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Weekend Estimates: Taken Repeats, But Argo's Close

October 14th, 2012

Taken 2 is set for a second weekend at the top of the box office charts with $22.5 million, although its 55% decline from last weekend makes it clear that the film won't have anything like the legs of its predecessor, which fell only 17% in its second outing. That will make for a tight pack of films at the top of the chart this weekend, with Argo leading the charge. Ben Affleck's film is set for $20.1 million this weekend and is showing signs of having very good word of mouth: it was up 47% from Friday to Saturday and looks likely to fall by around 35% on Sunday -- impressive figures these days. Sinister will have the rare distinction of opening at the top of the chart on Friday and finishing the weekend in third place (Lionsgate has its gross pegged at $18.25 million over three days).

Hotel Transylvania will be off about 36% this weekend and crosses $100 million today. It'll post $17.3 million for the weekend, enough to keep it ahead of Sony's new release Here Comes the Boom. The Kevin James comedy arrives with a slight disappointing $12 million, the actor's worst opening weekend to date.

Seven Psychopaths opens in ninth place for CBS Films with $4.275 million and an average of $2,889 from 1,480 theaters. That suggests expansion might be difficult, but the film is likely to build a cult following over the next few weeks and months, based on reviews and audience responses. That might give it a shot at extended runs in some cities and college towns.

Independently distributed Atlas Shrugged: Part II might also have some traction among niche audiences but starts out with a somewhat weaker base. It is set to earn $1.7 million from 1,012 theaters this weekend for an average of $1,680.

In limited release, Middle of Nowhere is topping the per theater chart so far with an impressive $13,005 average in six theaters. Simon and the Oaks is the only other $10,000-per-theater film to report so far. It is set for $10,377 in a single location, if its Friday/Saturday performance holds over to Sunday.

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Bruce Nash

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