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Limited Release: Much Ado About Limited Releases

June 7th, 2013

There are not a ton of new releases this week, but there are a few earning good reviews, and even a couple that are earning excellent reviews. Hopefully several will do well enough at the box office to thrive, but the only one I'm really bullish about is Much Ado About Nothing. It has excellent reviews, lots of buzz, and plenty of name recognition on both sides of the camera.

As Cool as I Am - Reviews
A coming of age tale starring Sarah Bolger, as a teenager whose parents, played by Claire Danes and James Marsden, had her when they were teenagers. She's having troubles, but her parents are too immature to help. As Cool as I Am opens tonight at the IFC Center in New York City.

Dirty Wars - Reviews
A documentary about the United States' covert wars. It is the best reviewed new release of the week with many critics praising it for the story it tells and how well it tells it. On the other hand, documentaries rarely expand significantly, so as important as it is, this film will likely have to wait till the home market to find its audience. Dirty Wars opens tonight in four theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Much Ado About Nothing - Reviews
A modern adaptation of a Shakespeare play. It was written and directed by Joss Whedon, and stars every single actor who has every been in one of his movies and / or TV shows. One of them, Jillian Morgese, was an extra in The Avengers. This film has been earning buzz louder than most limited releases can dream of, while the reviews have been excellent. It still has a hard road ahead of it, because opening in limited release is never easy. That said, it has a real chance of earning some measure of mainstream success. Much Ado About Nothing opens tonight in five theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, while it expands nationwide on the 21st of June.

Rapture-polooza - Reviews
One of three films opening in theaters this summer that deals with the apocalypse. All three of them have impressive casts, but this one is getting the jump on the competition. Unfortunately, it's reviews are weak. They would be weak for a wide release and will likely prove fatal for a limited release. Finally, Rapture-polooza opens tonight in limited release and on Video-on-Demand.

Tiger Eyes - Reviews
The first film based on a Judy Blume novel, which is odd, considering how popular her books are. It stars Willa Holland as a 17-year girl whose father dies in a violent tragedy and she stays with relatives while her family deals with this. The reviews are good, but not great. It is also debuting on Video on Demand this week, so its box office potential is likely limited. Tiger Eyes opens tonight 17 theaters, which is probably going to prove to be too many.

Violet and Daisy - Reviews
Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan star as two teenage hitmen. It is written and directed by Geoffrey Fletcher and has a good supporting cast. Unfortunately, the reviews are not living up to his previous film. This could explain why it was made in 2010 but isn't being released till now. Violet and Daisy opens tonight in select cities, but will likely struggle to find an audience.

Wish You Were Here - Reviews
Four friends go on a vacation and only three return. The film opened in its native Australia last year and did relatively well in semi-limited release. The film's reviews here are good, but not great. It does have some strong star power here. Teresa Palmer and Joel Edgerton are both well known here, as opposed to Felicity Price and Anthony Starr, who are famous in Australia but not well known here. Wish You Were Here opens tonight in select cities, at least that's what the official site says. I think it is playing at the City Cinemas Village East in New York City and the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.


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