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Research Services

In addition to providing information for free on The Numbers, Nash Information Services, LLC is the premier provider of movie industry data and research services. Major financial institutions, media companies, investors, data analysis companies and production companies rely on our nearly twenty years of data development and modeling. Within the movie industry itself, we serve approximately 1,000 clients, from the major studios and multi-billion dollar production companies to first-time independent filmmakers. Our data services are also used by web sites, app developers and other analytics companies that require a rich source of data.

Nash Information Services' models generate revenue estimates for past movies, analyses for future releases, and many other reports that can be critical to planning an investment or creating a compelling business plan for a movie. We provide sophisticated modeling tools for analyzing the past and future performance of movies, including ancillary revenue from DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals, VOD and subscription streaming, TV sales, and foreign earnings.

One of our most popular services is our Comp Analysis Report. The report compiles and compares theatrical, TV, video and ancillary revenues, along with production and P&A budgets, for a group of movies of your choice. To develop the customized Comps Analysis, the research team works with you to create a list of comparable movies for your project, using a search of our database for similar films based on the information you provide to us via our film comparables questionnaire.

The Comps Analysis report includes this information and provides a customized profit/loss model for a typical movie that matches your project's type. The model takes into account different distribution models and the performance of the comparison films.

All Comps Analysis data is provided both in a document suitable for presentation to potential investors and in spreadsheet form suitable for further analysis.

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Data Services

Our OpusData data service connects you directly to movie data through an SQL-based search and query interface, the OpusData Explorer, and an Application Programming Interface (API). Developed to cater to users with varying data needs, the OpusData subscription service provides direct access to search, query, download and manipulate movie data. Whether you want to integrate our data into your web site, develop an App, analyze industry trends or build investment models, OpusData provides you with the tools and data to do it.

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The Numbers was officially launched on October 17th, 1997 as a free resource for industry professionals, the investment community, and movie fans to track business information on movies. Since its humble early beginnings, with just 300 tracked movies, the site has grown to become the largest freely available database of movie industry information on the web. Over 20,000 movies and nearly 100,000 people are now tracked and we continue our commitment to making this data available to the widest possible audience.

The site has been run since its inception by Bruce Nash, with the help of a dedicated team of researchers and writers, bringing daily updates on the movie industry from its base in Los Angeles, CA.

Supporting The Numbers

Our goal is to maintain The Numbers as a free-to-use web site for everyone interested in and passionate about the movie industry. We're a small independent company, relying on ad revenue and the support of our community to keep in business. If you appreciate the site and want to help out, please consider making a donation.

If you see any missing information or mistakes, please email us at We really appreciate your help in making this the most accurate movie industry resource available.

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