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Robert Duvall

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 65 films, with $3,062,359,183 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #521)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Cash (Jack Reacher), Spurgeon Tanner (Deep Impact), Joseph Palmer (The Judge), Otto Halliwell (Gone in 60 Seconds), Doc (Phenomenon)
Best-Known Technical Roles: The Apostle (Director), Assassination Tango (Director)
Most productive collaborators: Robert Downey, Jr., Mimi Leder, David Dobkin, Tom Cruise, Téa Leoni

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting13$738,514,431$636,327,330$1,374,841,761
Lead Ensemble Member4$83,046,325$36,344,678$119,391,003
In Technical RolesDirector3$21,734,158$826,489$22,560,647

Limited and VOD Releases: Some Lovely Limited Releases

June 5th, 2015

Love and Mercy

In another improvement to our news this week, the Limited Releases column is expanding to cover both limited and VOD releases. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, “aren't you already talking about VOD on the Home Market Releases column?” Yes. However, those are for VOD releases for films that already played in theaters some time ago. This column will include films that debut on VOD either before, or simultaneously with, their theatrical release. We think this it an important change, as too often the Limited Release column was “Limited Releases Playing in New York City and Possibly Los Angeles.” For people in most of the rest of the country, there were no films on the list playing anywhere near them. This week, there are at least a few films worth checking out, including We Are Still Here, which is playing on VOD and Love and Mercy and Testament of Youth, which are theatrical-only releases that both have a shot at mainstream success. More...

2014 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Supporting Actor

February 12th, 2015

Whiplash poster

With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. Today we look at the two supporting actor categories, finishing with Best Supporting Actor. Like the Best Supporting Actress category, Best Supporting Actor isn't even close and one of the five nominees is absolutely running away with things. More...

2014 Awards Season: Oscars - Nominations

January 17th, 2015

Birdman poster

The Oscar nominations were announced early in the morning, when all sensible people were asleep. There were some surprises, as well as some results that would have been surprises had it not been for the previous Awards Season nominations. Seventeen films earned two or more nods, led by Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel, both of which picked up nine nominations, while The Imitation Game was right behind with eight. More...

2014 - Awards Season: Golden Globes - Nominations

December 11th, 2014

Birdman poster

The Golden Globes nominations were announced this morning, at three in the morning, because the people at Golden Globes are under the delusion that news announced at 3:00 a.m. is somehow more important if it is announced before anyone is awake. As for the actual nominations, like with the Independent Spirit Awards and the SAG nominations, Birdman led the way. It earned seven nominations, while Boyhood and The Imitation Game tied for second with five apiece. Starting to notice a pattern here? This could be a really dull Awards Season with very few surprises. On the other hand, predictable means less work for me. Plus, predictable probably means the Awards Season voters are making the right choices, as surprises usually mean someone made the wrong choice. More...

2014 - Awards Season: SAG - Nominations

December 10th, 2014

Birdman poster

The Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced Wednesday morning. Are there surprises worth mentioning? Is the Oscar picture beginning to take shape? Like with the Independent Spirit Awards, Birdman led the way this time earning four nominations from six categories, while Boyhood, The Imitation Game, and The Theory of Everything had three nods each.


2014 Preview: October

September 30th, 2014

Fury poster

September is over and while it got off to a bad start, a really, really, truly terrible start, it actually ended on a bit of a strong note. Granted, no film has yet to reach $100 million, but The Maze Runner and The Equalizer both could get there in the end. As for October, we might go another month without a $100 million hit. There are a couple of films that have the potential to reach the century mark, Gone Girl and Fury. Hopefully they will get there, but given the recent box office woes, it is probably best to keep expectations low. Last October, there were two films that earned more than $100 million. Bad Grandpa just made it passed that mark. On the other hand, Gravity was a monster hit earning nearly $275 million. It you compare its run to this year's batch of films, it only ranks behind Guardians of the Galaxy. ... There's no way any film opening this month is going to match that. ... There no way the top two films will match that. ... The top three films might not match that. ... 2014 is going to get crushed in the year-over-year comparison and by the end of the month, it will be safe to say its chances of ever catching up to 2013 will be over. It is going to be a depressing month. More...

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for July 15th, 2014

July 14th, 2014

There is actually a $100 million hit on this week's list of new releases, which puts it miles ahead of most of recent weeks. Unfortunately, that new release is Rio 2, which isn't terrible, but it certainly isn't Pick of the Week material either. Worse still, there is practically no depth this week and almost none of the new DVDs / Blu-rays are Pick of the Week contenders. Fortunately, "Weird Al" Yankovic comes to the rescue with Mandatory Fun, which is a CD, which I normally don't talk about. As far as DVDs and Blu-rays are concerned, Orphan Black: Season 2 on Blu-ray is clearly the best. More...

