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Catherine Frot

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 4 films, with $11,822,189 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #48,059)
Best-Known Acting Roles: (Sage Femme), Marguerite (Marguerite), Hortense Laborie (Les saveurs du Palais), Jeanne Rivet (Cavale)
Most productive collaborators: Xavier Giannoli, Catherine Deneuve, Martin Provost, Christian Vincent, Andre Marcon

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorLead Ensemble Member1$497,323$8,355,632$8,852,955

Home Market Releases for October 17th, 2017

October 18th, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It is one of those weeks. There’s a massive release coming out, which has scared away nearly all of the competition, so it is a really shallow week. Fortunately, that huge release is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is not only one of the biggest hits of the year, it is also one of the reviewed. It isn’t the only contender for Pick of the Week, but the Blu-ray Combo Pack wins that honor. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Sticking the Landing

July 21st, 2017


Looking at this week’s list of limited releases, it is hard to come up with any film that has a real shot at box office success. Landline has the loudest buzz, but its reviews are merely good. All of the rest of the films are either foreign-language films or are playing on VOD and both of those factors will limit their box office chances. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Say Hello to Limited Release

March 11th, 2016

Hello, My Name is Doris

There are quite a few limited releases on this week's list that are earning excellent reviews and / or substantial buzz. This includes Hello, My Name is Doris, which I really hope does well. Boom Bust Boom, City of Gold, Eye in the Sky, and Marguerite are all worth checking out in theaters. Most of the rest are worth a rental on VOD. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
7/21/2017 Sage Femme   $603,582 $1,590,123 $2,193,705
3/11/2016 Marguerite Marguerite  $497,323 $8,355,632 $8,852,955
3/1/2013 Les saveurs du Palais Hortense Laborie  $510,587 $0 $510,587
1/30/2004 Cavale Jeanne Rivet  $64,796 $200,146 $264,942
Movies: 4Totals:$1,676,288$10,145,901$11,822,189