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Limited Releases: Looking for Redemption

June 28th, 2013

There are nine films on this week's list, with quite a few having strong reviews or impressive casts. Unfortunately, only one of them, I'm So Excited, has both. It is a return to light comedy by Pedro Almodovar and that could help it become the biggest limited release hit of the week. However, it is a foreign language film, which will limit its potential to expand significantly.

100 Bloody Acres - Reviews
Two brothers have an organic fertilizer business that is taking off thanks to a secret ingredient: Bodies of car crash victims. However, they've run out of bodies to process, right when they have a big order to fill. Then as luck would have it, they come across three stranded motorists. It is a horror comedy from Australia that is earning amazing reviews. If you just look at its reviews, it should thrive in limited release. But the same can be said of The Loved Ones and it went no where at the box office. On the other hand, it could find an audience on the home market. 100 Bloody Acres opens tonight and I would say check out the official site for more details, but that site is hideous, intentionally so.

A Band Called Death - Reviews
A documentary about a band called Death, arguably the first Punk band of all time. Unfortunately, they were ahead of their time and were never able to get a recording contract. This is the best reviewed new release of the week and fans of Punk music and / or documentaries should check it out. However, as a documentary, its chances of expanding significantly are limited. A Band Called Death opens tonight in more than a dozen theaters.

Byzantium - Reviews
Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan play mother and daughter vampires hiding out in a coastal resort town. The film's reviews are barely above 50% positive and well below the level needed to thrive in limited release. It is directed by Neil Jordan, whose biggest hit is Interview with the Vampire, so he does have success in the genre. Perhaps that connection will help the movie in theaters and on video on demand. Byzantium opens tonight in six theaters and on video on demand on Monday.

Copperhead - Reviews
This is the third film from director Ron Maxwell, but with zero positive reviews out of six on Rotten Tomatoes, it is far from his best, although it is not that much worse than Gods and Generals. Copperhead opens tonight in more than 50 theaters nationwide.

I'm So Excited - Reviews
A comedy written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. In the film, a plane suffers a catastrophic failure that could result on a crash, if the crew and ground control don't find a way to correct it by the time they have to land. Pedro Almodovar has a large fanbase here, the film has a great cast, the reviews are strong, and it has been a while since he's made a comedy. Perhaps this will be the breakout hit of the week. I'm So Excited opens tonight in five theaters, split between New York City and the Los Angeles area.

Laurence Anyways - Reviews
On his 35th birthday, and man tells his fiancee that he wants to become a woman. Over the next two and a half hours, we explore a decade in their lives. The movie is written and directed by Xavier Dolan, who is certainly becoming a director worth keeping an eye on. Laurence Anyways opens tonight in eight theaters in major cities nationwide.

Petunia - Reviews
A dysfunctional family dramedy with a strong ensemble cast. However, there are only three reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and all of them are negative. It can be seen at Cinema Village in New York City.

Redemption - Reviews
Jason Statham stars as an ex-vet turned vigilante. It is the kind of role his fans love, but not one that will appeal to art house aficionados. Additionally, it is opening on Video on Demand, which will further harm its box office chances. Redemption opens tonight in 19 theaters nationwide.

Some Girl(s) - Reviews
Adam Brody plays a man who is about to get married, but goes on a road trip to visit all of his failed relationships from his past. The film has a strong cast, but the reviews are barely above 50% positive and it is debuting on Video on Demand as well, so there's little chance it will thrive in limited release. Some Girl(s) opens tonight at the Cinema Village in New York City and Laemmles NoHo 7 in Los Angeles.


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