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Box Office History for Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

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Release DateMovieProduction
Box Office
Box Office
May 2, 2008 Iron Man $186,000,000 $102,118,668 $318,604,126 $585,171,547  
Jun 13, 2008 The Incredible Hulk $137,500,000 $55,414,050 $134,806,913 $265,573,859  
May 7, 2010 Iron Man 2 $170,000,000 $128,122,480 $312,433,331 $621,156,389 Play
May 6, 2011 Thor $150,000,000 $65,723,338 $181,030,624 $449,326,618 Play
Jul 22, 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger $140,000,000 $65,058,524 $176,654,505 $370,569,776 Play
May 4, 2012 The Avengers $225,000,000 $207,438,708 $623,279,547 $1,519,479,547 Play
May 3, 2013 Iron Man 3 $200,000,000 $174,144,585 $408,992,272 $1,215,392,272 Play
Nov 8, 2013 Thor: The Dark World $150,000,000 $85,737,841 $206,362,140 $644,602,516 Play
Apr 4, 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $170,000,000 $95,023,721 $259,746,958 $714,401,889 Play
Aug 1, 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy $170,000,000 $94,320,883 $333,172,112 $771,051,335 Play
May 1, 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron $330,600,000 $191,271,109 $459,005,868 $1,408,218,722 Play
Jul 17, 2015 Ant-Man $130,000,000 $57,225,526 $180,202,163 $519,338,048 Play
May 6, 2016 Captain America: Civil War $250,000,000 $179,139,142 $408,084,349 $1,153,304,495 Play
Nov 4, 2016 Doctor Strange $165,000,000 $85,058,311 $232,641,920 $677,541,920 Play
May 5, 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 $200,000,000 $146,510,104 $389,813,101 $863,197,744 Play
Jul 7, 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming $175,000,000 $117,027,503 $334,201,140 $880,206,511 Play
Nov 3, 2017 Thor: Ragnarok $180,000,000 $122,744,989 $314,622,124 $850,217,247 Play
Feb 16, 2018 Black Panther $200,000,000 $192,023,000 $218,200,000 $387,200,000 Play
May 4, 2018 Avengers: Infinity War     $0 $0 Play
Jul 6, 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp     $0 $0  
Mar 8, 2019 Captain Marvel     $0 $0  
May 3, 2019 Untitled Avengers Movie     $0 $0  
Jul 5, 2019 Spider-Man: Homecoming 2     $0 $0  
 Totals$3,329,100,000 $5,491,853,193$13,895,950,435 
Release DateMovieDomestic
DVD Sales
Blu-ray Sales
Total Domestic
Video Sales
Sep 30, 2008 Iron Man $182,221,201 $14,178,404 $196,399,605
Oct 21, 2008 The Incredible Hulk $69,093,457 $6,194,707 $75,288,164
Sep 28, 2010 Iron Man 2 $122,727,783 $55,102,648 $177,830,431
Sep 13, 2011 Thor $40,286,733 $42,312,231 $82,598,964
Oct 25, 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger $48,367,711 $68,210,230 $116,577,941
Sep 25, 2012 The Avengers $115,314,098 $119,972,571 $235,286,669
Sep 24, 2013 Iron Man 3 $25,338,875 $56,968,158 $82,307,033
Feb 25, 2014 Thor: The Dark World $38,634,353 $39,815,844 $78,450,197
Sep 9, 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $30,534,900 $38,807,933 $69,342,833
Dec 9, 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy $57,300,028 $82,981,755 $140,281,783
Sep 8, 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron $29,972,512 $50,756,283 $80,728,795
Nov 17, 2015 Ant-Man $28,774,756 $37,288,478 $66,063,234
Sep 13, 2016 Captain America: Civil War $20,661,742 $55,260,411 $75,922,153
Feb 14, 2017 Doctor Strange $9,510,008 $35,041,331 $44,551,339
Aug 8, 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 $13,433,521 $51,766,038 $65,199,559
Sep 26, 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming $10,578,260 $36,996,489 $47,574,749

Our DVD and Blu-ray sales estimates are based on weekly retail surveys, which we use to build a weekly market share estimate for each title we are tracking. The market share is converted into a weekly sales estimate based on industry reports on the overall size of the market, including reports published in Home Media Magazine.

For example, if our weekly retail survey estimates that a particular title sold 1% of all units that week, and the industry reports sales of 1,500,000 units in total, we will estimate 15,000 units were sold of that title. The consumer spending estimate is based on the average sales price for the title in the retailers we survey.

We refine our estimates from week to week as more data becomes available. In particular, we adjust weekly sales figures for the quarter once the total market estimates are published by the Digital Entertainment Group. Figures will therefore fluctuate each week, and totals for individual titles can go up or down as we update our estimates.

Because sales figures are estimated based on sampling, they will be more accurate for higher-selling titles.

Analysis: What Gives a Marvel Movie Legs?

February 18th, 2018

Black Panther

Black Panther is currently eating up the charts, with a projected $218 million 4-day opening. The film is tracking for the second- or third-best opening weekend for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, so its status as a hit is practically confirmed, even if it ends up having the worst multiplier in MCU history. That said, and despite having 17 previous films in the series, the patterns for what gives an MCU film good legs or not is hard to pin down. 

Weekend Estimates: Black Panther Powers to $218 Million Long Weekend

February 18th, 2018

Black Panther

Black Panther is riding a waving of positive feedback all the way to record territory this weekend, with Disney projecting a $192 million three-day, and $218 million four-day weekend, as of Sunday morning. That gives the film three outright records right off the bat: biggest weekend in February, biggest three-day Presidents Day weekend, and biggest four-day Presidents Day weekend. In each case, the film is topping the jaw-dropping-at-the-time opening of Deadpool in 2016. More...

Thursday Night Previews: Deadpool is no Match for Black Panther and Wakandan Might

February 16th, 2018

Black Panther

I tried to remain cautious in the face of the overwhelming hype surrounding the release of Black Panther. This could be a mistake. It started its domestic box office run with $25.2 million in previews on Thursday, which crushed the $12.7 million Deadpool earned during the beginning of its record-breaking debut weekend. Not only is this the best previews for a Presidents Day debut, it is the best pre-summer preview, topping The Hunger Games’s $19.7 million. It is also the second best for the MCU, just ahead of Civil War’s $25 million mark, and just behind Age of Ultron’s result of $27.6 million. The film’s 97% positive reviews suggest it will have long legs; however, as we’ve seen time and time again, even Award-worthy reviews are almost never a match for an extreme Fanboy Effect. That said, this result is way above the $20 million I was expecting and a $200 million four-day debut is now more likely than not. More...

Weekend Predictions: Black Panther is About to Bring In a Lot of Green

February 15th, 2018

Black Panther

It’s Presidents Day long weekend and there are two-and-a-half films trying to take advantage of the holiday with wide releases. However, the only film opening this weekend that people are actually talking about is Black Panther. This film is earning more buzz than any film opening until Infinity War and is widely expected to break records. Early Man’s reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, but it is just hoping to reach the top five. Finally, there’s Samson, which is only opening semi-wide. This weekend last year was the weekend after Presidents Day long weekend, so it is not a fair comparison and 2018 will crush 2017. Compared to Presidents Day of last year, 2018 will still crush the competition. More...

2018 Preview: February

February 1st, 2018

Black Panther

2018 got off to a good start and January more or less held its ground when compared to 2017. There were some misses, but surprise holdovers made up the difference. Looking forward, February will be dominated by Black Panther. In fact, it will very likely make more during its opening weekend than the second place film, Fifty Shades Freed, will likely make in total. Black Panther likely won’t break records, but it could come close, while Fifty Shade Freed and Peter Rabbit both have a 50/50 shot at $100 million. Last February, The Lego Batman Movie both earned $175 million, while Fifty Shades Darker earned over $100 million. Black Panther will easily beat any film from last February; in fact, it could earn more than the top two films earned combined. As long as the rest of the box office isn’t a complete disaster, February should help 2018 earn a significant edge over 2017 in the year-over-year comparisons. More...

2017 Box Office Totals: $11.09 billion Isn’t Enough

January 20th, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

NATO, the North American Theater Owners, have released their annual box office numbers, and 2017 had some mixed results. The total box office was down 2.55% to $11.09 billion, which is the third-biggest yearly box office total of all time, behind $11.12 billion earned in 2015 and $11.37 billion earned in 2016. Meanwhile, ticket prices rose 4% to $8.97. This means total attendance was 1.236 billion, the lowest since 1995. That is troubling, but not as apocalyptic as some have made it out to be, as it is only 2.7% lower than 2014’s attendance figure. Obviously, we would like to see increases in this figure every year, but we shouldn’t panic just yet. If 2018 bounces back, then we can still say the overall box office is healthy. If we see another 6-point drop in attendance in 2018, then we can panic. More...

2018 Preview: January

January 1st, 2018

Paddington 2

2017 wasn’t a good year. It started out well and ended on a high note, but the summer was a disaster and that proved to be too much for the rest of the year to overcome. Fortunately, The Last Jedi and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are still doing very well and will help January get off to a fast start. Unfortunately, the biggest new release of January is Paddington 2 and it isn’t expected to match its predecessor at the box office; it certainly won’t top $100 million domestically. It is unlikely any of the Oscar contenders will hit the century mark in January either. This is really bad news, as last January, we had a new release, Split and an Oscar contender, Hidden Figures, which both topped that milestone with ease. 2018 should get off to a faster start in the first two weeks, but overall, this month will end with a loss. More...

Weekend Estimates: Disaster Artist Hits, Just Getting Started Misses

December 10th, 2017


Coco remains the number one movie at the box office this weekend by a considerable margin, mainly due to a lack of serious competition from new releases. Disney’s animated adventure will gross about $18.3 million this weekend, for a domestic total of $135.5 million. The film will also pile up another $55.3 million internationally, taking its worldwide cume to $389.5 million. It still has some big openings to come, including Brazil, Korea, the UK, and Japan in January, so it has some way to go, although its progress will be eclipsed by The Last Jedi for the next few weeks. More...

International Box Office: Coco Catapults into First Place with $69.0 million

December 6th, 2017


Coco climbed into first place with $69.0 million in 33 markets for totals of $171.3 million internationally and $281.4 million worldwide. The film opened in a trio of major markets in Europe, earning first place in all three. France led the way with $5.2 million, $6.4 million including previews, while Spain ($2.8 million) and Germany ($2.0 million) were also strong results. It beat Moana’s opening in all three markets. The film grew 146% during its second weekend in China earning $44.17 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $75.79 million. The film is already the biggest Pixar hit in China and is in third place for Disney animated films, behind Zootopia and Big Hero 6.


Weekend Estimates: Coco Wins, Limited Releases on Fire

December 3rd, 2017


The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually when the studios take a breather before the big Christmas season, and this year is no different, with no new wide releases, and relatively minor shuffles on screen use at the theaters. It’s therefore little surprise that Coco holds on at the top of the chart, and its strong reviews and season-friendly nature help it to extend its lead over Justice League. Coco is headed towards $26.114 million this weekend, according to Disney, for $109 million or so to date. That’s down 49% from last weekend. Justice League, meanwhile, drops a more troubling 60% to $16.58 million, for $197 million after three weekends.

More exciting action lies among the limited and expanding releases, however… More...

International Box Office: Justice League Plummets, Still Grabs First with in $71.5 million

November 29th, 2017

Justice League

Justice League plummeted more than 60% to $71.5 million on 32,800 screens in 66 markets for two week totals of $310.98 million internationally and $482.88 million worldwide. It’s only major opening came in Japan, where it earned first place with $3.85 million on 645 screens. This is ahead of Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok, so the movie is keeping its dreams of $800 million worldwide alive. It really needs that much to break even any time soon. Its biggest holdover was China, where it fell 68% to $16.36 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $84.17 million. It should be able to get to the century mark there, which will be reason to celebrate. It remained in first place in Brazil with $5.4 million on 1,617 screens for a two-week total of $24.8 million. More...

Weekend Estimates: Coco Gives Disney Another Thanksgiving Win

November 26th, 2017

Coco Coco will easily top the box office chart this Thanksgiving weekend, with Disney projecting a $71 million 5-day opening, including $49 million from Friday to Sunday. That’s the fourth-best Thanksgiving opening of all time, behind Frozen ($94 million), Moana ($82 million), and Toy Story 2 ($80 million). In all, Disney lays claim to 10 of the top 11 opening weekend’s over this holiday period, although, to be fair, the Hunger Games and Harry Potter franchises both claim several spots in the higher reaches of the Thanksgiving weekend record chart, but were just playing in their second weekend, rather than opening.

Nit-picking aside, it’s a great weekend for Coco. More...

2017 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part I - First-Run Releases and Franchise Box Sets

November 23rd, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

It's Thanksgiving weekend, which means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course the first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide. This week we will tackle first run releases, and normally franchise box sets as well, but this year none jump out as essential additions to the Holiday Gift guide. Worse still, 2017 has been awful at the box office with potential blockbuster after potential blockbuster getting savaged by critics and struggling at the box office. Additionally, some of the biggest and some of the best have been on the home market for nearly half a year, meaning nearly everyone who would want them, already own them. That doesn’t mean there are no films worth adding to this list, but the list is a little shorter than usual. On a side note, two of the films on this year’s list are from the MCU and it would have been three, but Thor: Ragnarok is still in theaters. If you know someone who loves the MCU, but has all of the movies, then check out this site, which has some more unique gift ideas. I specifically like the Spider-man Drone. More...

