards Season players and not a lot of surprises.

The categories and winners are...

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Documentary Screenplay

Notes and Reactions...

  • Jordan Peele won for Get Out and it is hard to argue with that choice. Greta Gerwig was the only other nominee who could have won and I wouldn’t have been at least a little surprised.
  • James Ivory has never won an Oscar and considering how long he’s been in the business and how impressive his resume is, this is surprising. He could win the Oscar for Call Me by Your Name, in part to make up for past snubs.
  • Jane won, which isn’t a surprise. However, it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, so this has no bearing on who will win there.


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