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Stan Lee

Stan Lee
By Edward Liu (Stan "The Man" Lee) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Best known as an Executive Producer based on credits in that role in 43 films, with $22,384,154,268 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #1)
Best-Known Technical Roles: The Avengers (Story Creator), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Executive Producer), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Executive Producer), Captain America: Civil War (Executive Producer), Iron Man 3 (Executive Producer)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Military Veteran (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Astronaut (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2), Fed-Ex Driver (Captain America: Civil War), Beauty Pageant Judge (Iron Man 3), Man on Sakaar (Thor: Ragnarok)
Most productive collaborators: Kevin Feige, Robert Downey, Jr., Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Chris Evans
Born: December 28th, 1922 (94 years old)

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorCameo37$8,591,366,697$12,805,503,921$21,396,870,618
Documentary Subject1$0$0$0
In Technical RolesExecutive Producer43$9,065,463,253$13,318,691,015$22,384,154,268
Story Creator17$4,059,093,222$5,404,398,639$9,463,491,861

The Numbers Turns 20: New at The Numbers: People Records and Weekly Breakdowns

October 19th, 2017

The Numbers

The Numbers celebrates is 20th anniversary this week and we have previously looked at the history of the site and its present size and scope. We wrap things up with a look at the future. The future will involve a lot more new features and this week we introduce two of the most recent two: Box Office Records for people and Weekly Breakdowns in the Annual Summaries. More...

Home Market Releases for July 18th, 2017

July 18th, 2017


Last week, The Fate of the Furious scared away all of the competition. This week, the competition is still scared, as there’s very little in the way of top notch releases. Kong: Skull Island is by far the biggest new release of the week, while the next two biggest are The Promise and Free Fire. As for the best releases of the week, The Expanse: Season Two is a contender, but ultimately the Pick of the Week goes to the Stalker Criterion Collection Blu-ray. More...

2017 Preview: July

July 1st, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

I hate it when the first of the month lands on a Saturday. By the time this story goes live, we will still have almost no box office data for Despicable Me 3, so we won’t know if June ended on a positive note. Fortunately, Wonder Woman beat expectations and might end up as the biggest hit of the summer, at least for a little while. July begins with Spider-Man: Homecoming, which should make at least $300 million and is the last film being released this summer that has a shot at being a $400 million hit domestically. It is very likely that nothing else this month will come within $100 million of that movie, so that could help its legs. There are a few potential $100 million hits, including War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, and a couple of other long shots. Last July had a similar feel with The Secret Life of Pets topping the list with well over $300 million, while there were five other $100 million hits. This July would have to beat expectations substantially to match this performance. I’m not confident 2017 will be able to maintain its pace at the box office. I’m worried at least one big film will struggled and 2017 will end the month behind 2016’s pace. More...

2015 Preview: August

August 1st, 2015

Fantastic Four

It is still a little too soon to tell how July will finish, as we don't have any numbers for the final weekend at the time of writing. We know Minions was a monster hit and that Ant-man will be a financial success. However, until we see how Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation does, it will be impossible to call the month a true success. If Rogue Nation bombed this weekend, then the month is only a partial success. It would also mean the summer of 2015 could be coming to an abrupt end. As for August, only Fantastic Four has a better than 50/50 chance of reaching $100 million; although some people think Straight Outta Compton also has a shot at that milestone. Besides those two, only a couple of other films even have a realistic shot at becoming midlevel hits. Worse still, last August was amazing with Guardians of the Galaxy breaking records. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also did better than expected with a domestic haul of nearly $200 million. No release this August is going to match that figure. There's a good chance the top two releases combined won't do so. Fortunately, 2015 has a sizable lead over 2014, so even a soft month will keep 2015 ahead in the year-over-year comparison. More...

2014 Preview: May

May 1st, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster

It has been a great year so far and April was again a strong month. The box office was led by Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as it became the second film of the year to reach $200 million, while Rio 2 is on pace to become the seventh $100 million hit of the year. Big picture, 2014 has already hit $3 billion, which isn't a record for this time of the year, but it is $250 million ahead of 2013. That streak ends in May. Don't get me wrong. There are six films opening this month that at least have a shot at $100 million and two of those should earn more than $200 million and there are two others that at least have a shot at that milestone. Leading the way is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is looking to top The Winter Soldier and become the second biggest hit of the year so far. Its main competition this month is X-men: Days of Future Past, while Godzilla also has a shot at $200 million. Unfortunately, this month last year, Iron Man 3 earned more than $400 million, while two other films took in $200 million and seven films in total reached the century mark. That is going to be really hard to replicate this year and 2014 will likely lose some of its lead over 2013. Fortunately, 2014 has such a big lead that unless the box office really slumps, it will end the month with at least a small lead over 2013. More...

Analysis: That Music You Hear? It's Probably By Hans Zimmer

September 22nd, 2013

Top-grossing people in technical roles

Last week I unveiled our new People Records section and talked about some of top performers across different types of acting, from the blockbusting superstars to the unsung heroes, to the cameo kings and queens. We've added some more charts to the record section this week, this time covering technical roles, and once more there's a lot of data to be mined. More...