International Box Office: Justice League pulls in $184.95 million During Opening Weekend

November 22nd, 2017

Justice League

Justice League easily won the weekend race on the international chart with a total opening of $184.95 million on 47,000 screens in 65 markets. Its biggest market was China, where it opened with $50.58 million over the weekend for a total opening of $51.89 million. Its best market was Brazil, where it earned $14.2 million on 1,580 screens, which is the biggest all-time opening in that market. In most major markets, the film opened above Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. For example, the film earned $9.6 million in Mexico, compared to $8.22 million for Wonder Woman and $7.34 million for Thor: Ragnarok. It wasn’t as impressive in every market. For example, it only managed $9.67 million during its first place opening in the U.K., which is equivalent to a little more than $50 million here. The film opens in Japan this weekend, but it will need good legs to pay for its $300 million production budget. More...

Weekend Estimates: How Much Trouble Does a $96 Million Opening Spell for the DCEU?

November 19th, 2017

Justice League

Justice League was meant to the be the big pay-off for the first phase of the DC Extended Universe, bringing together the characters introduced in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman, and setting the stage for next year’s Aquaman. The huge success of Wonder Woman this Summer seemed to be just the kick the franchise needed, and, given the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which enjoyed steadily building success leading up to the gigantic opening of The Avengers, an opening north of $150 million, and maybe even approaching $200 million seemed a possibility a couple of months ago. In that context, the $96 million projected weekend announced by Warner Bros. this morning looks like a huge disappointment. What does it mean for the franchise? More...

International Box Office: Thor Threepeats with $75.9 million and Overtakes The Dark World

November 15th, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

For the third weekend in a row, Thor: Ragnarok dominated the international chart, earning $75.9 million in 56 markets for totals of $438.5 internationally and $650.6 million worldwide. The film fell 59% during its second weekend in China, but this is actually much better than average for the market. It added $21.71 million this past weekend, pushing its running tally to $95.51 million after just two weeks of release in that market. The film held up even better in the U.K., where it dipped just 33% to $4.05 million in 569 theaters for a three-week total of $34.07 million. Its next biggest international market was South Korea, where it has earned $31.07 million, including $3.53 million on 856 screens this past weekend. The film already has more worldwide than either of the previous Thor films earned in total. It has entered the top ten in the MCU and it is on pace to enter the top five on that chart before its done. More...

Weekend Estimates: Daddies Sneak into Second Place; Thor Solid in Second Week

November 12th, 2017

Daddy’s Home 2

Thor: Ragnarok maintains a firm hold on top spot at the domestic and international box office this weekend, with a respectable decline of 54% at home taking it to $56.6 million for the weekend and $211.6 million to date. With another $75.9 million internationally, for a total of $438.5 million overseas, Ragnarok will pass $650 million worldwide today. That makes it the most successful Thor film already, and it seems like it should retain decent traction into the holidays, even with Justice League coming out next weekend. More...

Weekend Predictions: Thor Looks to Dominate Newcomers

November 9th, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

After last week’s debut, Thor: Ragnarok should have no trouble repeating in first place, but we do have two new releases that should be in a battle for second. Murder on the Orient Express had a strong opening in the U.K. and that bodes well for its opening this weekend. On the other hand, Daddy’s Home 2’s box office potential is moving in the other direction. As I started writing this, there were still no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. This weekend last year, Doctor Strange led the way with $42.97 million. Thor: Ragnarok should top that by around $10 million. Likewise, this week’s new releases should top last year’s new releases. However, last year had a lot better depth. Last year, every film in the top ten earned more than $3 million. This year, I’m not sure the fifth place film will earn more than $3 million. I fear 2017 will lose yet again in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Weekend Estimates: Thor Ragna-roks the Box Office

November 5th, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok continues a remarkable record for the Marvel Cinematic Universe this weekend by posting a $121 million opening weekend, according to Disney’s Sunday morning estimate. That’s a significant increase from the $85.7 million of Thor: Dark World, and means that each sub-franchise based on an individual character has had increasing open box office from film to film: Iron Man’s openings went from $102 million, to $128 million, to $174 million; Captain America went $65 million, $95 million, $179 million; and now Thor has gone $65 million, $86 million, and $121 million. More...

Theater Counts: Thor’s Four Thousand

November 2nd, 2017


After a dismal end to the summer, Disney will attempt to come to the industry’s rescue with three blockbuster releases in the coming two months: Coco for Thanksgiving, The Last Jedi for Christmas, and, this weekend, Thor: Ragnarok. The Thor sub-franchise has been the weakest link in the Marvel Universe so far, but this outing is getting stellar reviews, and by coming after a seemingly-endless succession of horror movies in September and October, seems well timed. It’ll launch in 4,080 theaters, which is a little more than The Dark World’s 3,841 debut, but quite a bit less than the 4,226 opening-theater count enjoyed by Captain America: Civil War. An opening over $100 million seems assured, but how much over remains an open question. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Thor Rule, or is it the End of World for the Box Office?

November 2nd, 2017


November begins with Thor: Ragnarok and A Bad Moms Christmas. Thor: Ragnarok is widely expected to be the sixth film of 2017 to open with $100 million. On the other hand, A Bad Moms Christmas opened yesterday and when I started writing this in the early hours of Thursday morning, there were still no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Oh boy. That’s not a good sign. Worse still, no other new release it going to come close to $10 million over the weekend. This weekend last year, there were three wide releases that earned more than $10 million, led by Doctor Strange with $85 million. Thor: Ragnarok will top that, but this year's depth is terrible compared to last year and we will very likely see yet another loss in the year-over-year comparison. More...

2017 Preview: November

November 1st, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

October wasn’t a good month; then again, outside of a few bright spots, the overall box office has been a disaster since early summer. I would love to say November will turn things around, but, while it should be better, in this case “better” is a relative term. There are two films on this list with a chance at $300 million, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League, while Coco is nearly a guarantee for $200 million. By comparison, last November had a similar result with three films earning between $200 million and $300 million, but none topping that figure. This means, if Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League both get to that milestone, then 2017 could cut into 2016’s lead during the month. It will still take a minor miracle for 2017 to catch up in the end, but just cutting the lead in half by the end of December would be a reason to celebrate at this point. More...

Theater Counts: Jigsaw Has Halloween, But Thor Looms Large

October 26th, 2017


Although technically this isn’t Halloween weekend, it looks like we’re going to celebrate it early this year, judging by the line-up of films playing in theaters. Jigsaw joins the throng this weekend, and is the widest new release, playing in 2,941 theaters. That’s not a huge amount, to be honest, but its path into theaters is blocked by a plethora of horror alternatives: Happy Death Day adds 233 new theaters, and is the widest release playing at the moment, with 3,531 locations in total; It is still showing in 2,538 movie houses; and, if your taste runs towards lighter fare, Boo! 2 is available in 2,388 theaters this weekend. More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

October 23rd, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It was a terrible summer at the box office, but Spider-Man: Homecoming was one of the few bright spots. It was one of three films to cross $300 million domestically and has a slim shot at finishing in the top five for the year. Does it deserve this success? Or did it thrive just because it’s part of the MCU? More...

The Numbers Turns 20: Database Census Report

October 19th, 2017

The Numbers

The Numbers celebrates is 20th anniversary this week and as we previously stated, the site has grown a lot over those 20 years. How big has it grown? Let’s look at some of the stats. More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Wonder Woman

October 8th, 2017

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the fourth film in the DCEU and apparently it is one of the last. (Warner Bros. recently came out and said they would be focusing on individual stories and downplaying the overall continuity for a while. Smart move.) Wonder Woman broke a number of records during its box office run, including biggest box office hit for a female director, biggest super hero original movie, etc. and in the end, it was the biggest domestic hit of the summer. Did it deserve this success? Or was it only good compared to the previous installments in the DCEU? More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

August 20th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was the second biggest hit of the summer and the third biggest hit of 2017 so far. It is also part of the MCU and there hasn’t been a truly bad movie in the MCU so far. Spoiler alert: This movie doesn’t break the winning streak. However, it could be a really good movie and still not live up to the original. Is that the case? Or can Vol 2 outshine the first installment? More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: War Goes Well for Apes Earning $56.26 million

July 18th, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes

The weekend box office chart didn’t hold a lot of surprises. War for the Planet of the Apes earned first place with a slightly better than predicted result of $56.26 million, while most of the rest of our predictions were also close enough to be considered victories. Overall, the box office plummeted 21% from last weekend reaching $163 million. This was also a little lower than the same weekend last year. The emphasis is on “little”, as it only dropped by 0.062% or about $100,000. On its own, this would be nothing to worry about. However, 2017’s lead over 2016 has completely evaporated and the year is now 0.19% or $12 million behind last year’s pace at $6.21 billion to $6.22 billion. We’ve lost about $200 million this summer compared to last year and I don’t see that turning around any time soon. More...

Weekend Estimates: Apes Top Chart, Helped by Big Spider-Man Drop

July 16th, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes

A weekend estimate just ahead of our prediction for War for the Planet of the Apes, and a one just below our prediction for Spider-Man: Homecoming means there’s a clear winner at the box office. War will come in with $56.5 million, per Fox’s Sunday morning estimate, while Homecoming will finish second with $45.2 million. More...

Weekend Estimates: Spider-Man Comes Home to $117 Million Weekend

July 9th, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

A $117 million opening weekend is pretty much all Sony could ask for from Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s the second-best debut for the Spider-Man franchise, if you ignore the effects of inflation, and makes it almost certain that the franchise will break its unfortunate streak of earning less at the domestic box office with every new outing. With, reportedly, a more constrained budget—this is the least expensive Spider-Man film, adjusted for inflation—profitability looks assured, and Sony’s partnership with Disney looks as though it’s paying off. More...

Friday Estimates: Spider-Man has $50.5 million Reasons to Celebrate its Homecoming

July 8th, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming dominated the box office on Friday and in a pleasant surprise, it beat predictions with $50.5 million during its opening day. Its opening day vs. its previews is almost identical to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which would put the film on pace for $130 million over the weekend. Spider-Man: Homecoming did earn better reviews, while both movies earned a solid A from CinemaScore, and many more kids have no school on Monday compared to when Guardians debuted. All of this should help its legs. On the other hand, Homecoming could have a bigger Fanboy Effect, as Spider-Man is a much more established character. Because of that, I’m going to be a little more cautious and predict a $125 million opening weekend. This is still simply fantastic and the only downside is Sony and Disney have to work together to make this work in the long term. This is Sony’s second best domestic opening of all time. (Spider-Man 3 is the only one that beats it.) It could open with more than last year’s number one domestic hit for the studio, Ghostbusters, earned in total. Sony has a lot of reasons to work with Disney to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. More...

Weekend Estimates: Despicable Me’s Solid $75 Million Starts July 4 Holiday Week

July 2nd, 2017

Despicable Me 3

With July 4 falling on a Tuesday this year, this is less a holiday weekend, and more the beginning of a holiday week, and it’s bookended by new releases from two of the industry’s most reliable franchises. Despicable Me 3 starts off festivities this weekend with a solid-but-unspectacular $75.4 million from a record-setting 4,529 theaters. Breaking The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s record for widest opening weekend of all time is no small feat for Universal, but it’s an ominous sign for the franchise that the only film to open in close to this number of theaters and pull in similar numbers at the box office was Shrek Forever After, which opened with $70.8 million in 4,359 theaters back in 2010. That was the last Shrek movie, and this might be a good time for Gru to call it a day. More...

2017 Preview: July

July 1st, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

I hate it when the first of the month lands on a Saturday. By the time this story goes live, we will still have almost no box office data for Despicable Me 3, so we won’t know if June ended on a positive note. Fortunately, Wonder Woman beat expectations and might end up as the biggest hit of the summer, at least for a little while. July begins with Spider-Man: Homecoming, which should make at least $300 million and is the last film being released this summer that has a shot at being a $400 million hit domestically. It is very likely that nothing else this month will come within $100 million of that movie, so that could help its legs. There are a few potential $100 million hits, including War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, and a couple of other long shots. Last July had a similar feel with The Secret Life of Pets topping the list with well over $300 million, while there were five other $100 million hits. This July would have to beat expectations substantially to match this performance. I’m not confident 2017 will be able to maintain its pace at the box office. I’m worried at least one big film will struggled and 2017 will end the month behind 2016’s pace. More...

Weekend Estimates: Will International Earnings Be Enough to Save Last Knight?

June 25th, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

A tepid $45.3 million Friday-to-Sunday domestic weekend for Transformers: The Last Knight is pretty much unmitigated bad news for Paramount Pictures. The studio is in desperate need of a hit, and the Transformers franchise is by far their biggest property. Even including the film’s grosses from Wednesday and Thursday, its $69 million debut is barely in the top ten for the year so far, and poor reviews and a B+ CinemaScore mean that it won’t have significant legs, even with a bit of help from the upcoming July 4 weekend. So all eyes are going to be on its overseas performance. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will The Last Knight Transformer Paramount’s Predicament?

