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Stephen Dillane

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 21 films, with $680,797,213 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #4,910)
Best-Known Acting Roles: National Security Advisor (Zero Dark Thirty), Charles Harker (Spy Game), Merlin (King Arthur), Leonard Woolf (The Hours), Harry Vardon (The Greatest Game Ever Played)
Most productive collaborators: Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain, Kathryn Bigelow, Jason Clarke, Mark Boal

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting9$247,014,091$301,796,914$548,811,005

Featured TV on DVD Review: Game of Thrones: Season Six

November 13th, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season Six

Long time fans of Game of Thrones have just one question on their minds... Why is Season Six coming out this week and not in spring just before Season Seven comes out, like they’ve done every year before. Well, I have some bad news for you. Season Seven isn’t coming out in the spring. It’s coming out in the Summer. So will this Blu-ray holdover fans until the next season comes out? More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Game of Thrones: Season 5

March 13th, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season Five

Season Six of Game of Thrones starts on the 24th of April. Still a full month away. On the other hand, Season Five comes out this week and to celebrate we have a Contest and a review. How was Season Five compared to the previous seasons? Is it still engaging? Or now that the show is running out of source material to pull from, is it starting to show cracks? More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Game of Thrones: Season Two

February 19th, 2013

Game of Thrones was one of the biggest new shows of 2011 and the second season was given the green light, and a larger budget, a mere two days after the series premiere. This turned out to be a wise choice, because the ratings for season two were even greater than they were for season one. But was this due to just hype? Or did the quality of the show increase as well? And is the DVD or the Blu-ray Combo Pack as good as the first time around? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/22/2017 Darkest Hour Viscount Halifax  $1,421,426 $4,970,000 $6,391,426
12/19/2012 Zero Dark Thirty National Security Advisor  $95,720,716 $38,891,719 $134,612,435
2/10/2012 Perfect Sense Stephen  $1,567 $137,301 $138,868
12/31/2008 Goal! 3 Glen Foy  $0 $0 $0
8/29/2008 Goal! 2: Living the Dream... Glen  $225,067 $4,034,000 $4,259,067
5/28/2008 Savage Grace Brooks Baekeland  $434,417 $534,388 $968,805
5/2/2008 Fugitive Pieces Jakob  $634,379 $0 $634,379
6/22/2007 Klimt Sekretar  $86,051 $0 $86,051
1/30/2007 The Gathering Simon Kirkman  $0 $0 $0
5/12/2006 Goal! The Dream Begins Glen Foy  $4,283,255 $23,327,618 $27,610,873
4/28/2006 Haven Mr. Allen  $142,483 $0 $142,483
9/30/2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played Harry Vardon  $15,331,289 $136,977 $15,468,266
7/7/2004 King Arthur Merlin  $51,877,963 $152,000,000 $203,877,963
12/27/2002 The Hours Leonard Woolf  $41,675,994 $55,354,474 $97,030,468
10/25/2002 The Truth About Charlie Charlie  $5,303,000 $700,000 $6,003,000
11/21/2001 Spy Game Charles Harker  $62,362,560 $80,687,000 $143,049,560
9/4/1998 Firelight Charles Godwin  $784,419 $0 $784,419
4/22/1998 Deja Vu Sean  $821,997 $5,500,000 $6,321,997
11/26/1997 Welcome to Sarajevo Michael Henderson  $429,756 $0 $429,756
1/12/1996 Two if by Sea Evan Marsh  $10,493,670 $0 $10,493,670
12/19/1990 Hamlet Horatio  $20,710,451 $1,783,276 $22,493,727
Movies: 21Totals:$312,740,460$368,056,753$680,797,213