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Jerry Orbach

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 19 films, with $1,063,774,482 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #2,749)
Best-known acting roles: Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast), Jake Houseman (Dirty Dancing), Dr. Christopher Gregor (Universal Soldier), Capt. Ronnie Donziger NYPD (Out for Justice), Charley Pegler (Brewster's Millions)
Most productive collaborators: Paige O'Hara, Gary Trousdale, Robby Benson, Kirk Wise, Richard White

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Career Summary

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting4$401,915,432$232,378,217$634,293,649

Latest Ranking on Selected Box Office Record Lists

Top Stars at the Domestic Box Office (Rank 1,701-1,800) 1,730 $676,395,159
Top Stars at the International Box Office (Rank 5,001-5,100) 5,014 $387,379,323
Top Stars at the Worldwide Box Office (Rank 2,701-2,800) 2,749 $1,063,774,482

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Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Beauty and the Beast

June 6th, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

There have been three previous adaptations in Disney’s recent streak of live-action adaptations. I’ve previously reviewed all of them and only really liked Maleficent. In fact, I like Maleficent more now than I did when it first came out, because it took the characters and made an original story with them, while the other two only had minor changes, but were mostly beat-for-beat remakes. I mention all of this before even mentioning Beauty and the Beast, because this is what I want in these movies. I want a reason to watch this version rather than the original. Does this film give me a reason? More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Perry Mason: Movie Collection: Volume 3

August 1st, 2014

With this release, we are about halfway through the Perry Mason TV movies. So what movies are found on this collection? And is it worth picking up? The answer to that second question is no. If this is anything like the last time, these six movies will be released as two-movie double-features, which will cost less than this box set does. That said, will they be worth picking up when the single-disc releases come out? More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Perry Mason: Movie Collection: Volume 2

May 24th, 2014

Perry Mason lasted for nine seasons starting in 1957. After nearly two decades off the air, the show returned, this time in the form of a series of TV movies. Volume One came out last December, and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a screener to review. More recently, Volume Two came out, and while the screener arrived late, I finally got to the review. So how do the TV movies compare to the original series? More...

All Acting Credits

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
6/11/2004 Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Lege… Himself  $353,580 $0 $353,580
8/2/2002 Manna From Heaven Waltz Contest Announcer  $505,675 $0 $505,675
9/22/2000 Prince of Central Park Businessman  $5,810 $0 $5,810
2/3/1993 The Cemetery Club   $5,583,621 $0 $5,583,621
9/23/1992 Mr. Saturday Night Phil Gussman  $13,351,357 $0 $13,351,357
7/10/1992 Universal Soldier Dr. Christopher Gregor  $36,299,898 $0 $36,299,898
4/3/1992 Straight Talk Milo Jacoby  $21,202,099 $0 $21,202,099
11/13/1991 Beauty and the Beast Lumiere  $376,057,266 $232,378,217 $608,435,483
8/7/1991 Delirious Lou Sherwood  $4,755,853 $0 $4,755,853
4/26/1991 Toy Soldiers* Albert Trotta  $15,073,942 $0 $15,073,942
4/12/1991 Out for Justice Capt. Ronnie Donziger NYPD  $39,673,161 $0 $39,673,161
5/4/1990 Last Exit to Brooklyn Boyce  $678,680 $0 $678,680
10/13/1989 Crimes and Misdemeanors Jack Rosenthal  $18,254,702 $0 $18,254,702
10/9/1987 Someone to Watch Over Me Lt. Garber  $10,278,549 $0 $10,278,549
8/21/1987 Dirty Dancing Jake Houseman  $63,892,689 $150,001,106 $213,893,795
2/7/1986 F/X Nicholas DeFranco  $20,603,715 $0 $20,603,715
1/24/1986 The Imagemaker Byron Caine  $24,562 $0 $24,562
5/22/1985 Brewster's Millions Charley Pegler  $40,800,000 $5,000,000 $45,800,000
8/19/1981 Prince of the City Gus Levy  $9,000,000 $0 $9,000,000
Movies: 19Totals:$676,395,159$387,379,323$1,063,774,482

Supporting Roles

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
8/2/2002 Manna From Heaven $0 33 $505,675 $505,675 100.0%
11/13/1991 Beauty and the Beast $162,146 2,625 $376,057,266 $608,435,483 61.8%
4/26/1991 Toy Soldiers $4,182,300 1,358 $15,073,942 $15,073,942 100.0%
10/9/1987 Someone to Watch Over Me $2,908,796 894 $10,278,549 $10,278,549 100.0%
Movies: 4Totals:  $401,915,432$634,293,649 

Latest Ranking on All Acting Box Office Record Lists