June 21st, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

We have early predictions this week, as Transformers: The Last Knight is out in theaters on Wednesday. (We will get to the holdovers at the regular time.) The Last Knight has to be a monster hit, because the studio, Paramount, is in a slump the likes of which you rarely see. The last time they had a $200 million hit domestically was the last Transformer movie to hit theaters. The last time they had more than a 10% share of the box office was the last time they had the distribution rights to some of the MCU movies. Speaking of combined universes, The Last Knight is supposed to be the creation of a new Hasbro Combined Universe with this franchise and G.I. Joe being the heart of the new universe. This could fail for the same reasons The Mummy failed to jump start the Dark Universe franchise. Namely, the reviews are terrible and audiences are tired of combined universes being forced instead of growing organically. More...

Weekend Estimates: Cars 3 Has Fast Opening Lap

June 17th, 2017

Cars 3

As anticipated, Cars 3 is cruising to the top of the box office chart this weekend, with Disney predicting a weekend of $53.547 million, as of Sunday morning. While that’s a very respectable figure in anyone’s book (and continues Disney’s domination at the box office this year), it’s down markedly from Cars 2’s $66.1 million opening weekend in 2011, and points towards a final domestic box office around $150 million. If that proves to be the case, it’ll be the second-worst performer ever for Pixar, beating only The Good Dinosaur. Talk of a decline at Pixar is over-blown, in my opinion, but this is still a so-so result by their high standards. More...

Friday Estimates: Cars Doesn’t Burn up the Track, Still Wins Friday with $19.5 million

June 17th, 2017

Cars 3

As expected, Cars 3 earned first place on Friday, but it was a little more subdued than expected, with just $19.5 million for the day. This is a higher opening day than The Lego Batman Movie managed, but family films have a much higher internal multiplier outside of summer, because kids won’t be able to see the movie during matinees on the Friday. If it has the same internal multiplier as Finding Dory had, it would open with $48 million. While Cars 3’s reviews are not as good, it earned an A from CinemaScore, the same as Dory did. Furthermore, Cars 3 is being seen much more by kids than Dory was, as that film had a larger share of adult animation fans, so this should also help its legs. It won’t match our prediction of $58 million, but $51 million is still a great result. More...

Weekend Estimates: Mummy’s $32 Million Debut No Match for Wonder Woman

June 11th, 2017

The Mummy

There are precious few crumbs of comfort to be found from Universal’s launch of The Mummy this weekend. The studio is projecting a $32.2 million opening this weekend from 4,035 theaters. That will be a fairly distant second to Wonder Woman, which is expected to earn about $57.1 million. Even the bright news—that this is Tom Cruise’s biggest global opening weekend—comes with an asterisk. More...

Friday Estimates: Wonder Woman Wows Again with $15.8 million

June 10th, 2017

Wonder Woman

At the beginning of the month, I assumed this weekend would be a close race between Wonder Woman and The Mummy. I assumed The Mummy would at least win on Friday, but that’s not the case, as Wonder Woman remains the number one box office draw. The film earned $15.8 million on Friday, which is 59% lower than its opening Friday. It should bounce back on Saturday and finish the weekend with $53 million, which is just a 49% sophomore stint drop-off. A super hero movie falling less than 50% during its second weekend of release is simply stunning. Granted, its reviews are among the best of the year, so having better than average legs was expect. That said, a 49% drop-off is still an amazing performance and should lead to more than a few movie executives to look for ways to copy its success. More...

Weekend Predictions: Can Mummy Bury the Competition?

June 8th, 2017

The Mummy

Last weekend was a great one at the box office with Wonder Woman earning over $100 million during its opening. This weekend isn’t expected to be nearly as potent. The biggest new release is The Mummy, which is supposed to be the start of the Dark Universe, but its reviews suggest this combined universe will be short-lived. It Comes At Night could become A24’s biggest hit, although that’s not a particularly high bar. Finally there’s Megan Leavey. It isn’t expected to open truly wide, but it only needs about $2 million to reach the top ten. This weekend last year was similar in terms of box office strength. The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist led the way with barely more than $40 million, while there were two other new releases to top $20 million. This year’s crop of new films is nowhere near as good as that; however, the holdovers should make up the difference leaving 2017 ahead in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Weekend Estimates: Time for Pirates to Sail into the Sunset?

May 28th, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is dominating proceedings at the box office this weekend, with Disney projecting an opening of $62.2 million for three days, and $76.6 million over the complete Memorial Day holiday weekend. As I’ve said a few times this year, any other studio would kill for numbers like those, but this marks the third straight decline in the franchise’s fortunes. Dead Man’s Chest had the best opening for any Pirates film, with $135.6 million in 2006; At World’s End did $114.7 million over Memorial Day weekend in 2007; and then On Stranger Tides delivered a $90.2-million debut, also over Memorial Day weekend in 2011. With this kind of start, Dead Men will struggle to deliver $200 million domestically, although its international performance will help make up the numbers. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will New Releases Make a Splash, or are They Dead in the Water?

May 25th, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It’s Memorial Day long weekend, which is historically one of the best long weekends at the box office all year. However, this year the two new releases are far from the best. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has the worst reviews in the franchise and its domestic box office will likely be the same. Sadly, Baywatch’s reviews are even worse. That said, they should still finish one-two over the weekend, while Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will be in a race for third place. It likely won’t be close. Meanwhile, this weekend last year, X-Men: Apocalypse and Alice Through the Looking Glass opened one-two during the weekend with results that are similar to what Dead Men Tell No Tales / Baywatch are expected to make. I don’t know if 2017 will win in the year-over-year comparison, but it should be close. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Aliens Crash, but Still Top Chart with $36.16 million

May 23rd, 2017

Alien: Covenant

As expected, Alien: Covenant earned first place on the weekend box office chart. However, it had a strange journey there. Everything, Everything earned more during its opening weekend than it cost to make, which is great news for the studio. On the other hand, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul will be the last entry in this franchise for a long time. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 became only the second film released in 2017 to hit $300 million domestically. Unfortunately, the good news didn’t outweigh the bad news and the overall box office fell 10% from last weekend to $122 million. Compared to last year, the weekend box office was 11% lower. Fortunately, 2017 still has a $130 million lead over 2016 at $4.23 billion to $4.10 billion, so there’s no reason to panic. More...

Friday Estimates: Aliens Dominate Friday with $15.35 million, Everything’s Okay, Wimpy Not so Much

May 20th, 2017

Alien: Covenant

As expected, Alien: Covenant earned first place on Friday’s box office chart. This is a little better than originally predicted, but in line with our adjustment after Thursday’s previews. Unfortunately, it is not all good news. The reviews are 73% positive, which is good, but it only managed a B from CinemaScore, which is low enough to hurt its legs. We’re still going with just over $40 million over the weekend and over $100 million in total, but this might not be enough to be a real financial success. More...

Weekend Predictions: Can Aliens Invade First Place?

May 18th, 2017

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is looking to unseat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 for top spot on the box office chart this weekend. Meanwhile, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul and Everything, Everything are just trying to survive in counter-programming roles. The prognosis for those two is mixed. Meanwhile, this weekend last year, there were five films that earned more than $10 million over the weekend. This year, there might be only two. Hopefully the new releases aren’t that bad, while the holdovers don’t completely collapse. If this happens, 2017 could win in the year-over-year comparison for the second weekend in a row. If not, then 2017's winning streak will end at one. More...

International Box Office: Guardians Completes the Hat Trick with $52.2 million

May 17th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

For the third weekend in a row, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 led the international box office chart, earning $52.2 million in 56 markets for totals of $384.4 million internationally and $632.8 million worldwide. This pushes it into seventh place on the MCU chart. The film opened in second place in Japan, where it pulled in $3.0 million, which is 15% better than the original Guardians of the Galaxy did. On the downside, this is the film’s last market to open in, so it will be coasting on holdovers from now on. Speaking of holdovers, the film’s biggest market is China, where it added $15.16 million over the weekend for a total of $80.56 million. This is the film’s biggest single market and it could hit $100 million there shortly. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Guardians Matches Original’s Hold Earning $65.26 million

May 16th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

As expected, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 crushed the competition this weekend earning more than Snatched and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’s combined openings. However, it held on better than expected down 55% to $65.26 million. The overall box office still fell by 30% from last weekend to $136 million. This is 3.8% higher than the same weekend last year. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 held on better than Captain America: Civil War did during its sophomore stint, but it was strong depth that helped 2017 win the year-over-year comparison. It didn’t win by much, so the overall lead still shrunk to 3.4% at $4.07 billion to $3.93 billion, but any lead is good news. More...

Weekend Estimates: Second Place Snatched from King Arthur

May 14th, 2017


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has proved to be a costly bet gone wrong for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow. The film had a long gestation period, and ended up costing $175 million to make. Once another $100 million or so of marketing is added in, that makes for a target of at least $550 million at the global box office before anyone starts recouping anything from the film. A domestic opening of $14.7 million, and $29.1 million overseas, makes that a laughably-distant prospect. Adding to the embarrassment, King Arthur will start out in third place, behind Mothers Day-play Snatched, and even that film isn’t doing particularly well, when all is said and done. More...

Weekend Predictions: Can the New Releases Snatch Victory Away from Guardians?

May 11th, 2017


There are two wide releases coming out this week, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Snatched. However, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will likely destroy them at the box office. The real question is whether or not the top three films this year will out-earn the three films from this weekend last year. At the beginning of the month, I thought that would happen, but now I’m not so sure. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 missed expectations last weekend and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Snatched haven’t seen their buzz grow like most new releases do. I don’t think 2017 will get crushed like it did last weekend, but I also don’t think it will end its mini-losing streak either. More...

International Box Office: Guardians Protect the Globe for Another Weekend with $123.8 million

May 11th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 remained in first place on the international chart with $123.8 million in 55 markets for totals of $282.6 million internationally and $429.1 million worldwide. The film is already ahead of the worldwide totals of a couple of MCU alumni, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger. The film opened in first place in a trio of major markets this past weekend: China, South Korea, and Russia. Its biggest opening came in China, no surprise there, where it earned $48.56 million over the weekend for a total opening of $49.47 million, including limited previews. It earned $12.79 million in 1,370 screens over the weekend in Russia. The film earned $6.92 million on 1,218 screens in South Korea over the weekend for a total opening of $13.20 million. In each of these markets, Vol 2 showed strong growth compared to the original Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, Vol 2 earned more during its opening weekend than the original earned in total ($11.0 million). At this pace, the film will have no trouble matching the original worldwide and its legs will determine if it can reach $1 billion. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Galaxy gets the Summer Going with $146.51 million

May 8th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

For the eighth year in a row, a Marvel movie started the summer blockbuster season. This time around, it was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which earned $146.51 million, or roughly 75% of the total weekend box office of $194 million. That figure is nearly double the box office from last week, an increase of 97%, to be more precise. Unfortunately, this is also 19% lower than the same weekend last year when Captain America: Civil War dominated the chart. 2017 is still ahead of 2016, but the gap has narrowed to 4.5% at $3.88 billion to $3.71 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Guardians Posts Marvelous $145 Million Debut

May 7th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

It’s the first weekend in May, and that means it’s time for another installment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two years ago Avengers: Age of Ultron blasted out the gates with $191 million. Last year, Captain America: Civil War debuted with $179 million. And now, this weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will launch with a shade over $145 million, according to Disney’s Sunday morning estimate. The steady decline in opening numbers for those three films raises a few questions about the long-term future of the franchise, but there is no universe in which $145 million isn’t a great performance. More...

Friday Estimates: Galaxy Doesn’t Shine as Bright, but Still Earns $56.26 million

May 6th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

As expected, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 dominated the box office chart on Friday. However, it didn’t do quite as well as we predicted with $56.26 million. It would have needed north of $60 million to get to $156 million over the weekend. Its reviews are fantastic, the best in the top ten by quite a margin, while it earned an A from CinemaScore, so it should have solid legs over the weekend. On the other hand, it is a sequel and those tend to be more front-loaded, so look for $138 million over the weekend. It is still very early, but the film appears to be on pace for $350 million domestically and close to $900 million worldwide. This is clearly a monster hit, even if it is not quite as large as anticipated. To put it in perspective, it is the sixth best May opening of all time, so there's plenty of reasons to celebrate this debut. On a side note, four of the five films ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on that list are from the MCU. The lone exception is Spider-Man 3. Marvel owns May. More...

Weekend Predictions: Guarding the Box Office against Civil War

May 4th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The summer blockbuster season unofficially begins this weekend with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. There are no other films opening wide this week, so it will dominate the chart like few films are able to. In fact, the film’s only real competition is Captain America: Civil War, which opened this weekend last year. There’s very little chance Vol 2 will start as fast as Civil War started, but it could have better legs. I think 2017 will lose the year-over-year comparison this weekend, but the rest of the month should be better. More...

