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Olek Krupa

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 7 films, with $2,245,659,493 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #555)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Russian Minister of Defense (The Fate of the Furious), Karl Zielinski (Hidden Figures), Mashkov (The Italian Job), Krapotkin (Burn After Reading), Gazprom Executive (The Dictator)
Most productive collaborators: Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson, Theodore Melfi, Octavia Spencer, Allison Schroeder

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting7$740,586,229$1,505,073,264$2,245,659,493

Featured VOD Review: Hidden Figures

April 10th, 2017

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is an Oscar-bait movie, there’s no getting around that. It is an inspirational movie based on real life events that opened in limited release in December. Clearly they were going for Awards Season glory. It did earn a number of nominations, but was only able to pick up one award. On the other hand, the film earned nearly $170 million and is the biggest limited release hit of 2016. Is the film just a little too mainstream for Awards Season success? Did it deserve better on Oscar-night? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
4/14/2017 The Fate of the Furious Russian Minister of Defense  $225,764,765 $1,010,600,955 $1,236,365,720
12/25/2016 Hidden Figures Karl Zielinski  $169,387,004 $62,193,569 $231,580,573
3/22/2013 Admission Polokov  $18,007,317 $726,349 $18,733,666
5/16/2012 The Dictator Gazprom Executive  $59,650,222 $120,498,675 $180,148,897
9/12/2008 Burn After Reading Krapotkin  $60,355,347 $107,812,451 $168,167,798
5/30/2003 The Italian Job Mashkov  $106,126,012 $70,136,827 $176,262,839
11/30/2001 Behind Enemy Lines Miroslav Lokar  $58,855,732 $0 $58,855,732
12/22/2000 Thirteen Days Andrei Gromyko  $34,566,746 $31,987,801 $66,554,547
9/17/1999 Blue Streak LaFleur  $68,208,190 $49,239,967 $117,448,157
6/21/1996 Eraser Sergei  $101,295,562 $133,104,438 $234,400,000
Movies: 10Totals:$902,216,897$1,586,301,032$2,488,517,929