Limited Releases: New Arrivals

May 16th, 2014

The Immigrant poster

There are a number of films on this week's list that could find audience in theaters, including Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case, Chinese Puzzle, The Discoverers, Horses of God, etc. However, if I were to pick just one, it would be The Immigrant. It has amazing reviews and strong buzz. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Jack Reacher

May 5th, 2013

During the holiday season of 2011, Tom Cruise starred in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. I thought it was arguably the best action movie of the year and it became the stars biggest hit globally and his best domestic hit in a decade (not counting a cameo in Goldmember). A year later, Jack Reacher opened with barely a fraction of the buzz. I was one of the most Bullish analysts and I was only predicting $75 million. The film did pull in $80 million domestically, which is better than expected, but nothing compared to MI:IV. Is it really that much weaker? Or did it struggle in comparison, because it wasn't part of a popular franchise. More...

2012 Preview: December

December 1st, 2012

November was a strong month and left 2012 with a very easy path to a new all time record. There was only one major miss the entire month, Rise of the Guardians, while The Silver Linings Playbook was pulled from wide release at the last minute, so it is a little hard to judge its box office performance. On the positive side, Skyfall might top original expectations by $100 million. All this December has to do is maintain pace with last December to ensure 2012 sets the new record. I would like to say that will be easy to do, but I really don't know. Last year, there was only one $200 million hit, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, plus a few others that reached $100 million, so the bar isn't set too high. This year, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is expected to at least come close to $300 million. Some think it will earn more than $400 million. However, it could also be the last film to make $100 million till February. December is normally a very good month to release a film, but the release schedule is so messed up that it makes it very hard to predict what will happen. There appears to be just ten films opening truly wide this month (I'm getting mixed signals on a few of them). That's a really light schedule for a month and a light schedule tends to help maximize the box office potential for individual films. However, eight of these films open wide within a seven-day period. That's insane. There's no way all of those films will find an audience and there's a chance that due to the competition, none of them will. Let's hope the situation isn't as bad as that, but there are some serious reasons to be concerned for most new releases coming out this month. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/16/2018 Widows   $0 $0 $0
2/17/2017 In Dubious Battle Bolton  $0 $214,182 $214,182
6/5/2015 Wild Horses Scott Briggs  $0 $0 $0
10/10/2014 The Judge Joseph Palmer  $47,119,388 $29,000,000 $76,119,388
5/16/2014 A Night in Old Mexico Red Bovie  $0 $0 $0
9/13/2013 Jayne Mansfield's Car Jim Caldwell  $14,836 $0 $14,836
12/21/2012 Jack Reacher Cash  $80,070,736 $137,300,000 $217,370,736
9/2/2011 Seven Days In Utopia Johnny Crawford  $4,367,448 $0 $4,367,448
7/30/2010 Get Low Felix "Bush" Benzeale  $9,176,933 $1,651,372 $10,828,305
12/16/2009 Crazy Heart Wayne Kramer  $39,471,742 $7,945,509 $47,417,251
11/25/2009 The Road Old Man  $8,114,270 $21,092,462 $29,206,732
11/26/2008 Four Christmases   $120,146,040 $48,165,518 $168,311,558
10/12/2007 We Own the Night Burt Grusinsky  $28,563,179 $26,744,678 $55,307,857
5/4/2007 Lucky You L. C. Cheever  $5,755,286 $766,543 $6,521,829
3/17/2006 Thank You For Smoking The Captain  $24,793,509 $15,223,153 $40,016,662