2017 Preview: May

May 1st, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

April is over and thank god for that. The Fate of the Furious is currently the only film that was better than a midlevel hit, while Going in Style might end up being the second-biggest release of the month. On the low end, there were seven films on last month’s list that didn’t even manage to open in truly wide release (2,000 or more theaters). Fortunately, May looks a lot brighter. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 should dominate the chart and get the month off to a fast start. Furthermore, every week there’s at least one film with a reasonable chance of earning $100 million domestically. Additionally, last May wasn’t particularly strong, so that should help 2017 overall. Granted, Captain America: Civil War earned more than $400 million, so the month got off to a fast start, but films struggled the rest of the way. The second-biggest film was X-Men: Apocalypse at just $155 million, while only one other movie, The Angry Birds Movie, earned more than $100 million. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 should at least be competitive with Captain America: Civil War, allowing 2017 to win thanks to its superior depth. More...

International Box Office: Furious Fast Start Leads to a Quick Fall with $158.1 million

April 26th, 2017

The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious is living fast, but plummeting just as fast down 64% to $158.1 million on 19,757 screens in 65 territories for totals of $745.03 million internationally and $908.34 million worldwide. The film is now the biggest hit of 2017 on the international chart and is behind only Beauty and the Beast on the 2017 worldwide chart. The film’s biggest opening of the past weekend came in Poland where it earned $2.7 million on 187 screens, which is the best opening for the Fast and the Furious franchise in that market. Its biggest market overall continues to be China, where it added $55.28 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $321.65 million. The is the second biggest box office for a Hollywood release in China, behind only Furious 7, which earned $390.87 million there. More...

Friday Estimates: Beast Knocks Out Kong with $63.79 million

March 18th, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

As expected, Beauty and the Beast earned first place on Friday. Its performance was a little better than expected, with Disney’s movie earning $63.79 million. To put this into perspective, this is more than Kong: Skull Island earned during its opening weekend. There are some confusing elements to deal with. Firstly, the reviews improved to 71% positive, which is still lower than anticipated, but good enough to not hurt the film’s legs. Additionally, it earned a solid A from CinemaScore. Strangely, the demographics changed, with women representing 72% of Friday’s audiences. That’s up from just under 60% during Thursday’s previews and a lot of times it goes in the other direction. So what does this mean for the future? The film just needs an internal multiplier above 2.6 to become the biggest March opening of all time. That seems very likely at this point. In fact, anything less than $175 million will be seen as a little disappointing. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Kong be King of the Box Office?

March 9th, 2017

Kong: Skull Island

There’s only one new release this week, Kong: Skull Island, which should earn first place on the box office chart. Probably. Logan isn’t too far back as far as box office tracking and might repeat in first place. In order to do this, Logan would either have to hold on a lot better than most comic book movies do and / or Kong would have to miss expectations. This weekend last year, there were four wide releases; however, they only managed a little more than $35 million combined. Kong: Skull Island should top that with ease and that’s good news for 2017. Unfortunately, Zootopia earned more than $50 million and that will likely be out of reach for Kong, so 2017 will need to rely on its depth to win in the year-over-year competition. I’m optimistic that will happen. More...

Home Market Releases for February 28th, 2017

February 28th, 2017


It is not a particularly long list of new releases this week, but there are several that are must haves. This includes Doctor Strange, which was named Pick of the Week last week. Other contenders for that title include The Gate on Blu-ray, The Raid: Collection on Blu-ray, and Moonlight on Blu-ray. In the end, it wasn’t too hard to select Moonlight as Pick of the Week. However, The Gate does earn Puck of the Week for Best Canadian Release. More...

Home Market Releases for February 21st, 2017

February 21st, 2017

Doctor Strange

Did you know Oscars are being handed out next week? If you didn’t already know that, you would be able to figure that out, as there are five major Oscar nominees on this week’s list. Two of those, Jackie and Moana, are VOD releases, so that limits the choices for Pick of the Week. In fact, only Manchester by the Sea was a contender for Pick of the Week. Unfortunately for that film, I got to the review for Doctor Strange a week early and I’m awarding it the Pick of the Week this week. It is out on VOD right now, but I would wait a week for the Blu-ray Combo Pack. More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Doctor Strange

February 20th, 2017


Doctor Strange was the first time that magic was really strongly introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and some thought the film was a bit of a risk as a result. Instead, the film became the second biggest introductory film in the MCU, behind only Guardians of the Galaxy. Is it as good as its box office numbers would suggest? Or has the MCU become self-sustaining generating hundreds of million of dollars regardless of quality? More...

Weekend Estimates: Rogue One Blasts Off with $155 Million

December 18th, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set for the second-biggest weekend in December, third-biggest weekend of 2016, and twelfth-biggest weekend of all time, with Disney predicting a weekend of $155 million, as of Sunday morning. Needless to say, that’s a great result for the Star Wars spin-off, beating the studio’s pre-release guidance, and hitting or exceeding the numbers that most in the industry were expecting. Our model predicted $151 million as of yesterday morning, so the film is maintaining its momentum through the weekend, and there are some reasons to believe that Rogue One may beat Disney’s Sunday projection. More...

2016 - Awards Season: SAG - Nominations

December 14th, 2016

Manchester by the Sea

The Screen Actors Guild were the third group to announce their nominations for this awards season. So far there have been three different films earning the most nominations. This could mean the Oscar race will be a lot closer than in past years. This time around Manchester by the Sea led the way with four nominations. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Moana Completes Threepeat with $18.53 million

December 13th, 2016


As predicted, Moana was able to grab first place on the weekend box office chart. On the downside, it slipped a little faster than expected. Additionally, Office Christmas Party missed expectations and this led to the overall box office falling 13% from last weekend to $83 million. That said, this is still 7.0% higher than the same weekend last year and that’s more important. Year-to-date, 2016 maintained its $460 million / 4.7% lead over 2015 at $10.23 billion to $9.77 billion. This lead will take a serious hit this coming weekend when Rogue One goes against The Force Awakens. That said, unless Rogue One opens with less than $100 million during its weekend, 2016 should still come out ahead at the end of the year. More...

Weekend Estimates: Moana Narrowly Beats Office Christmas Party

December 11th, 2016


Moana will get to enjoy one last weekend at the top of the box office chart, in spite of a good debut for Office Christmas Party. Disney’s animated adventure will post about $18.8 million in its third weekend, for $145 million to date. It’s beginning to lag behind the performance of Frozen, which made $22.6 million in its third weekend in wide release, and had amassed $164.8 million. That still puts Moana well on course for $300 million domestically, although $350 million is looking like a stretch. Internationally, Moana will earn around $23.5 million this weekend, taking its total overseas to $93.8 million, and its global haul to $238.8 million. More...

2016 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part II - TV on DVD Releases

December 8th, 2016

Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection

The first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide was a little shorter than I would have liked, because there wasn’t much in the way of first-run releases and franchise box sets. The second installment is going to be even shorter. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of TV on DVD releases that would make worthy gifts, but we limit ourselves to first seasons and complete series Megasets. You don’t need us to tell you if Modern Family: Season Seven would make a good gift, for example. If the recipient hasn’t started watching the show yet, they are likely not into it. (There is an exception to this rule this year, but more on that down below.) The number of high-quality new shows that have a first season out on DVD / Blu-ray are very limited. Atlanta is amazing, but the first season is only out on Video on Demand. The first season of Luke Cage is only available on Netflix. Furthermore, there are not a lot Megasets worth talking about. That said, we begin with not just a Megaset, but a Gigaset. Perhaps even a Teraset! More...

Weekend Estimates: Moana Stands Tall as Awards Season Hots Up

December 4th, 2016


The top of the box office chart remains a tale of two movies this weekend, with Moana maintaining an impressive lead over Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but both movies doing very nicely heading into the Christmas season. Moana tops the chart again this weekend with $28.4 million, for a total of $119.9 million at the end of the weekend. By way of comparison, Frozen had earned $134.3 million at this point in its run, but fell a slightly larger 53% from Thanksgiving, compared to Moana’s 50% decline. The next few weeks should be very lucrative for the animated adventure, which is likely to sail past $300 million at the domestic box office. More...

International Box Office: Fantastic Beasts have another Century Weekend with $132.0 million

November 30th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them remained in first place with $132.0 million in 67 markets for totals of $317.5 million internationally and $473.5 million worldwide. Its biggest debut came from China where it opened with $41.70 million, which is a little behind Doctor Strange’s opening earlier this month. On the other hand, the film is already $10 million ahead of what will be Doctor Strange’s lifetime total in the U.K. with $11.07 million in 666 theaters over the weekend for a two-week total of $37.52 million. More...

Weekend Wrap-up: Moana Takes on Beast Over Thanksgiving Weekend

November 29th, 2016


As expected, Moana earned first place over the Thanksgiving weekend and became the biggest true opener in the holiday’s history. (Technically Frozen opened in limited release the week before and as we learned from Futurama, technically correct is the best kind of correct.) The film was a little more front-loaded than expected and nearly matched our predictions. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them held on better than predicted and that one-two punch helped the overall box office grow 17% from last weekend to $184 million, over the three-day portion of the weekend. This is nearly identical to the same weekend last year; in fact, it was up by less than 1%. Year-to-date, 2016 has pulled in $9.99 billion. 2016 will soon become the eighth year in a row to reach the $10 billion milestone. This is 5.0% / $470 million above last year’s pace. I’ve been saying for a while that we needed to enter December with a $300 million advantage over 2015 in order to come out ahead at the end of the year, so this is great news. More...

Weekend Estimates: Moana Sails to Thanksgiving Win

November 27th, 2016


Disney’s domination of Thanksgiving weekend will continue in 2016, with Moana expected to post $55.5 million for the three-day weekend and $81.1 million in total, making it either the second-best or best Thanksgiving opener of all time, depending on what you consider an “opener.” Disney is claiming second place for Moana behind Frozen, which had a $67.4 million 3-day weekend, and $93.6 million 5-day weekend back in 2013. That film had already opened in a single theater the weekend before, so if we want to split hairs, it technically wasn’t opening that weekend. Either way you look at it, it’s a great start for Moana, and another handsome win for Disney. The studio can now claim the top six 5-day Thanksgiving debuts and and the top eight 3-day Thanksgiving openings of all time. More...

International Box Office: Fantastic has a Beast of an Opening with $143.3 million

November 24th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opened in first place on the international chart with $143.3 million in 63 markets. The film had the biggest opening of the Harry Potter franchise in 16 of those 63 markets, but ironically not in the U.K., where it had its biggest opening. The film debuted in first place there with $18.90 million in 666 theaters. This is the third best in the franchise behind the two Deathly Hallows films. Some of the markets where Fantastic Beasts set the franchise record include South Korea, where it made $10.64 million on 1,431 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $14.15 million. It did the same in Russia with $10.29 million on 1,173 screens and in Brazil with $6.4 million. More...

Weekend Estimates: Fantastic Beasts Makes Fantastic-ish $75 Million

November 20th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is doing everything Warner Bros. could have wished for this weekend, posting a lively $75 million opening in the US, hitting $143.3 million internationally for a global opening over $200 million, and getting a A CinemaScore that should give it positive word of mouth going into Thanksgiving. For a franchise reboot, that’s a lot of reasons to be happy, although its opening is well below the openings enjoyed by the original Harry Potter franchise. The worst of those, Chamber of Secrets, opened with $88 million over three days (Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince both technically had slower weekends than Chamber of Secrets, but both of them opened on Wednesday, and they still did over $75 million Friday–Sunday). More...

International Box Office: Doctor Strange Mightier than Thor earning $60.2 million

November 16th, 2016

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange remained in first place with $60.2 million in 53 markets over the weekend for totals of $339.6 million internationally and $492.6 million worldwide. This puts the film ahead of the lifetime total of Thor and into 11th place in the MCU. It will be at least a couple of spots higher by this time next week. The film had a stronger than expected hold in China down $22.54 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $83.22 million. It also remained in first place in South Korea with $4.35 million on 951 screens over the weekend for a total of $36.22 million after three weeks of release. Up next for the film is Argentina on the 24th, while it doesn’t end its run until next year when it opens in Japan. More...

Weekend Estimates: Healthy Arrivals Help Veterans Day Box Office

November 13th, 2016

Doctor Strange

While Doctor Strange and Trolls aren’t really being threatened at the top of the chart this weekend, a few healthy new releases are giving Veterans Day weekend a timely boost at the box office. Arrival is the stand-out performer in wide release, with $24 million from 2,317 theaters and an average over $10,000. The sci-fi drama is a critical darling, but is having a harder time with general audiences who might be expecting something with a few more explosions and laser battles, and its CinemaScore is a B. Its potential long-term performance is a therefore a little hard to gauge at this point, but it would be very surprising for it not to pick up a few more theaters, and it might be decent counter-programming to the explosions and laser battles promised by several other films coming up in the next few weeks. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Any New Release Arrive on Top?

November 10th, 2016


There are a trio of new releases coming out this week, but none of them are expected to challenge for top spot. Arrival is earning stellar reviews, but it is also being released by Paramount and they’ve had a terrible year. Almost Christmas is a Christmas movie aimed at African-Americans. It should do well enough to become a financial success, but it won’t be a major player at the box office. Then there’s Shut In, which is barely opening wide and will very likely miss the top five. It might miss the Mendoza Line. This will leave Doctor Strange with an easy first place, while Trolls should remain in second. This weekend last year, the new releases were pitiful. The best earned less than $10 million. If 2016 doesn’t win in the year-over-year comparison, then we are in serious trouble. More...

