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Full Moon on the Per Theater Chart

June 5th, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom remained on the top of the per theater chart with an outstanding average of $54,805 in 16 theaters. If it had opened with that average in four theaters, it would have been considered a huge hit, so this is a fantastic sophomore stint. Snow White and the Huntsman was the only other film in the $10,000 club with an average of $14,900.

Unfortunately, while there were a lot of new limited releases, only a couple of them did well on the per theater chart. 5 Broken Cameras earned $6,674 over the weekend in its lone theater, and $8,586 from Wednesday through Sunday. A Cat in Paris earned an average of $5,833 in six theaters during special showings over the weekend. For Greater Glory reached the top ten, but with an average of just $2,491, which suggests a quick exit from theaters. Hardflip was close behind with an average of $2,267 in 22 theaters. The film was playing in more theaters than most limited releases open in, but this is still a weak start. Piranha 3DD didn't miss the Mendoza Line like I thought it might, but it came awfully close with an average of $2,119 in 86 theaters. 6 Month Rule wasn't as lucky with an opening of $1,963 in one theater. Chely Wright: Wish Me Away earned just over $5,000 in three theaters for an average of $1,675. Wallander: The Revenge earned an average of $1,157 in two theaters, and there's no way to spin that in a positive way. Pink Ribbons, Inc. was even weaker with an average of $907 in three theaters. High School opened in 200 theaters, which turned out to be about 200 too many, as it earned an average of just $414. Finally we get to Apartment 143. It managed just $256 in its lone theater.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Crooked Arrows reached $1 million in just its third weekend of release. It will have no trouble getting further.
  • Moonrise Kingdom surpassed $1 million early over the weekend it is already nearly at $2 million. It will get to that milestone and continue for quite a long time.
  • For Greater Glory per theater average was weak, but it was playing in so many theaters that it earned $1 million during its opening weekend. On the other hand, its legs will likely be a lot closer to a wide release than the average $1 million limited release.
  • Bernie made it passed the $3 million mark and while it has likely peaked at the weekend chart, it should have no trouble getting to another milestone or two.
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel made it all the way to $20 million before the weekend and surpassed $25 million by the end of the weekend. Getting to $30 million by this time next week is a solid goal, while $40 million in total is not out of the question.


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