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Box Office History for Annapurna Pictures

Ticket Sales and Market Share by Year

Note: Figures for 2018 are at an annualized rate.

Top-Grossing Movies 1995-2018, Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation

Total GrossInflation-Adjusted
1 Detroit Jul 28, 2017 Drama R $16,790,139 $16,790,139
2 Brad’s Status Sep 15, 2017 Comedy R $2,133,158 $2,133,158
3 Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Oct 13, 2017 Drama R $1,585,362 $1,585,362
4 Backseat Dec 14, 2018 Drama $0 $0
5 Sorry to Bother You Jul 6, 2018 Comedy $0 $0
6 Where’d You Go Bernadette Oct 19, 2018 Comedy PG-13 $0 $0
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Year by Year Market Share

YearMovies in
GrossTickets SoldInflation-
Top-Grossing MovieGross that Year
2017 3 0.17% $20,508,659 2,117,800 $18,996,666 Detroit $16,790,139

Upcoming Releases

Release DateMovieGenreDomestic
Box Office
to Date

July, 2018

July 6 Sorry to Bother You (Limited) Comedy    

October, 2018

October 19 Where’d You Go Bernadette (Wide) Comedy    

December, 2018

December 14 Backseat (Wide) Drama    

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