International Box Office: Strange More Incredible Than The Hulk with $118.7 million

November 9th, 2016

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange added $118.7 million in 54 markets for totals of $240.4 million internationally and $325.5 million worldwide. It has already overtaken The Incredible Hulk in the MCU and is rapidly closing in on Captain America: The First Avenger. This weekend, the film debuted in first place in China with $44.12 million, including some previews, as well as in Brazil with $7.9 million. The film also expanded wide in Russia earning $8.49 million over the weekend for a total of $15.63 million. On the downside, the film has already opened in all major markets, except for Japan, where it doesn’t open until January. With what it has pulled in so far, anything less than $600 million will be seen as troubling, while anything more than $750 million will be seen as a success. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Nothing Strange about the Doctor’s $85.06 million Opening Weekend

November 7th, 2016

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s opening weekend was off by 0.069% when compared to our prediction. I think that gives us reason to brag. Both Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge beat expectations by a relatively significant margin. Overall, the weekend box office rose 115% from last weekend to $191 million. That’s 18% more than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2016’s lead over 2015 increased to 5.6% or $490 million at $9.28 billion to $8.79 billion. If 2016 can maintain this lead until Rogue One comes out, then 2016 will win in the end. More...

Weekend Estimates: Doctor Strange’s $85 Million Gives Industry a Much-Needed Boost

November 6th, 2016

Doctor Strange

After a couple of months of weak box office, and some very disappointing openings, Doctor Strange, Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge are each, in their own way, putting things back on track. Doctor Strange is grabbing the headlines of course, with an impressive $84,989,000 opening projected by Disney on Sunday morning. That’s almost identical to the opening weekend enjoyed by Thor: The Dark World on this weekend back in 2013, and comes without the benefit of being part of an established franchise (putting aside its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). More...

Friday Estimates: Doctor Strange Heals the Box Office with $32.56 million

November 5th, 2016

Doctor Strange

As expected, Doctor Strange dominated the Friday box office chart with $32.56 million. This is 19% higher than Spectre’s opening day was last year, which is great news. Granted, Doctor Strange had much better previews, so the actual 24-hour Friday numbers are much closer. On the other hand, Doctor Strange’s reviews remain 90% positive, while its CinemaScore is an impressive A. Spectre earned 65% positive reviews and an A- from CinemaScore. If the two films have the same internal multiplier, then Doctor Strange will open with $84 million. However, the Fanboy Effect will likely keep it to just above $80 million. This is still a great start and another smash hit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Audiences Find Doctor Too Strange?

November 3rd, 2016

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and arguably the strangest one. It is widely expected to dominate the box office this weekend. Trolls is expected to open way back in second place, but still have a strong showing. The final wide release of the week is Hacksaw Ridge, which appears to be getting lost in the crowd. This weekend last year. Spectre and The Peanuts Movie had a one-two punch that earned a combined $115 million. I think Doctor Strange / Trolls will top that figure giving 2016 the win in the year-over-year comparison. More...

2016 Preview: November

November 1st, 2016

Doctor Strange

October turned out to be a mixed month. On the one hand, not one movie earned $100 million, or even came close. However, it was also a more steady month than last October and the last two weeks really helped 2016 in the year-over-year comparisons. In November, we have five films with at least a shot at $100 million, three of which should have no trouble getting to at least $200 million. A little while ago, I thought Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would be the biggest hit of the month, but the buzz took a hit recently. More on that below. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange’s reviews are currently 90% positive and that should help it out at the box office. The third very likely $200 million hit is Moana. There is certainly precedent for an animated movie to be a monster hit at this time of year, but there is also a lot of competition. Last November was similar in strength, with five films that earned more than $100 million and two films that earned more than $200 million. None earned more than $300 million, so that’s the goal for this November. If we can get one $300 million and / or three $200 million movies over the month, then it will be seen as a victory. More...

Dory Finds its way to $1 Billion

October 13th, 2016

Finding Dory

Last weekend, Finding Dory became the 27th film to earn $1 billion worldwide. In doing so, it created a lot of interesting tidbits worth talking about. But first, the history of $1 billion movies. More...

Home Market Releases for September 27th, 2016

September 27th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

It is a pretty good week on the home market with a few releases worth picking up. The biggest of these is Central Intelligence, but while it is worth picking up, it isn’t a contender for Pick of the Week. There are some smaller releases that were up for that title, including The Shallows, An American Werewolf in London and The Innocents. However, in the end, I went with Captain America: Civil War. The Blu-ray screener arrived late, and I held off on naming it Pick of the Week when it came out for that very reason. More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Captain America: Civil War

September 25th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is the 13th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s 13 films in just 8 years. The film pulled in more than $1 billion worldwide, so the market isn’t tired of these movies. However, has the brisk pace resulted in a substandard film? Or is it yet another critical smash? More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Sully Saves the Box Office with $35.03 million

September 13th, 2016


Four films opened wide or semi-wide over the weekend, but only one of them, Sully, did well at the box office. It earned more than double its nearest competition, When the Bough Breaks, at $35.03 million to $14.20 million. The other two new releases bombed. Overall, the box office was flat, up 1.1% from last weekend to $101 million. This was also flat when compared to last year, down just 1.7%. Since this weekend was so close to last weekend, it should come as no surprise that the year-over-year comparison hardly moved. This time last week, 2016 was ahead of 2016 by just over 6.7%, while this week its lead is just under 6.8% at $8.10 billion to $7.58 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Pete’s Dragon and Suicide Squad Soft, Sausage Party Firm

August 14th, 2016

Suicide Squad

A precipitous drop from last weekend won’t be enough to knock Suicide Squad off its perch at the top of the box office chart, according to studio estimates released on Friday. But a 67% fall is steep, even by modern standards. On the bright side, it is less than Batman v Superman’s 69% decline in its second weekend earlier this year, at least according to the estimates. A weak Sunday would put the two films basically neck-and-neck on that front, and it looks increasingly likely that Suicide Squad will end with less than $300 million domestically. More...

Weekend Estimates: Suicide Squad Crashes into August Record Books

August 7th, 2016

Suicide Squad

One of the most talked-about debuts of the year is shaping up to be one of the better ones. Suicide Squad will open with about $135 million, according to Warner Bros., easily the biggest weekend in August, beating Guardians of the Galaxy’s $94.3 million in 2014. It’s also the 3rd-best weekend in 2016, and should earn a little more than Deadpool’s $132 million debut. In spite of these awesome stats, there’s about as much negative press for the film as positive, and some of it not entirely fair. More...

Thursday Previews: Suicide Has more than 20 million Reasons to Live - Update... sort of

August 5th, 2016

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad started its domestic run last night with $20.5 million from its Thursday previews. This is the best previews since Captain America: Civil War and nearly double the previous August preview record of $11.2 million, held by Guardians of the Galaxy. This is great news for the studio. ... except for two small problems. This is 26% lower than Batman v. Superman and the two films earned identical reviews. If the two films have identical legs during their opening weekends, it will mean Suicide Squad will make $123 million over the weekend and $244 million in total. That’s not enough to revive the hopes of a DC Extended Universe that can rival the MCU. More...

Weekend Predictions: Suicide Hopes to Have Long Life at the Box Office

August 4th, 2016

Suicide Squad

Before we talk about the weekend predictions... Warner Bros. owns D.C. Comics and a 30% share in Rotten Tomatoes. So accusing Rotten Tomatoes of having an anti-D.C. bias is silly. Starting a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes is a sign you really need a more productive hobby. I suggest Magic: The Gathering. ... Moving on... Suicide Squad is the last major release of the summer. Unfortunately, its reviews are among the worst of any $100 million movie released this summer. The counter-programming this week is Nine Lives, a talking animal / body swap movie that still has no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Many analysts think it will fail to reach the top five during its opening weekend. This weekend last year was the weekend Fantastic Four opened. Suicide Squad should crush that movie at the box office. In fact, it should earn more than the top ten earned last year. More...

Weekend Estimates: Star Trek Falls Short of $60 Million

July 24th, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond will fall just short of $60 million at the box office this weekend, according to Sunday estimates from Paramount. The studio has the film coming in at $59.6 million over three days, which is substantially short of the $79.2 million earned on debut by Star Trek (the reboot) in 2009, and the $70.2 million made by Star Trek Into Darkness. The so-so start comes in spite of excellent reviews, which are now running at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the franchise seems to have trouble reaching beyond its core audience. More...

Featured VOD Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

July 17th, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out on Video on Demand two weeks ago, but comes out on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, 3D Combo Pack, or 4k Combo Pack this week. I’m reviewing the VOD, not because I got a screener, but because one of the people I game with watched it in theaters and demanded others in our group see it, so he’s not the only one to suffer. Is it really as bad as its reputation? Yes. Yes it is. More...

International Box Office: Apocalypse Leaves World Intact with $103.2 million

May 25th, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse started its international run in first place with $103.2 million. At first glance, that's a good start. On the other hand, the film is playing in 75 markets, so it doesn't have a lot of markets left to open in. Back to the original hand, one of the markets it has yet to open in is China. The film's biggest single market was the U.K., where it opened in first place with $10.99 million in 598 theaters. This is nearly 30% less than Days of Future Past earned and with weaker reviews, it will likely have weaker legs. The movie-to-movie decline was even steeper in Russia, where it was down 38% to $6.41 million on 1,208 screens, and in Australia, where it was down 39% with $4.68 million on 574. On the other hand, it was down a mere 6.4% in Mexico to $8.8 million and actually rose 22% in the Philippines to $4.9 million. If it can get to $600 million worldwide, then the film will break even some time during its home market run. More...

Weekend Estimates: Angry Birds Win Civil War with $39 Million Debut

May 22nd, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie is performing at the top end of expectations this weekend, and will top the box office chart with a commendable $39 million. While that’s a long way behind the $75.1 million earned by Zootopia on its opening weekend back in March, it’s a very respectable figure, and gives Sony the increasingly-rare bragging rights over Disney this weekend, with Captain America: Civil War dropping to second place with $33.1 million. More...

Weekend Estimates: Disney still dominant, but Money Monster solid on debut

May 15th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

After recording the 5th-biggest opening weekend of all time last weekend, Captain America: Civil War will decline 59% this time around to $72.56 million, according to Disney’s Sunday projection. If that number holds, it will put Civil War 8th on the list of best second weekends, almost exactly tied with Iron Man 3. That comparative slip in the rankings isn’t of huge consequence, given that the film will sail past $300 million domestically on either Monday or Tuesday, and has already racked up $645 million worldwide, putting it on the brink of $1 billion worldwide a little over two weeks after its international rollout. The Marvel juggernaut continues to roll on. More...

Weekend Estimates: Civil War Sets New 2016 Benchmark with $181.8 Million Projected Weekend

May 8th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Another weekend, another triumph at the box office for Disney. After a hattrick of wins for The Jungle Book, the studio’s Captain America: Civil War will top the chart this weekend with a year’s-best $181.8 million, according to the studio’s weekend projection, released on Sunday morning. Our model projects that it will fall just short of $180 million, but either way it will set easily a new best weekend in 2016, beating the $166 million debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and record the fifth-best weekend of all time, landing in between The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe now claims four of the top six spots on the all-time list. More...

Friday Estimates: Curse of Great Expectations Strikes Civil War

May 7th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Friday’s estimates are in and Captain America: Civil War did amazing business during its opening day. According to Disney, it earned the 8th-biggest single day of all time with $75.25 million. However, to paraphrase Uncle Ben, with great powers comes great expectations and there are some who consider this a disappointment, because the film isn’t living up to the hype. There is some very good news going forward. More...

Thursday Night Previews: Civil War's Explosive Start Doesn't Quite set Preview Records

May 6th, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Summer officially started last night at 7 pm with Captain America: Civil War Thursday previews. The film pulled in $25 million, which is the second best figure for a Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only MCU film to top it was The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which earned $27.6 million last year. On the other hand, Civil War does have better reviews than Age of Ultron earned, so it should have better legs. Likewise, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned $27.7 million earlier this year, but its legs were hurt by its reviews. I still think Civil War will earn $200 million, more or less, over the weekend. More...

2016 Preview: May

May 1st, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

April started on a soft note and ended weak, but thanks to The Jungle Book, overall the month was actually really good. That's what happens when you get a surprise $300 million hit. This bodes well for May, which is both a slow month and a fantastic month. There are only four weekends and only eight movies coming out, but of those eight films, five have a shot at $100 million. The potential blockbusters are led by Captain America: Civil War, which is not only going to be the biggest hit of the month, but according to a Fandango survey, it is the most anticipated film of the summer. (On a side note, Finding Dory is the most anticipated family film of the summer and Ghostbusters is the most anticipated comedy of the summer. I was surprised by the last result.) Both Alice Through the Looking Glass and X-Men: Apocalypse have real shots at $200 million. One of them could get to $300 million, if they weren't opening against each other. Overall, the month looks excellent. Even better, last May there was only one monster hit, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and most analysts think Captain America: Civil War will beat it at the box office. (There's also the issue of the misalignment in the weekends, which hurt April, but will really help May.) More...

