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Domestic Box Office Star Records

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Domestic Lifetime Specific Technical Role Box Office Star Records

Record No 1. Star Amount
Top Domestic Art Directors Sean Haworth $2,019,034,545
Top Domestic Assistant Directors Jamie Christopher $5,206,489,435
Top Domestic Associate Producers Pat Sandston $2,587,452,074
Top Domestic Casting Directors Sarah Halley Finn $8,179,851,364
Top Domestic Cinematographers John Schwartzman $3,023,851,023
Top Domestic Co-Producers David J. Grant $1,742,449,220
Top Domestic Composers Hans Zimmer $11,162,595,781
Top Domestic Costume Designers Deborah L. Scott $3,342,933,595
Top Domestic Costume Supervisors Ron Beck $1,318,835,813
Top Domestic Dialogue Editors Ewa Sztompke $2,922,460,642
Top Domestic Directors Steven Spielberg $4,522,891,190
Top Domestic Editors Michael Kahn $5,120,408,212
Top Domestic Executive Producers Stan Lee $9,759,505,986
Top Domestic Make-up and Hair Designers Ve Neill $1,979,775,535
Top Domestic Music Editors Kenneth Karman $6,046,282,159
Top Domestic Music Supervisors Dave Jordan $6,973,273,502
Top Domestic Producers Kevin Feige $5,955,464,094
Top Domestic Production Designers Rick Carter $4,332,957,151
Top Domestic Re-recording Mixers Andy Nelson $7,382,765,011
Top Domestic Screenwriters Steve Kloves $2,379,489,256
Top Domestic Set Decorators Richard Roberts $4,131,444,159
Top Domestic Set Designers Easton Smith $4,421,390,104
Top Domestic Sound Designers Christopher Boyes $6,467,004,465
Top Domestic Sound Effects Editors Josh Gold $4,289,787,051
Top Domestic Sound Mixers Lee Orloff $3,252,268,431
Top Domestic Story Creators Stan Lee $4,740,470,945
Top Domestic Stunt Coordinators Andy Gill $3,562,869,174
Top Domestic Supervising Sound Editors Matthew Wood $4,277,420,230
Top Domestic Unit Production Managers Tim Lewis $1,585,878,663
Top Domestic Visual Effects Supervisors Roger Guyett $4,215,871,547

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Domestic Lifetime All Technical Roles Box Office Star Records

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