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Mary Poppins (1964)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $102,300,000Details
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics FreshAudience Upright
100% - Fresh
86% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$6,000,000
Domestic Releases: August 26th, 1964 (Wide)
May 23rd, 1980 (Wide)
Video Release: March 25th, 1998 by Walt Disney Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating: G
Running Time: 139 minutes
Keywords: Same Actor, Multiple Roles, Secret Magic, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Old Age Makeup, Dysfunctional Family, Fired
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Animation/Live Action
Creative Type:Fantasy


   Mary Poppins
   Bert/Mr. Dawes, Sr.
David Tomlinson    George Banks
Glynis Johns    Winifred Banks
Hermione Baddeley    Ellen
   Jane Banks
   Michael Banks
Reginald Owen    Admiral Boom
Ed Wynn    Uncle Albert

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Daily Box Office Performance

Weekend Box Office Performance

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
2/1/200910128,233 128,233$1,858,096$1,858,096567
2/8/20092365,596-49% 193,829$1,048,880$2,906,976568
2/22/20092940,821 259,364$734,370$4,048,880570
3/8/20092833,565 329,558$619,113$5,335,256572
10/14/20122414,743 5,328,341$272,884$110,292,107760
10/21/20122316,714+13% 5,345,055$310,616$110,602,724761
10/28/20123028,558+71% 5,373,613$533,709$111,136,433762
11/4/20122522,747-20% 5,396,360$406,787$111,543,220763
11/11/20122140,910+80% 5,437,270$768,625$112,311,845764
12/9/20122395,424 5,645,830$1,904,234$116,470,071768
12/16/20122384,318-12% 5,730,148$1,630,575$118,100,646769
12/30/20122952,184 5,850,326$1,039,662$120,491,158771
1/13/20132825,853 5,905,800$503,668$121,586,998773
1/20/20132421,175-18% 5,926,975$399,729$121,986,727774
1/27/20132627,136+28% 5,954,111$533,317$122,520,044775
2/3/20133020,898-23% 5,975,009$409,028$122,929,072776
2/10/20132825,461+22% 6,000,470$504,370$123,433,442777
2/24/20132218,663 6,043,264$367,960$124,287,482779
3/3/20132824,124+29% 6,067,388$461,958$124,749,440780
3/10/20132325,221+5% 6,092,609$477,209$125,226,649781
3/17/20132024,944-1% 6,117,553$478,521$125,705,170782
3/24/20132114,542-42% 6,132,095$280,408$125,985,577783
3/31/20132061,780+325% 6,193,875$1,195,616$127,181,193784
4/7/20132221,944-64% 6,215,819$429,339$127,610,532785
4/14/20132220,380-7% 6,236,199$422,852$128,033,384786
4/21/20132422,350+10% 6,258,549$472,495$128,505,879787
4/28/20132624,873+11% 6,283,422$536,692$129,042,571788
5/5/20132918,481-26% 6,301,903$392,086$129,434,657789
6/2/20132730,349 6,378,062$609,851$131,025,317793
7/7/20132431,396 6,462,176$597,962$132,684,673798
7/28/20132330,177 6,523,719$625,111$133,948,823801
10/6/2013253,828 6,561,674$113,622$135,219,872811
10/13/2013244,240+11% 6,565,914$188,038$135,407,910812
10/20/2013212,111-50% 6,568,025$105,917$135,513,827813
10/27/2013262,249+7% 6,570,274$104,303$135,618,130814
11/10/2013251,219 6,572,901$65,899$135,756,276816
11/17/201323807-34% 6,573,708$44,072$135,800,348817
12/1/201330481-40% 6,574,996$27,224$135,874,251819
12/15/20132135,331 6,610,499$903,986$136,787,548821
12/29/20132936,484 6,659,890$744,128$137,805,411823
5/4/20142712,089 6,885,940$240,896$142,427,093841
6/1/20143013,257 6,938,879$267,237$143,483,005845
6/8/20142713,812+4% 6,952,691$276,954$143,759,959846
2/8/20152817,826 7,408,427$358,500$152,276,197881
3/22/20152614,017 7,495,734$211,824$153,667,646887
3/29/20152511,940-15% 7,507,674$180,952$153,848,598888
4/5/20152731,353+163% 7,539,027$473,145$154,321,743889
4/12/20152524,867-21% 7,563,894$375,430$154,697,172890
6/14/20153013,392 7,652,703$204,244$156,049,735899

Weekly US Blu-ray Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
12/15/20131470,202 70,202$1,789,439$1,789,439821
1/5/20141622,507 232,751$606,118$6,166,915824
1/12/20141119,755-12% 252,506$592,440$6,759,355825
1/19/2014189,320-53% 261,826$278,376$7,037,731826

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