Weekend Estimates: Jungle Book projected to top $100 million

April 17th, 2016

The Jungle Book

2016 is shaping up to be just about the perfect year on all fronts for Disney. They started the year with Star Wars at the top of the box office; Zootopia far out-performed expectations; Captain America: Civil War, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory position them perfectly for the Summer; and Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One are two of the most talked about movies coming at the end of the year. (Oh, and they’re slipping a long-awaited Steven Spielberg family-friendly film in the middle of all that.)

All-in-all, this could be a year of studio dominance the likes of which we haven’t seen since, well, last year, when Universal could do no wrong. Their incredible year really took flight at the beginning of April, when Furious 7 posted a monthly record $147 million opening weekend. The Jungle Book won’t hit those heights, but it will most likely be the second film to top $100 million in April, with Disney projecting a weekend of $103.57 million as of Sunday morning. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

April 4th, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

After ranking Star Wars: The Force Awakens for those who still haven't seen it, we can do a full featured review. The film smashed box office records here and earned 92% positive reviews. Is it as good as its box office / Tomatometer Score? Or did people just get caught up in the hype? More...

Weekend Estimates: Batman v Superman hits March record $170 milion

March 27th, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman and Superman not only had to fight each other this weekend, but also mediocre reviews. They have come through in some style, however, posting a record for March of $170.1 million, according to Warner Bros.’ Sunday morning estimate. Our model has the film coming a little below that mark, at $165 million or so, which might mean it won’t quite top Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II’s $169 million, which is currently the studio’s best ever weekend. But the fact that we’re comparing the movie to the Harry Potter franchise is nothing but good news for them. More...

2016 Preview: March

March 1st, 2016


It's March 1st, which is not only the beginning of the month, but also Super Tuesday. If you are not American and don't pay attention to American politics, Super Tuesday is sort of like the Oscar night of the primary season. I was going to write about my predictions, but it looks like the race is about to be over. On the Republicans side, if Trump gets more than 50% of the delegates, then he has won. It will be too late to stop him. If he gets less than 40%, then it becomes a real race again. If the polling is correct, then he will get closer to 50% than 40%. On the Democratic side, Sanders needs at least 45% of the delegates, or it is over for him. Anything less than that and Hillary Clinton will have too big a lead to overcome. If the South Carolina result is an indicator, Hillary Clinton could get two-thirds of the delegates awarded tonight.

As for the box office, February was amazing, thanks to Deadpool's record-breaking opening and better than expected legs. The month ended with 2016 being nearly 4% higher than 2015's pace. Additionally, there are some big releases coming out this month with both Zootopia and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looking to get more than $200 million, while Allegiant should hit $100 million. Last March, there were also three films that earned more than $100 million, but only one $200 million hit, Cinderella. It should be a really close race between 2016 and 2015. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

December 28th, 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

It's been a few weeks since I did a review. I stopped taking screeners knowing how busy Star Wars: The Force Awakens would keep me, but I figured I should get back in the game. However, there was a question of what late review would be worth checking out? Well, there have been five $1 billion movies to come out this year and I've previously reviewed all of the ones that hit the home market. All of them, but one: The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Of the five $1 billion movies, this one is arguably the one that had the most disappointing run at the box office. Yes, a film that made $1.40 billion worldwide was seen as a box office disappointment by some. This is mostly because its predecessor, The Avengers, broke box office records. The film also earned much weaker reviews than the first movie, but still earned 75% positive reviews, which is very good for a wide release. Is it a real disappointment? Or does it hold up compared to the competition? More...

Home Market Releases for December 8th, 2015

December 7th, 2015


It is both a good week and a bad week on the home market. The top two releases are Ant-Man and Minions, which made more than $500 million and $1 billion globally, respectively. It's rare you get a one-two punch like that on top. However, the competition for those two films is much, much weaker. The third best-selling release, according to, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Box Set. It looks amazing, which is why it led this years Holiday Gift Guide, but I'm not sure there are a lot of people who will be willing to spend $200 on a box set when they likely own all or most of the movies. Beyond that, there's mostly TV on DVD releases. The competition for Pick of the Week is also not very deep with Ant-Man coming out on top. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Ant-Man

December 6th, 2015


Ant-Man had the fourth worst global box office for a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It earned over $500 million and was still the fourth worst in the franchise's run. That's impressive. One of the reasons for the franchise's success is the quality. No MCU film has earned a Tomatometer Score below the overall positive level, this includes Ant-Man. Is it worthy of this? Or is this the first MCU film I didn't like? More...

2015 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part II - TV on DVD

December 6th, 2015

Agent Carter

The second installment of the Holiday Gift Guide focuses on TV on DVD releases. It's going to be a little short this year, because I was not impressed with last year's batch of new releases. There are five networks, but there are only four shows that debuted last season on this list. (Although I admit I don't watch The Flash (DVD or Blu-ray) or Jane the Virgin (DVD) and the WB doesn't hand out screeners.) There were a few other cable shows that started last year that I love, but this includes stuff like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Daredevil, neither of which are on DVD. Additionally, there weren't as many Full-Series Megasets as years past, at least not ones that I think are worthy for this list. Mad Men might be the only Megaset for a concurrent show that makes the list. This all adds up to a short list this year. More...

2015 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part I

November 27th, 2015

MCU Phase 2

It's Thanksgiving weekend, which means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course the first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide. This week we will tackle first run releases, as well as franchise box sets. I'm going to try to keep it to a dozen or so releases, as these columns are notorious for getting out of hand. Also, while there were a record number of $1 billion box office hits, there were not as many first run releases that earned stellar reviews this year. More...

International Box Office: Spectre has Spectacular Start

November 5th, 2015


Spectre opened in first place with $80.4 million during its seven-day opening weekend. That doesn't seem like a huge amount, especially considering some of the opening weekends we've seen on the international stage this year. However, there is a mitigating factor. It was only playing in six markets. This includes the U.K., where the film broke records with $62.82 million in 651 theaters. This is equivalent to a $300 million opening week here, which would be the record for a seven-day box office here. We shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves, as Bond films have a natural affinity for that market. It does mean Spectre has a real shot at a $100 million opening weekend here. More...

2015 Preview: October

October 1st, 2015

The Martian

September ended on a record note with the debut of Hotel Transylvania 2. Additionally, there was great depth and 2015's lead over 2014 grew to nearly $500 million. How do things look going forward? The month starts out with The Martian, which should have no trouble becoming the biggest hit of the month and might even top $200 million. On the other hand, no other film is expected to get to $100 million. There's only one or two that will even come close. Fortunately, last October was very similar with one $100 million hit, Gone Girl, while two other films came close, Annabelle and Fury. It looks like it will be up to the depth films from both years to determine which year comes out on top. More...

Home Market Releases for September 15th, 2015

September 16th, 2015

Agent Peggy Carter

This week's home market releases are insane, so I'm going to have to be a lot more judicious in pruning the list. If I were to include all releases that are big enough to include, if they were released during a slow week, there would be more than 100 releases on this week's list (including secondary Blu-rays, but not VOD releases). I have to pare that back to a more reasonable number. Why are there so many releases? Firstly, it is the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season and we have two monster hits on this week's list. Secondly, it is the last week before the fall season begins in earnest, so it is the last week for a lot of shows to come out on DVD before they are running into competition from the new season. It should come as no surprise that the best releases on this week's list are in the TV on DVD categories, including Marvel's Agent Carter: Season 1 and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 2. Both of which are co-winners of the Pick of the Week. More...

International Box Office: Summer is Terminated

September 10th, 2015

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys remained in first place on the international chart, but with only $11.5 million in 8 markets. This lifted its international total to $346.3 million, while it now has $435.9 million worldwide. This helped the film become the second biggest hit in the franchise, assuming you don't take inflation into account. In China, the film managed $26.67 million, but that was for the full week, giving the film a total of $111.92 million after 15 days of release. More...

Weekend Predictions: Summer's Over. Oh boy, is Summer Over!

August 21st, 2015

Sinister 2

After last week's reprieve, summer truly ends this week. There are three wide releases coming out, none of which are expected to become even midlevel hits. Also, none of them are earning overall positive reviews. The biggest movie is Sinister 2, which is expected to do well enough to earn a profit, mostly thanks to its very low production budget. American Ultra is the best in terms of Tomatometer Score—by a huge margin. However, it is still earning less than 50% positive reviews by a large margin. The biggest movie in terms of production budget is Hitman: Agent 47, which is bad news for the studio, because it is not expected to do well. In fact, there's almost no chance any of the three new releases will top Straight Outta Compton this weekend. There's a small chance that their combined openings won't top Straight Outta Compton. There is some good news. This weekend last year, there were no movies that earned more than $20 million, which is the absolute low end of Straight Outta Compton's range. On the other hand, If I Stay was the best new release with $15.68 million. That's more than any of the wide releases this year will earn and it only managed third place last year. I think 2015 will win with ease at the top of the chart, but 2014 might have better depth, keeping it ahead in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ant-Man Towers Over Pixels

July 28th, 2015


Ant-Man unexpectedly repeated on top of the weekend box office, as Pixels failed to meet expectations by a sizable margin. In fact, only Southpaw beat expectations. The overall box office sunk as a result, down 22% from last weekend to $151 million. Worse still, this was 2.3% lower than the same weekend last year. Fortunately, 2015 has won a lot more weeks than it has lost and has built up an impressive 8.2% lead over 2014 at $6.45 billion to $5.96 billion. It isn't impossible for 2015 to lose a lead that large, but I'm cautiously optimistic that it can see this lead grow through to the end of the year. More...

Weekend Estimates: Ant-Man Defeats Poor Pixels

July 26th, 2015


Three new wide releases and three returning movies that are still pulling in good crowds will produce a box office chart with no knock-out winner this weekend. That’s in large part thanks to a disappointing debut from Pixels. The Adam Sandler/Kevin James-comedy/adventure-Ghostbusters/wannabe will earn about $24 million this weekend, according to Sony’s Sunday estimate. That puts it in danger of not even earning back its marketing budget domestically, let alone starting to recover the $88 million production budget. It also means that Ant-Man will top the charts for a second weekend. More...

Weekend Predictions: Is Pixels Poised to Top the Weekend Chart?

July 24th, 2015


Pixels leads a group of three wide releases looking to battle for limited box office dollars. It appears to be on track for first place, but with not as much as I anticipated at the beginning of the month. This is partially explained by its reviews which are lower than the 30% to 40% positive range I was anticipating. Paper Towns is earning much better reviews, but still barely above the overall positive level. Finally there's Southpaw, which is earning mixed reviews and its buzz is weak, so it will likely be outside the top five over the weekend. Both Ant-Man and Minions should continue to perform well, with the former having a shot at first place, if Pixels flops. This weekend last year, there were two wide releases that did quite well, Lucy and Hercules. I don't think any of the new releases this week will come close to earning the same as Lucy did, but I think the depth is better this year, so 2015 will still come out ahead in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ant-Man Tops Terrific Weekend

July 20th, 2015


The top of the box office had a small surprise, as Ant-Man earned first place with $57.23 million over the weekend. This is a little lower than predicted, but Minions really collapsed, so Ant-Man easily won the race for the top of the box office race. Meanwhile, Trainwreck had a solid third place opening and could be on its way to $100 million, thanks in part to its target demographic and to its reviews. Overall, the box office pulled in $194 million. This is 9.6% lower than last weekend, but more importantly, it is 30% higher than the same weekend last year. 30%. That's a massive margin of victory. Year-to-date, 2015 has pulled in $6.20 billion, which is 8.1% more than 2014's pace. Summer is winding down, so 2015 is in a great place moving into the slower part of the year. Even if August and September are slower than average, there's almost no chance 2015 will blow through the $460 million lead it has over 2014. More...

Weekend Estimates: Ant-Man Misses Out, Trainwreck Breaks Out

July 19th, 2015


Perhaps we’re seeing the first signs of multiplex fatigue? In the midst of a buoyant Summer at the movies, Ant-Man will debut with around $58 million, according to Sunday estimates, about 10% below expectations, and well short of the $94 million earned by Guardians of the Galaxy this time last year. It’s a very good opening, to be sure, but the second slightly disappointing debut from the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year, after The Avengers: Age of Ultron’s $191 million opening weekend back in May. We’re talking disappointment of the level of seeing Babe Ruth only hit one home run in a game here, so we need to put things in perspective. It’s the twelfth straight $50 million-plus opening for the franchise in seven years—an unprecedented box office run. More...

Friday Estimates: Ant-Man Stands Tall on Opening Friday

July 18th, 2015


Ant-Man opened in first place with $22.64 million on Friday, which puts it well ahead of Minions on the Friday box office chart. On the other hand, it was a little disappointing compared to expectations. Figuring out where it will end up is deceptively tricky given the number of other Marvel Cinematic Universe films to compare it to. Ant-Man's reviews continued to tick up, and are now at 80% positive—in the same range as the first Captain America movie. It also had a similar opening day to that film. However, Captain America opened before The Avengers and one could argue that every film after that should be considered a sequel, which would tend them towards being even more front-loaded than original films. Factoring that in, look for Ant-Man to post around $56 million over its opening weekend, which will give it an easy first place debut. Unless its legs are as long as Guardians of the Galaxy’s, it won't reach $200 million in total, but it should top its budget (reportedly $130 million) so it will become a box office success. Analysts hoping for the first MCU bomb will have to wait. More...