Analysis: Superstars, Side Kicks and Cameo Kings

September 14th, 2013

Top-grossing actors and actresses in leading roles

Over the past two or so years, we've been working on one of the biggest projects we've ever undertaken: building out our database of acting and technical credits to include complete information on every acting role and significant technical credit for movies for which we have box office information. While work on this vast task continues (and will, of course, continue as long as films are being made), we have enough coverage of the industry now to start doing some serious analysis. Over the next month or two, I'll be looking at some of the things we've found and we'll be rolling out new features at The Numbers that take advantage of the dataset. This week, I'll look into how we are categorizing acting roles, and discuss the first charts in our new People Records section. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/3/2017 Thor: Ragnarok Man on Sakaar  $302,393,279 $530,826,373 $833,219,652
7/7/2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming Yelling Man  $334,198,153 $545,460,628 $879,658,781
5/5/2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Astronaut  $389,813,101 $473,800,000 $863,613,101
11/4/2016 Doctor Strange Man on Bus  $232,641,920 $444,900,000 $677,541,920
9/2/2016 Yoga Hosers Dispatcher  $0 $2,199 $2,199
5/27/2016 X-Men: Apocalypse Himself  $155,442,489 $387,300,000 $542,742,489
5/6/2016 Captain America: Civil War Fed-Ex Driver  $408,084,349 $745,220,146 $1,153,304,495
2/12/2016 Deadpool Strip Club DJ  $363,070,709 $437,958,540 $801,029,249
7/17/2015 Ant-Man Bartender  $180,202,163 $339,135,885 $519,338,048
5/1/2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Military Veteran  $459,005,868 $949,212,854 $1,408,218,722
11/7/2014 Big Hero 6 Fred’s Dad  $222,527,828 $429,600,000 $652,127,828
8/1/2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Xandarian Ladie's Man  $333,172,112 $437,879,223 $771,051,335
5/6/2014 Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Carto… Himself  $0 $0 $0
5/2/2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Graduation Guest  $202,853,933 $506,142,403 $708,996,336
4/4/2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Smithsonian Guard  $259,746,958 $454,654,931 $714,401,889
12/31/2013 Pizza Man Himself  $0 $0 $0
11/8/2013 Thor: The Dark World Mental Ward Patient  $206,362,140 $438,240,376 $644,602,516
5/3/2013 Iron Man 3 Beauty Pageant Judge  $408,992,272 $806,400,000 $1,215,392,272
11/6/2012 With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story Himself  $0 $0 $0
7/3/2012 The Amazing Spider-Man Librarian  $262,030,663 $495,859,604 $757,890,267
5/4/2012 The Avengers Random Citizen  $623,279,547 $896,200,000 $1,519,479,547
4/6/2012 Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Himself  $34,665 $0 $34,665
7/22/2011 Captain America: The First Avenger General  $176,654,505 $193,915,271 $370,569,776
5/6/2011 Thor Stan the Man  $181,030,624 $268,295,994 $449,326,618
5/7/2010 Iron Man 2 Himself  $312,433,331 $308,723,058 $621,156,389
6/13/2008 The Incredible Hulk Milwaukee Man Drinking From Bottle  $134,806,913 $130,766,946 $265,573,859
5/30/2008 Bigger, Stronger, Faster* Himself  $308,575 $118 $308,693
5/2/2008 Iron Man Hugh Hefner  $318,604,126 $266,567,421 $585,171,547
6/15/2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Su… Rejected Wedding Guest  $131,921,738 $157,558,953 $289,480,691
5/4/2007 Spider-Man 3 Man in the Street  $336,530,303 $558,329,927 $894,860,230
5/26/2006 X-Men: The Last Stand Waterhose Man  $234,362,462 $224,898,484 $459,260,946
12/31/2005 Man-Thing Missing Person Photograph  $0 $0 $0
7/8/2005 Fantastic Four Willie Lumpkin  $154,696,080 $178,436,670 $333,132,750
8/11/2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Three Stooges Wedding Guest  $95,149,435 $26,922,000 $122,071,435
6/30/2004 Spider-Man 2 Man Dodging Debris  $373,524,485 $421,586,185 $795,110,670
6/20/2003 Hulk Security Guard  $132,177,234 $112,898,200 $245,075,434
2/14/2003 Daredevil Old Man at Crossing  $102,543,518 $80,239,000 $182,782,518
5/3/2002 Spider-Man Man in Times Square  $403,706,375 $418,000,000 $821,706,375
7/14/2000 X-Men Hot Dog Vendor  $157,299,717 $139,572,650 $296,872,367
10/20/1995 Mallrats Himself  $2,108,367 $0 $2,108,367
Movies: 40Totals:$8,591,709,937$12,805,504,039$21,397,213,976
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
