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Theater Averages: Stories Doesn’t Give Up the Ghost

April 25th, 2018

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories was the only film in the $10,000 club earning $11,972 in its lone theater over the weekend. Bharat Ane Nenu did come close with an average of $9,180 in just over 300 theaters.

The next best new limited release was Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free, which earned $5,060 in one theater. The rest of the limited releases all struggled. Le Redoutable earned an average of $2,749 in four theaters. Both The Doctor From India and This Is Our Land earned $2,442 in one theater over the weekend. However, both were weekday releases and earned total openings of $5,146 and $4,965 respectively. The Devil and Father Amorth missed the Mendoza Line by a substantial margin with an average of $1,047 in 8 theaters. Mobile Homes only managed $449 in one theater.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Bharat Ane Nenu opened with more than $2 million. In fact, it nearly hit $3 million during its opening weekend.
  • Beirut hit $3 million early in the weekend and nearly hit $4 million by the end of the weekend.
  • Isle of Dogs reached $20 million during the weekend and by the end of the weekend was almost at $25 million.
Weekend Box Office Results

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