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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Image by Benjamin Ellis licensed under Creative Commons. Original
Best known as a Leading Actor based on credits in that role in 9 films, with $4,548,789,768 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #20)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Thor (The Avengers), Thor (The Avengers: Age of Ultron), Thor (Thor: The Dark World), George Kirk (Star Trek), Thor (Thor)
Most productive collaborators: Joss Whedon, Kevin Feige, Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Stan Lee

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  MoviesDomestic Box OfficeInternational Box OfficeWorldwide Box Office
As an ActorLeading9$1,697,971,427$2,850,818,341$4,548,789,768
Lead Ensemble Member2$57,588,737$35,994,867$93,583,604

2015 Preview: May

May 1st, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

April is over and there was good news and bad news. Good news: Furious 7 crushed the competition, and broke records along the way. Bad news: Furious 7 crushed the competition and no other April release will earn as much in total as Furious 7 earned during its opening day. Fortunately, Furious 7 was so strong that it carried April of 2015 to a draw when compared to April of 2014. May has a lot of similarities to April. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is expected to break records during its opening weekend and even the low end has it earning more than $1 billion worldwide. Unfortunately, no other film is going to come close to that figure. There are five other films with a potential to reach $100 million at the box office. The keyword there is "potential". There's a chance less than half of those five films will get to that milestone. And like last April, last May had much better depth with five films that reached $100 million, including four that surpassed $200 million. Age of Ultron will earn more than the combined totals of Maleficent, last month's winner, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, which placed second for the month. I am a little concerned about the lack of depth this month and this could cause May to lose in the month-over-month comparison in the end. More...

Box Office
Box Office
11/3/2017 Thor: Ragnarok Thor    $0 $0  
7/22/2016 Ghostbusters     $0 $0  
4/22/2016 The Huntsman     $0 $0  
12/11/2015 In Heart of the Sea     $0 $0  
7/31/2015 Vacation     $0 $0  
5/1/2015 The Avengers: Age of Ultron Thor  $191,271,109 $452,474,193 $1,379,942,719 $250,000,000
1/16/2015 Blackhat Nicholas Hathaway  $3,901,815 $7,889,395 $19,227,505 $70,000,000
12/31/2014 Doc Savage     $0 $0  
11/8/2013 Thor: The Dark World Thor  $85,737,841 $206,360,018 $633,360,018 $150,000,000
9/20/2013 Rush James Hunt  $187,289 $26,947,624 $98,230,839 $38,000,000
11/21/2012 Red Dawn Jed Eckert  $14,276,668 $44,806,783 $48,164,150 $65,000,000
6/1/2012 Snow White and the Huntsman Huntsman  $56,217,700 $155,136,755 $401,011,884 $170,000,000
5/4/2012 The Avengers Thor  $207,438,708 $623,279,547 $1,519,479,547 $225,000,000
4/13/2012 The Cabin in the Woods Curt  $14,743,614 $42,073,277 $70,768,144 $30,000,000
5/6/2011 Thor Thor  $65,723,338 $181,030,624 $449,326,618 $150,000,000
3/26/2010 Ca$h Sam Phelan  $16,469 $46,488 $46,488 $7,000,000
8/7/2009 A Perfect Getaway Kale  $5,948,555 $15,515,460 $22,815,460 $14,000,000
5/8/2009 Star Trek George Kirk  $79,204,289 $257,730,019 $385,680,446 $140,000,000
Movies: 18Totals: $2,013,290,183$5,028,053,818