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Per Theater Chart: Shoals Muscles the Competition

October 2nd, 2013

There were only two films to reach the $10,000 mark on the Per Theater Chart, and they were practically tied. Muscle Shoals led the way with $13,901 in its lone theater, while Atharintiki Daaredi earned an average of $13,393 in 112 theaters.

There were a couple of other new limited releases that did quite well, but also a couple of others that bombed. We Are What We Are did very well, for its genre, with an average of $6,864 in two theaters. Metallica: Through the Never opened with an average of $5,169, which normally wouldn't be great, but it was playing in 305 theaters, so that average is fantastic. I Used to Be Darker opened weakly with $3,533 in one theater. That was miles ahead of the rest. Shepard and Dark missed the Mendoza Line over the weekend with just $1,226, also in one theater, and $2,895 from Wednesday through Sunday. Morning only managed an average of $719 in four theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Atharintiki Daaredi opened with more than $1 million and should have no trouble getting to $2 million. However, these films tend to have short legs, so I don't expect it to get that much further than that.
  • Metallica: Through the Never also opened with more than $1 million during its opening weekend, but it is expanding a bit this coming weekend, so it has a better shot at $3 or $4 million.
  • Enough Said expanded over the weekend and earned more than $2 million. If it can earn some Awards Season buzz, it could last a long time in theaters.
  • Blue Jasmine got all the way to $30 million over the weekend, and while it won't get to $35 million, this is still a reason to celebrate.


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