Thursday Night: Ant-Man’s $6.4 Million Points to Healthy Weekend

July 17th, 2015


Ant-Man posted a reported $6.4 million on Thursday evening, a healthy number for a movie that’s not a sequel. Although it sort of is a sequel, or at least sort of a franchise film. It’s certainly considered part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so looking for comparable Thursday night openings presents a bit of a challenge. The bottom line, though, looks as though the film is headed into the weekend a little ahead of expectations. More...

Weekend Predictions: How Large Will Ant-Man Grow?

July 16th, 2015


There could be an interesting race on top of the box office charts this weekend, as Ant-Man will be looking to unseat Minions. However, while I think Ant-Man will come out on top on Friday, I think Minions will repeat over the weekend. The other new release of the week is Trainwreck, which has seen its reviews fall from 100% positive to a mere 90% positive. The amazing reviews and the success of R-rated female-centric films lately suggests it has the potential to reach $100 million. Inside Out and Jurassic World will also both hit milestones, so it should be an exciting weekend. This weekend last year, none of the three wide releases were particularly strong, which left Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in first place for the second weekend in a row with $36.25 million. Both Minions and Ant-Man will top that. Trainwreck might top that as well. It should be a good weekend for 2015 in the year-over-year comparison. More...

International Box Office: Genisys Takes Over the World

July 9th, 2015

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys expanded its market count to 47 over the weekend, which allowed it to rise to first place with $74.0 million for a two-week total of $85.5 million internationally. Its biggest new market was Russia, where it dominated with $11.17 million on 2,192 screens over the weekend. South Korea was close behind with $9.24 million on 1,113 screens for a total opening of $11.06 million. The film earned first place in Mexico with $4.73 million on 1,307 for a total opening of $6.18 million. It only managed second place in Brazil with $3.9 million on 1,012. In all four markets, the film set records for the franchise. It wasn't as lucky in the U.K., where it opened in second place with $5.83 million in 536 theaters. That's about on par with its opening here in the US. The goal for the film is to earn over $200 million internationally and $300 million worldwide. If it can get there, then the film will likely break even, eventually. On the other hand, "breaking even" isn't enough to justify continuing the reboot trilogy. More...

2015 Preview: July

July 1st, 2015


June was a much better month than expected due to two films, Jurassic World and Inside Out. Had those two films merely matched expectations, then 2015 would have likely fallen behind 2014. As for this coming month, there are five weekends in July and each week there is at least one film with the potential to reach $100 million. Most weeks there are two films that at least have a shot at getting to the century mark. The biggest hit of the month will likely be Minions, which has already opened in several international markets and it's ahead of Despicable Me 2 at the same point. That film made more than $300 million and nearly $1 billion worldwide, so any growth would be fantastic. There are also a number of potential $200 million films, led by Ant-man. Ant-man is the latest release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that has averaged $300 million domestically over eleven films and all of the past six films have reached at least $200 million. I'm not saying this one is guaranteed to do the same, but you can't dismiss that possibility. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and Pixels have smaller chances to get to $200 million, but you have to at least entertain the possibility. Additionally, last July was a lot weaker than this July looks to be, so 2015 should win in the year-over-year comparison most weeks. Or I might have let the box office success of June cloud my judgment. We will soon find out. More...

International Box Office: Age of Billionaires

May 21st, 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron remained in first place with ease earning $185.0 million in 91 markets for totals of $770.5 million internationally and $1.143 billion worldwide. The film is now the eighth biggest hit of all time, while two of the films above it are also from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We actually thought that Disney might have overpaid when they bought Marvel. We were wrong. In our defense, no one saw this coming. This past weekend, the film opened in first place in China with $84.84 million for a six-day opening of $154.63 million. China is already the biggest market for Age of Ultron's international run, and it only took four days to get there. Up next for the film is Japan, but the film doesn't open there till July. More...

Weekend Estimates: Hot Pursuit No Match for Ultron

May 10th, 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Hot Pursuit is utterly failing to live up to its name this weekend, with an anaemic $13.3 million opening—the worst for Reese Witherspoon since Cruel Intentions in 1999, and her worst ever for a wide-release movie, when adjusted for inflation. The Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn't really expected to be threatened in first place, and is actually doing quite well for a movie that opened with close to $200 million. It will be down about 60% this weekend to $77.2 million, per Disney, the second-best second weekend ever, just ahead of Avatar, and some way behind The Avengers. More...

Weekend Predictions: New Release in Hot Pursuit of Ultron

May 7th, 2015

Hot Pursuit

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will continue to lead the way at the box office this weekend, but Hot Pursuit hopes to at least put in a good showing as counter-programming. Its reviews suggest that will be an uphill battle. Additionally, Age of Ultron will probably suffer a pretty big drop when compared to last week, because it is a comic book movie, its a sequel and its reviews are lower than its predecessor's were. This weekend last year, Neighbors opened with close to $50 million. Age of Ultron will earn more than that. It could earn more than Neighbors and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made combined, while Hot Pursuit will make twice what the two counter-programming releases made last year. 2015 should come away with an easy win. More...

Weekend Estimates: Age of Ultron Projected to Fall Short of Record

May 3rd, 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron looks set to fall just short of the all-time box office record this weekend, based on Disney’s Sunday morning weekend projection. There were already signs it would struggle after Friday’s numbers were announced, and Saturday’s $57 million day leaves the film with much too much to do on Sunday to break the record. Disney is projecting $187.66 million as of this morning, and I expect the film to come in a shade below that, based on other tracking. It’s pretty hard to call $188 million a disappointing weekend, although it is short of most expectations. The film still has plenty of entries in the record books to celebrate. More...

Note: This list contains actors who appeared in at least two movies in the franchise.

PersonNr. of
Box Office
Box Office
Stan Lee 19 $13,895,950,435 $21,801,543,944 63.7%
Robert Downey, Jr. 10 Tony Stark/Iron Man $7,648,503,342 $10,272,145,090 74.5%
Samuel L. Jackson 9 Nick Fury $5,668,324,488 $17,831,518,450 31.8%
Chris Evans 8 Steve Rogers / Captain America $6,046,180,940 $7,417,983,868 81.5%
Chris Hemsworth 6 Thor $4,871,844,650 $6,558,268,672 74.3%
Scarlett Johansson 6 Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow $5,416,561,042 $9,644,305,043 56.2%
Gwyneth Paltrow 6 Pepper Potts $4,821,406,266 $7,023,496,481 68.6%
Paul Bettany 6 Vision $5,917,551,425 $8,180,398,325 72.3%
Tom Hiddleston 5 Loki $3,463,625,928 $4,525,948,269 76.5%
Sebastian Stan 5 Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier $2,238,276,160 $3,100,910,848 72.2%
Jeremy Renner 5 Clint Barton/Hawkeye $4,081,002,764 $7,050,214,556 57.9%
Jon Favreau 5 Happy Hogan $3,301,926,719 $7,747,974,524 42.6%
Don Cheadle 5 Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes $4,398,071,878 $7,438,384,659 59.1%
Paul Rudd 4 Scott Lang / Ant-Man $1,672,642,543 $4,631,793,570 36.1%
Mark Ruffalo 4 Bruce Banner / The Hulk $3,777,915,516 $6,114,132,652 61.8%
Clark Gregg 4 Agent Coulson $3,175,134,101 $3,921,217,244 81.0%
Idris Elba 4 Heimdall $3,352,365,103 $9,058,081,480 37.0%
Stellan Skarsgård 4 Erik Selvig $4,021,627,403 $9,063,064,242 44.4%
Hayley Atwell 4 Peggy Carter $3,012,528,435 $3,639,834,409 82.8%
Cobie Smulders 4 Agent Maria Hill $3,642,100,158 $4,471,996,301 81.4%
Anthony Mackie 4 Sam Wilson/Falcon $3,275,925,106 $5,254,599,093 62.3%
Evangeline Lilly 3 Hope van Dyne/The Wasp $519,338,048 $2,863,176,944 18.1%
Chris Pratt 3 Peter Quill/Star-Lord $1,634,249,079 $5,098,065,328 32.1%
Anthony Hopkins 3 Odin $1,944,146,381 $6,304,037,662 30.8%
Zoe Saldana 3 Gamora $1,634,249,079 $7,304,132,104 22.4%
Benedict Cumberbatch 3 Stephen Strange $1,527,759,167 $6,369,171,393 24.0%
Dave Bautista 3 Drax the Destroyer $1,634,249,079 $2,897,320,318 56.4%
Vin Diesel 3 Groot $1,634,249,079 $8,485,962,147 19.3%
Elizabeth Olsen 3 Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch $2,561,523,217 $3,180,251,541 80.5%
Ray Stevenson 3 Volstagg $1,944,146,381 $3,858,631,299 50.4%
Karen Gillan 3 Nebula $1,634,249,079 $2,758,911,403 59.2%
Tadanobu Asano 3 Hogun $1,944,146,381 $2,434,057,289 79.9%
Bradley Cooper 3 Rocket $1,634,249,079 $5,884,462,519 27.8%
Tom Holland 3 Peter Parker/Spider-Man $2,033,511,006 $2,313,926,955 87.9%
Chadwick Boseman 3 T’Challa/Black Panther $1,540,504,495 $1,844,827,441 83.5%
John Slattery 3 Howard Stark $2,293,798,932 $3,542,511,897 64.8%
Maximiliano Hernández 3 Agent Jasper Sitwell $2,683,208,054 $2,785,995,176 96.3%
Brie Larson 2 Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel $0 $1,225,081,755 0.0%
Natalie Portman 2 Jane Foster $1,093,929,134 $5,378,718,993 20.3%
Josh Brolin 2 Thanos $0 $2,653,461,279 0.0%
Michael Peña 2 Luis $519,338,048 $4,128,382,860 12.6%
Michael Rooker 2 Yondu Udonta $1,634,249,079 $3,026,511,976 54.0%
Bobby Cannavale 2 Paxton $519,338,048 $3,380,198,425 15.4%
Michael Douglas 2 Dr. Hank Pym $519,338,048 $3,203,721,773 16.2%
Kat Dennings 2 Darcy Lewis $1,093,929,134 $1,564,662,678 69.9%
Judy Greer 2 Maggie $519,338,048 $5,442,039,071 9.5%
T.I. Tip Harris 2 Dave $519,338,048 $1,041,355,234 49.9%
Leslie Bibb 2 Christine Everhart $1,206,327,936 $1,986,284,462 60.7%
Toby Jones 2 Armin Zola $1,084,971,665 $6,417,161,337 16.9%
Emily VanCamp 2 Agent 13 $1,867,706,384 $2,030,087,763 92.0%
Benedict Wong 2 Master Wong $677,541,920 $2,412,026,438 28.1%
William Hurt 2 Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross $1,418,878,354 $3,618,788,820 39.2%
David Dastmalchian 2 Kurt $519,338,048 $1,904,450,683 27.3%
Frank Grillo 2 Brock Rumlow $1,867,706,384 $3,439,692,888 54.3%
Martin Freeman 2 Everett K. Ross $1,540,504,495 $5,193,656,417 29.7%
Marisa Tomei 2 Aunt May $2,033,511,006 $4,158,698,324 48.9%
Zachary Levi 2 Fandral $1,494,819,763 $2,730,738,699 54.7%
Glenn Close 2 Nova Prime $1,634,249,079 $4,281,703,290 38.2%
Sean Gunn 2 Kraglin $1,634,249,079 $1,645,020,024 99.3%
Jaimie Alexander 2 Sif $1,093,929,134 $1,142,722,015 95.7%
Jenny Agutter 2 World Security Council $2,233,881,436 $2,331,514,870 95.8%
Andy Serkis 2 Ulysses Klaue $1,795,418,722 $12,400,077,457 14.5%
Rene Russo 2 Frigga $1,093,929,134 $3,191,947,537 34.3%
Abby Ryder Fortson 2 Cassie Lang $519,338,048 $534,594,715 97.1%
Kenneth Choi 2 Jim Morita $1,250,776,287 $2,501,471,753 50.0%
Jeff Goldblum 2 Grandmaster $1,713,414,991 $5,920,156,053 28.9%
Pom Klementieff 2 Mantis $863,197,744 $869,692,761 99.3%
Garry Shandling 2 Senator Stern $1,335,558,278 $3,046,485,168 43.8%
John Kani 2 T’Chaka $1,540,504,495 $1,540,504,495 100.0%
Danai Gurira 2 Okoye $387,200,000 $458,962,262 84.4%
Benicio del Toro 2 The Collector $771,051,335 $3,407,700,525 22.6%
Laura Haddock 2 Meredith Quill $1,634,249,079 $2,324,899,052 70.3%
Letitia Wright 2 Shuri $387,200,000 $473,303,571 81.8%
Isabella Amara 2 Sally Avril $880,206,511 $1,014,038,628 86.8%
Winston Duke 2 M’Baku/Man-Ape $387,200,000 $387,200,000 100.0%
Gozie Agbo 2 Theo Broussard $1,867,706,384 $1,867,706,384 100.0%
Alexis Denisof 2 The Other $2,290,530,882 $2,294,859,732 99.8%
Zack Duhame 2 Engine Pirate $1,233,739,937 $1,781,066,309 69.3%
Brian Schaeffer 2 Strucker Mercenary $2,029,375,111 $2,029,375,111 100.0%
Jamie McShane 2 Agent Jackson $1,968,806,165 $2,614,848,529 75.3%
Stephen Blackehart 2 Brahl $1,634,249,079 $1,645,002,478 99.3%
Pat Kiernan 2 Himself $2,197,021,467 $3,606,159,142 60.9%
Rob Zombie 2 Himself $1,634,249,079 $1,652,201,290 98.9%

Note: This list contains people who contributed to at least two movies in the franchise.

