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Sharon Calahan

Best known as a Cinematographer based on credits in that role in 5 films, with $2,771,775,352 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #35)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Finding Nemo (Cinematographer), Cars 2 (Lighting), Ratatouille (Cinematographer), The Good Dinosaur (Cinematographer), Toy Story 2 (Cinematographer)
Most productive collaborators: Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Peter Sohn, Bob Peterson, Brad Bird

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
In Technical RolesCinematographer5$1,118,712,888$1,653,062,464$2,771,775,352

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: The Good Dinosaur

February 22nd, 2016

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur looks like it will be the first Pixar film to lose money. It cost nearly $200 million to make, while there were reports that the advertising budget was $150 million worldwide. It needed to make over $500 million worldwide to have a shot at breaking even any time soon. It made barely more than $300 million, which wasn't enough to pay for its reported advertising budget. Is it as bad as its box office numbers would suggest? Or is there a reason this film failed to connect with audiences besides quality? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/25/2015 The Good Dinosaur Director of Photography $123,087,120 $211,255,572 $334,342,692
6/24/2011 Cars 2 Director of Photogra… $191,450,875 $368,704,508 $560,155,383
6/29/2007 Ratatouille Cinematographer $206,445,654 $420,104,041 $626,549,695
5/30/2003 Finding Nemo Cinematographer $380,529,370 $555,900,000 $936,429,370
11/19/1999 Toy Story 2 Cinematographer $245,852,179 $265,506,097 $511,358,276
11/20/1998 A Bug's Life Cinematographer $162,798,565 $200,296,754 $363,095,319
Movies: 6Totals:$1,310,163,763$2,021,766,972$3,331,930,735