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Per Theater Chart: Truth Stalls but Squeaks Out Win

February 8th, 2012

An Inconsistent Truth repeated on top of the per theater chart with $12,176 in one theater. However, while it won, it fell more than 40%, which is closer to a wide release than a limited release. W.E. was very close behind with an average of $11,769 in four theaters.

The best of the rest of the new limited releases was Kill List with an average of $4,919 in two theaters. I don't know if it will expand significantly, but maybe it will do better on the home market given its genre and reviews. Perfect Sense missed the Mendoza Line with $1,567 in its lone theater. Its reviews are below 50% positive, so this is not a huge surprise. The Innkeepers was right behind with an average $1,478. It is the wrong genre, it was playing in too many theaters, and it opened Video on Demand previously, so it is no shock that it struggled theatrically. However, it should do better on the home market given its excellent reviews. Windfall opened with an average of $890 in two theaters. There's no real way to spin that result in a positive fashion.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • A Separation reached $1 million early in the weekend and it should expand further and get to at least $2 million.
  • Albert Nobbs reached $1 million just before the weekend and it is already more than halfway to $2 million. However, its per theater average and mixed reviews suggest it won't get too much further than that.
  • The Iron Lady made it to $20 million over the weekend, but getting to $25 million might depend on winning an Oscar.
  • The Artist also got to $20 million over the weekend, but it will get to $25 million before the Oscars are even handed out. How well it does after that is anyone's guess.
  • The Descendants surpassed $60 million before the weekend and $65 million over the weekend. This is more than Unknown made, while it is just behind Mr. Popper's Penguins.


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