5/4/2018 Avengers: Infinity War Based on The Avengers $0 $0 $0
2/16/2018 Black Panther Based on the comic by $0 $0 $0
11/3/2017 Thor: Ragnarok Executive Producer $302,393,279 $530,826,373 $833,219,652
7/7/2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming Story based on the M…,
Executive Producer 
$334,198,153 $545,460,628 $879,658,781
5/5/2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Executive Producer $389,813,101 $473,800,000 $863,613,101
3/3/2017 Logan Executive Producer $226,277,068 $389,300,000 $615,577,068
11/4/2016 Doctor Strange Executive Producer $232,641,920 $444,900,000 $677,541,920
5/27/2016 X-Men: Apocalypse Executive Producer $155,442,489 $387,300,000 $542,742,489
5/6/2016 Captain America: Civil War Executive Producer $408,084,349 $745,220,146 $1,153,304,495
2/12/2016 Deadpool Executive Producer $363,070,709 $437,958,540 $801,029,249
8/7/2015 Fantastic Four Executive Producer $56,117,548 $111,860,048 $167,977,596
7/17/2015 Ant-Man Executive Producer $180,202,163 $339,135,885 $519,338,048
5/1/2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Executive Producer $459,005,868 $949,212,854 $1,408,218,722
8/1/2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Executive Producer $333,172,112 $437,879,223 $771,051,335
5/23/2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past Executive Producer $233,921,534 $513,941,241 $747,862,775
5/2/2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Story Creator $202,853,933 $506,142,403 $708,996,336
4/4/2014 Captain America: The Winter Sol… Executive Producer $259,746,958 $454,654,931 $714,401,889
11/8/2013 Thor: The Dark World Executive Producer $206,362,140 $438,240,376 $644,602,516
7/26/2013 The Wolverine Executive Producer $132,556,852 $283,900,000 $416,456,852
5/3/2013 Iron Man 3 Executive Producer $408,992,272 $806,400,000 $1,215,392,272
7/3/2012 The Amazing Spider-Man Based on the comicbo…,
Executive Producer 
$262,030,663 $495,859,604 $757,890,267
5/4/2012 The Avengers Based on the Marvel … $623,279,547 $896,200,000 $1,519,479,547
4/6/2012 Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Executive Producer $34,665 $0 $34,665
2/17/2012 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Executive Producer $51,774,002 $97,443,353 $149,217,355
7/22/2011 Captain America: The First Avenger Executive Producer $176,654,505 $193,915,271 $370,569,776
6/3/2011 X-Men: First Class Executive Producer $146,408,305 $209,000,000 $355,408,305
5/6/2011 Thor Executive Producer,
Story Creator 
$181,030,624 $268,295,994 $449,326,618
5/7/2010 Iron Man 2 Based on the Marvel …,
Executive Producer 
$312,433,331 $308,723,058 $621,156,389
5/1/2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Executive Producer $179,883,157 $194,942,603 $374,825,760
6/13/2008 The Incredible Hulk Story Creator,
Executive Producer 
$134,806,913 $130,766,946 $265,573,859
5/2/2008 Iron Man Executive Producer,
Story Creator 
$318,604,126 $266,567,421 $585,171,547
6/15/2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sil… Story Creator,
Executive Producer 
$131,921,738 $157,558,953 $289,480,691
5/4/2007 Spider-Man 3 Executive Producer,
Story Creator 
$336,530,303 $558,329,927 $894,860,230
2/16/2007 Ghost Rider Executive Producer $115,802,596 $113,742,993 $229,545,589
5/26/2006 X-Men: The Last Stand Executive Producer $234,362,462 $224,898,484 $459,260,946
7/8/2005 Fantastic Four Story Creator,
Executive Producer 
$154,696,080 $178,436,670 $333,132,750
1/14/2005 Elektra Executive Producer $24,409,722 $32,414,911 $56,824,633
12/8/2004 Blade: Trinity Executive Producer $52,397,389 $78,955,776 $131,353,165
6/30/2004 Spider-Man 2 Story Creator,
Executive Producer 
$373,524,485 $421,586,185 $795,110,670
4/16/2004 The Punisher Executive Producer $33,664,370 $20,869,404 $54,533,774
6/20/2003 Hulk Based on the comicbo…,
Executive Producer 
$132,177,234 $112,898,200 $245,075,434
5/2/2003 X2 Executive Producer $214,949,694 $191,925,842 $406,875,536
2/14/2003 Daredevil Executive Producer $102,543,518 $80,239,000 $182,782,518
5/3/2002 Spider-Man Executive Producer,
Story Creator 
$403,706,375 $418,000,000 $821,706,375
3/22/2002 Blade 2 Executive Producer $81,676,888 $72,661,713 $154,338,601
7/14/2000 X-Men Based on the Marvel …,
Executive Producer 
$157,299,717 $139,572,650 $296,872,367
8/21/1998 Blade Executive Producer $70,141,876 $61,095,812 $131,237,688
Movies: 47Totals:$9,891,596,733$14,721,033,418$24,612,630,151