PersonNr. of
Technical RoleFranchise
Box Office
Box Office
Kevin Feige 20 Producer (20) $13,895,950,435 $18,810,160,950 73.9%
Stan Lee 20 Executive Producer (17)
Story Creator (9)
$13,895,950,435 $25,016,960,119 55.5%
Louis D’Esposito 17 Executive Producer (17) $13,630,376,576 $14,408,629,396 94.6%
Victoria Alonso 17 Executive Producer (13)
Co-Producer (4)
$13,630,376,576 $13,630,376,576 100.0%
Dave Jordan 16 Music Supervisor (16) $12,165,526,677 $15,338,937,773 79.3%
Sarah Halley Finn 16 Casting Director (16) $13,259,806,800 $18,733,544,868 70.8%
Alan Fine 9 Executive Producer (9) $6,714,057,565 $6,714,057,565 100.0%
Jack Kirby 9 Story Creator (9)
Captain America Created by (1)
$4,198,477,736 $5,066,166,611 82.9%
Shannon Mills 8 Supervising Sound Editor (6)
Sound Designer (4)
Additional Sound Designer (1)
$6,145,368,163 $14,284,334,370 43.0%
David J. Grant 7 Co-Producer (5)
Associate Producer (1)
Executive Producer (1)
$5,588,025,841 $6,746,200,776 82.8%
Christopher Markus 6 Screenwriter (6) $2,882,878,676 $4,520,221,777 63.8%
Stephen McFeely 6 Screenwriter (6) $2,882,878,676 $4,520,221,777 63.8%
Jeffrey Ford 6 Editor (6) $6,381,366,701 $6,822,490,731 93.5%
Dan Lebental 6 Editor (6) $3,250,475,011 $4,240,815,674 76.6%
Juan Peralta 6 Re-recording Mixer (6) $4,559,406,115 $6,106,400,052 74.7%
Josh Gold 6 Sound Effects Editor (6) $4,924,581,140 $12,641,947,271 39.0%
David Maisel 5 Executive Producer (5) $2,291,798,189 $2,644,627,717 86.7%
Jeremy Latcham 5 Executive Producer (4)
Co-Producer (1)
$5,200,112,504 $5,200,112,504 100.0%
Patricia Whitcher 5 Executive Producer (5)
Unit Production Manager (1)
$5,410,535,893 $7,247,563,332 74.7%
Dan Sudick 5 Special Effects Supervisor (3)
Special Effects Coordinator (1)
Visual Effects Supervisor (1)
$4,897,642,999 $6,416,365,793 76.3%
Lars P. Winther 5 Assistant Director (5)
Associate Producer (3)
$5,121,916,251 $5,728,615,162 89.4%
Anthony Russo 4 Director (4) $1,867,706,384 $1,998,108,394 93.5%
Joe Russo 4 Director (4) $1,867,706,384 $1,998,108,394 93.5%
Jon Favreau 4 Executive Producer (4)
Director (2)
$3,829,938,930 $5,473,416,119 70.0%
Charles Wood 4 Production Designer (4) $3,501,414,493 $4,540,786,949 77.1%
Larry Lieber 4 Story Creator (4) $1,655,654,554 $1,655,654,554 100.0%
Stephen Broussard 4 Executive Producer (2)
Co-Producer (1)
Associate Producer (1)
$2,529,077,827 $2,529,077,827 100.0%
Alexandra Byrne 4 Costume Designer (4) $3,306,138,595 $4,255,533,799 77.7%
Christopher Townsend 4 Visual Effects Supervisor (4) $3,857,378,514 $4,162,769,343 92.7%
Lauri Gaffin 4 Set Decorator (4) $2,333,196,474 $4,234,635,440 55.1%
Christopher Boyes 4 Sound Designer (4)
Supervising Sound Editor (3)
Re-recording Mixer (2)
$3,496,858,818 $32,965,273,153 10.6%
Lora Hirschberg 4 Re-recording Mixer (4) $3,520,304,945 $12,891,869,176 27.3%
Tom Johnson 4 Re-recording Mixer (4) $3,064,586,352 $13,892,260,467 22.1%
John Mahaffie 4 Second Unit Director (4) $4,091,638,833 $6,988,206,404 58.6%
Randi Hiller 4 Casting Director (4) $3,175,134,101 $5,180,747,132 61.3%
Paul Corbould 4 Special Effects Supervisor (3)
SFX Supervisor (1)
$2,463,765,547 $3,259,578,068 75.6%
Craig Kyle 3 Co-Producer (1)
Executive Producer (1)
Story by (1)
$1,944,146,381 $1,944,146,381 100.0%
Nate Moore 3 Executive Producer (2)
Co-Producer (1)
$2,254,906,384 $2,254,906,384 100.0%
Trent Opaloch 3 Director of Photography (3) $1,867,706,384 $2,471,353,962 75.6%
Ben Davis 3 Director of Photography (3) $2,856,811,977 $3,866,023,360 73.9%
Alan Silvestri 3 Composer (3) $1,890,049,323 $13,422,263,746 14.1%
Judianna Makovsky 3 Costume Designer (3) $2,730,904,128 $6,122,413,121 44.6%
Mitch Bell 3 Co-Producer (2)
Associate Producer (1)
$2,932,092,993 $2,932,092,993 100.0%
Jake Morrison 3 Visual Effects Supervisor (3)
Special Effects Supervisor (1)
$2,014,157,811 $2,126,768,197 94.7%
Janek Sirrs 3 Visual Effects Supervisor (3) $3,548,854,658 $4,933,691,020 71.9%
Jamie Christopher 3 First Assistant Director (3)
Associate Producer (3)
$2,823,872,573 $14,841,373,068 19.0%
Frank Eulner 3 Supervising Sound Editor (3) $2,725,807,483 $7,855,352,360 34.7%
Daniel Laurie 3 Supervising Sound Editor (3) $2,387,044,432 $2,432,752,356 98.1%
Diana Giorgiutti 3 Visual Effects Producer (3) $1,613,267,182 $1,828,347,992 88.2%
Jonathan Taylor 3 Second Unit Director (3) $1,762,777,500 $7,743,957,282 22.8%
Jeff Habberstad 3 Stunt Coordinator (2)
Second Unit Director (1)
Utility Stunts (1)
$2,105,300,096 $8,861,206,003 23.8%
Thomas Robinson Harper 3 Stunt Coordinator (3) $2,106,609,613 $3,546,274,966 59.4%
Andy Gill 3 Stunt Coordinator-Second Unit (3) $2,254,906,384 $8,653,844,209 26.1%
Peyton Reed 2 Director (2) $519,338,048 $1,076,966,830 48.2%
Joss Whedon 2 Director (2)
Screenwriter (2)
$2,927,698,269 $3,593,718,708 81.5%
James Gunn 2 Director (2)
Screenwriter (2)
$1,634,249,079 $1,965,985,665 83.1%
Nicole Perlman 2 Screenwriter (2) $771,051,335 $771,051,335 100.0%
Zak Penn 2 Story Creator (1)
Screenwriter (1)
$1,785,053,406 $2,708,186,473 65.9%
Christopher L. Yost 2 Screenwriter (1)
Story by (1)
$1,494,819,763 $1,499,272,098 99.7%
Chris McKenna 2 Screenwriter (2) $880,206,511 $2,097,826,073 42.0%
Paul Rudd 2 Screenwriter (2) $519,338,048 $637,998,808 81.4%
Erik Sommers 2 Screenwriter (2) $880,206,511 $2,097,826,073 42.0%
Avi Arad 2 Producer (2)
Executive Producer (1)
$850,745,406 $8,063,228,613 10.6%
Nigel Gostelow 2 Executive Producer (2) $1,015,172,292 $1,550,017,794 65.5%
Don Payne 2 Screenwriter (1)
Story Creator (1)
$1,093,929,134 $1,383,409,825 79.1%
Charles Newirth 2 Executive Producer (2) $1,892,934,192 $3,564,142,899 53.1%
Joe Simon 2 Based on the Marvel Comic by (1)
Captain America Created by (1)
$1,890,049,323 $1,890,049,323 100.0%
Jonathan Schwartz 2 Co-Producer (1)
Executive Producer (1)
$1,634,249,079 $1,878,121,132 87.0%
Michael Grillo 2 Executive Producer (2) $1,233,739,937 $2,283,753,075 54.0%
Brad Winderbaum 2 Co-Producer (1)
Executive Producer (1)
$1,369,555,295 $1,369,555,295 100.0%
Fred Raskin 2 Editor (2) $1,634,249,079 $3,265,166,029 50.1%
Don Heck 2 Story Creator (2) $1,206,327,936 $1,206,327,936 100.0%
Lisa Lassek 2 Editor (2) $2,927,698,269 $3,746,017,848 78.2%
Craig Wood 2 Editor (2) $1,634,249,079 $6,025,971,689 27.1%
Christophe Beck 2 Composer (2) $519,338,048 $8,882,112,479 5.8%
Dan DeLeeuw 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,867,706,384 $2,163,731,612 86.3%
Matthew Libatique 2 Cinematographer (2) $1,206,327,936 $2,870,754,589 42.0%
Ryan Meinerding 2 Head of Visual Development (2) $1,830,846,415 $1,830,846,415 100.0%
Henry Jackman 2 Composer (2) $1,867,706,384 $8,988,364,477 20.8%
Stephane Ceretti 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,448,593,255 $1,649,482,906 87.8%
Tyler Bates 2 Composer (2) $1,634,249,079 $3,656,049,538 44.7%
Michael Giacchino 2 Composer (2) $1,557,748,431 $14,324,520,278 10.9%
Louise Frogley 2 Costume Designer (2) $2,095,598,783 $3,779,356,811 55.4%
Geoffrey Baumann 2 Visual Effects Supervisor-Additional Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,795,418,722 $1,795,418,722 100.0%
J. Michael Riva 2 Production Designer (2) $1,206,327,936 $5,032,839,721 24.0%
Ray Chan 2 Supervising Art Director (1)
Art Director (1)
$1,322,144,436 $1,420,220,891 93.1%
Greg Hooper 2 Art Director (2) $2,672,784,042 $6,662,752,940 40.1%
David Klassen 2 Supervising Art Director (2) $1,206,327,936 $2,035,502,961 59.3%
Jose Antonio Garcia 2 Sound Mixer (2) $2,734,871,819 $6,821,350,580 40.1%
Brian Tyler 2 Composer (2)
Score Producer (1)
$2,623,610,994 $11,098,434,404 23.6%
Peter Devlin 2 Sound Mixer (2) $1,664,718,890 $2,299,317,657 72.4%
David Stephenson 2 Sound Mixer (2) $1,015,172,292 $2,220,246,148 45.7%
John Bush 2 Set Decorator (2) $1,048,111,696 $2,139,284,884 49.0%
Guy Williams 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $2,078,590,016 $5,747,523,845 36.2%
Spiro Razatos 2 Second Unit Director (2)
Stunt Coordinator (1)
$1,867,706,384 $9,641,808,190 19.4%
Beat Frutiger 2 Art Director (2) $1,594,608,400 $4,736,901,128 33.7%
Mike Stallion 2 Art Director (2) $1,448,593,255 $2,153,106,165 67.3%
Jordan Crockett 2 Art Director (2) $1,448,593,255 $1,448,593,255 100.0%
Ben Snow 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,206,327,936 $3,561,669,037 33.9%
Jann Engel 2 Art Director (1)
Set Designer (1)
$2,233,881,436 $2,641,854,976 84.6%
Steve Dent 2 Stunt Coordinator (2) $1,015,172,292 $3,552,583,773 28.6%
Eric Heffron 2 Associate Producer (2)
Assistant Director (2)
$1,206,327,936 $6,329,742,125 19.1%
Sheena Duggal 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,859,994,788 $5,057,106,012 36.8%
Jojo Villanueva 2 Music Coordinator (2) $850,745,406 $6,655,749,875 12.8%
Jeanette Surga 2 Music Editor (2) $2,623,610,994 $7,985,542,792 32.9%
Jonathan Fawkner 2 Visual Effects Supervisor (2) $1,634,249,079 $1,634,249,079 100.0%
Richard Roberts 2 Set Decorator (2) $2,179,270,057 $11,790,441,312 18.5%