5/13/2005 Kicking and Screaming Buck Weston  $52,842,724 $3,000,000 $55,842,724
9/19/2003 Secondhand Lions Hub  $42,070,939 $5,831,627 $47,902,566
8/15/2003 Open Range Boss Spearman  $58,331,254 $10,282,738 $68,613,992
3/28/2003 Assassination Tango John J.  $1,000,673 $282,204 $1,282,877
2/21/2003 Gods and Generals General Robert E. Lee  $12,882,934 $41,002 $12,923,936
2/15/2002 John Q Grimes  $71,026,631 $31,200,000 $102,226,631
8/3/2001 Apocalypse Now Redux Lt. Col. William 'Bill' Kilgore  $4,615,959 $0 $4,615,959
11/17/2000 The 6th Day Dr. Graham Weir  $34,543,701 $61,481,197 $96,024,898
6/9/2000 Gone in 60 Seconds Otto Halliwell  $101,643,008 $131,000,000 $232,643,008
12/25/1998 A Civil Action Jerome Facher  $56,709,981 $0 $56,709,981
5/8/1998 Deep Impact Spurgeon Tanner  $140,464,664 $209,000,000 $349,464,664
1/23/1998 The Gingerbread Man Dixon Doss  $1,626,593 $0 $1,626,593
12/17/1997 The Apostle Euliss "Sonny" Dewey - The Apostle E.F.  $20,733,485 $544,285 $21,277,770
11/20/1996 Sling Blade Karl's Father  $24,475,416 $9,699,584 $34,175,000
7/5/1996 Phenomenon Doc  $104,636,382 $47,400,000 $152,036,382
3/29/1996 A Family Thing Earl Pilcher Jr.  $9,993,012 $0 $9,993,012
10/13/1995 The Scarlet Letter Dr. Roger Prynne  $10,359,006 $0 $10,359,006
9/15/1995 The Stars Fell on Henrietta Mr. Cox  $99,318 $0 $99,318
8/4/1995 Something to Talk About Wyly King  $50,865,589 $26,441,637 $77,307,226
3/18/1994 The Paper Bernie White  $36,768,310 $9,600,000 $46,368,310
12/10/1993 Geronimo: An American Legend Al Sieber  $18,296,646 $0 $18,296,646
2/26/1993 Falling Down Prendergast  $40,903,593 $0 $40,903,593
4/8/1992 Newsies Joseph Pulitzer  $2,706,352 $0 $2,706,352
9/20/1991 Rambling Rose Daddy  $6,266,621 $0 $6,266,621
6/27/1990 Days of Thunder Harry Hogge  $82,670,733 $75,000,000 $157,670,733
5/11/1990 A Show of Force Howard  $145,075 $0 $145,075
3/9/1990 The Handmaid's Tale Commander  $4,960,385 $0 $4,960,385
1/1/1990 Convicts Soll Gautier  $13,000 $0 $13,000
4/15/1988 Colors Corporal Bob Hodges  $46,616,067 $0 $46,616,067
6/13/1986 Belizaire the Cajun The Preacher  $1,444,618 $0 $1,444,618
1/1/1986 Let's Get Harry Shrike  $140,980 $0 $140,980
5/11/1984 The Natural Max Mercy  $47,951,979 $0 $47,951,979
3/4/1983 Tender Mercies Mac Sledge  $8,443,124 $0 $8,443,124
11/13/1981 The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper Gruen  $2,104,164 $0 $2,104,164
9/25/1981 True Confessions Tom Spellacy  $12,200,000 $0 $12,200,000
10/26/1979 The Great Santini Bull Meechum  $7,000,000 $0 $7,000,000
8/15/1979 Apocalypse Now Lt. Col. William 'Bill' Kilgore  $78,800,000 $2,450,488 $81,250,488
12/22/1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Priest on Swing  $24,946,533 $0 $24,946,533
2/9/1978 The Betsy Loren Hardeman III  $17,700,000 $0 $17,700,000
1/1/1976 Network Frank Hackett, UBS Executive Senior Vice President/Chairman of the Board  $23,689,877 $0 $23,689,877
1/1/1975 Breakout Jay Wagner  $16,000,000 $0 $16,000,000
12/11/1974 The Godfather: Part II Tom Hagen  $57,300,000 $0 $57,300,000
4/7/1974 The Conversation The Director  $4,420,000 $0 $4,420,000
3/15/1972 The Godfather Tom Hagen  $134,966,411 $133,533,589 $268,500,000
1/1/1972 Joe Kidd Frank Harlan  $6,330,000 $0 $6,330,000
3/11/1970 THX 1138 THX 1138  $5,000 $0 $5,000
1/1/1970 M*A*S*H Major Frank Burns, M.D.  $81,600,000 $0 $81,600,000
6/11/1969 True Grit Lucky Ned Pepper  $31,132,592 $0 $31,132,592
10/17/1968 Bullitt Weissberg (Sunshine Cab Driver)  $42,300,873 $0 $42,300,873
12/25/1962 To Kill A Mockingbird Arthur 'Boo' Radley  $13,129,846 $0 $13,129,846
Movies: 65Totals:$2,017,467,415$1,044,891,768$3,062,359,183
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
6/5/2015 Wild Horses Director,
$0 $0 $0
5/16/2014 A Night in Old Mexico Producer $0 $0 $0
3/28/2003 Assassination Tango Director $1,000,673 $282,204 $1,282,877
12/17/1997 The Apostle Director $20,733,485 $544,285 $21,277,770
Movies: 4Totals:$21,734,158$826,489$22,560,647